• XAYA addresses both the existing gaming and cryptocurrency markets and further creates an entirely new market in the process through games created on top of the blockchain.
  • This new market is attributable to the creation of new virtual universes and item trading possibilities that are substantially deeper and more flexible than other emerging and simple trading systems using smart contracts.



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  • XAYA targets both developers and gamers. The XAYA team aims to empower a large proportion of new developers who find taking their game visions to market challenging because of time and financial constraints.
  • The XAYA platform will provide a wealth of tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own game worlds that fit their vision and project. They can fully leverage the XAYA technology to build decentralized games and issue their own game currency that can be traded for CHI or other XAYA game coins/assets secured by the XAYA blockchain.





  • XAYA aims to democratise game development.
  • Through the creation of a virtual item trading and sharing platform, the XAYA team aims to allow players to generate real world value or capitalise on previous gaming achievements in new games through the trade of virtual items from one game to the next.
  • This is achieved through the adoption of XAYA tools and applications by gamers and existing developers and studios.
  • The following sections describe the gross magnitude of the existing markets, all of which will be addressed through XAYA;
  • Gaming
  • Potential inside the gaming market initially consists of the approximately 75% of all gamers who play on mobile and/or desktop platforms. We are not initially pursuing other non-gaming markets that XAYA is also technologically well suited for, but this might be a long-term aspiration.
  • Cryptocurrency
  • XAYA, in addition to be a cryptocurrency, is essentially a blockchain-based gaming and virtual item trading platform. Consequently, the value of the XAYA economy will increase as more developers and gamers adopt and use the platform. Given the time to market and cost saving potential of XAYA, the team anticipates rapid adoption by a significant number of developers trying to get their visions to market quickly and affordably. As pioneers in the blockchain gaming sector, XAYA will essentially democratize gaming development.



  • For gamers:
  • ­ Provably fair gameplay
  • ­ Reliability and stability (i.e. 24/7 uptime)
  • ­ Secure virtual asset ownership
  • ­ Rapid and easy trade and/or sharing of virtual assets and conversion to real world value
  • ­ Secure social networking
  • ­ Easy to use game app launcher
  • ­ Human readable wallet accounts and “addresses’’
  • For developers:
  • ­ Fully-, partially-, or non-decentralized game development
  • ­ Supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development
  • ­ Virtual currencies and asset creation
  • ­ Ability to build gamer loyalty
  • ­ Broad game engine compatibility (e.g. Unity, Unreal, etc.)
  • ­ Exportable game engine templates (e.g. support for Unity assets and Unreal blueprints)
  • ­ Pre-built libraries
  • ­ Accepting and managing gamer payments simply, securely, and affordably
  • For supporters:
  • ­ A cryptocurrency with high utility value (e.g. ‘CHI’ is the ‘fuel’ for games, creating accounts, purchasing valuable in-game items, etc.)
  • ­ Access to large existing gaming markets
  • ­ Access to untapped gaming markets (e.g. virtual asset trading)
  • ­ Creation of new gaming genres (e.g. blockchain-based gaming and Human Mining) 



  • 11k telegram users, 6k followers on Facebook and 13.1k Twitter followers.
  • 2 ratings on ICO bench.



  • It begins with XAYA Core, the XAYA Developer Hub, and on-boarding developers. The latter being the single most important marketing goal, as our aim is to produce as many high-quality games as quickly as possible in order to attract gamers to the platform.
  • The next phase adds in the XAYA Community Hub, additional tools and support for developers (e.g. mobile relay service, publisher, asset trading platform), and broader outreach to the indie game developer community. The goal here is to break ground in the mainstream and mobile game markets with games that have broad appeal. This phase will bring a wide variety of new games to gamers who have never experienced the freedom of the crypto-world, and expose them to unlimited trading and sharing opportunities.
  • Development of game templates Beta developer Hub in Q4 for 2018.
  • Xaya Asset trading platform, VR toolkit and Advanced Developer Hub in 2019.



  • KYC verification passed , interesting idea, Need working product-Vladimir Nikitin (ADVISOR | CONSULTANT | EXCHANGES Listing).
  • The core team technical capability is very impressive. But I still worry about the blockchain performance, is it applicable to MMO game requirement in near future? There are many blockchain startup focus on build up a new eco-system for game industry. This project with very unique vision and the ability to execute. Looking forward to see it succeed. – Hung Chih (Jason Hung) (Serial Entrepreneur | Investor Meetup | ICO advisor | China Market | Exchange)
  • Vision is good and unique. There are many startups and ecosystems for gaming industry, but your concept is unique. Team is good but not enough as you need expert on blockchain and game development too. Good luck and eager to test this soon. – Tinh Tran (ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert)
  • I have found a good vision here. The team is solid through many experiences. Wallet is already downloadable, but MVP cannot be found for game platform.I long for MVP.- Nozomu Nakazato (ICO consultant)



Token CHI
Pre – Sale 1 CHI = 0.000014 BTC
Price in ICO 1 CHI = 0.000020 BTC
Country Malta
Platform Ethereum
Website https://xaya.io/
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas USA
Pre-Sale 23rd March,2018 – 18th May, 2018
Public- Sale 29th Aug,2018 – 10th Oct,2018
Tokens for Sale: 60,000,000
Soft Cap 250 BTC
Hard Cap 1,050 BTC
Total Token Supply 150,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Proof of Work 40%
Company Reserved 10%
Advisors, Marketing Bounties 5%
Huntercoin Snapshot 4.5%
Total Token for Sale 40.5%
Bonus 15%: 0.00002000 BTC