• Viewo is a revolution in the landscape of online video sharing. The website will act as a decentralized video-sharing platform with its own cryptocurrency, VEO Tokens.
  • Viewo will implement unique algorithms designed by advanced mathematicians to give preference to videos according to the desires of the Viewo community, while at the same time rewarding all constituents in the Viewo ecosystem proportionately for their actions.
  • Viewo is a video sharing network that operates on a blockchain-based rewards system. All participants in the Viewo network are rewarded for their actions, big or small. Unlike current video sharing websites that operate on a self-serving basis, Viewo operates on a user-based approach, rewarding each individual user for actions completed and giving incentives to both viewers and content creators. Viewo is the only incentivized video sharing network that has the support and backing of a significant number of contemporary influencers.



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  • Viewo was born as an answer to the problems currently facing today’s video sharing industry. Whereas today’s industry ignores the needs and voices of participants, Viewo will reward every participant for actions they take, big or small.
  • On a reward-driven platform, users will be motivated to share content, comment, and generally be more active watching content. This, in turn will increase the popularity of their rewards (VEO Tokens), which can be used to make in-site purchases.




  • Viewo is a video sharing ecosystem in which all participants will be rewarded for their actions and contributions
  • Rewards will consist of various amounts of VEO Tokens, and with them, users will be able to: – Buy access to unique private videos and content;
  • Join online courses (MOOCs)
  • Increase their own video positioning on the network
  • Purchase items related to video content
  • Ecosystem Participants


The following participants will be rewarded with VEO Tokens on a weekly basis:


  • Content curators: Defined as constituents who upload videos to the network
  • Content sharers: Defined as constituents who share videos via encoded links
  • Moderators: Defined as constituents who verify video ranking and patrol the network for manipulators and participants attempting to “game” the system
  • Video commenters: Defined as constituents who comment on videos
  • Video raters: Defined as constituents who select a 1-5 star rating on videos
  • Video watchers with no other actions: Defined as constituents who watch at least 1/3 of a video.
  • VIEWO Wallet
  • A web-based wallet system that supports regular payments and payment channels does not exist for general use.
  • Viewo has developed a web-based integrated wallet system for our ERC20-based tokens, VEO Tokens, which
  • will work with virtually all ERC20 compatible wallets (wallets that support tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain)
  • The Viewo Wallet will be one of the first Ethereum wallet systems that supports payment channels.
  • Our wallet is browser-based and lives in an iframe, allowing users to access it on all devices and without the need to download a browser extension and store private keys encrypted in the browser’s local storage.
  • Viewo’s payment channel uses Ethereum’s own security, only the sender and receiver are identified by their private keys, thus allowing them to interact with their channel, both on-chain and off-chain.
  • Transaction Privacy 
  • Since the micropayments are performed off-chain, the token transfers are private. Balances are hidden from the public until the payment channel is settled, which means that it is extremely difficult to trace on-chain transactions. This will keep users’ video watching history private.
  • Security 
  • Viewo will use AES encryption to store wallet data, with passcodes to store all private keys. AES (Advanced Encryption Technology) has been called the “gold standard” of encryption and has been a federal government standard since 2002. It is also the most popular algorithm used in symmetric key cryptography, which is used for SSL and TLS data transmission.
  • Viewo Wallet — Ease of Use 
  • The Viewo team understands that most existing wallets are great for techies but confusing for common users

Video Content Delivery 

  • Demand for video content to be available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, creates a challenge to deliver video in an increasing number of formats, resolutions, and bit rates. It also creates a demand for more servers and networks.
  • To meet this demand, Viewo is creating a custom-built content delivery network (CDN) using cloud computing technology; this type of CDN will allow us to scale unlimited computing and network resources without the large investment required for traditional data centers servers.
  • Cloud networks will also allow us to scale up or down when needed. For example, during live events there can be huge spikes in viewer demand, which won’t be met if scalability is not an option.
  • Viewo will also offer dynamic packaging with adaptive bitrates to create the best user experience, thus allowing content to be enjoyed even when in low-bandwidth areas.


Peer-to-Peer Video Delivery Network – Viewo’s Affiliation with Peer5 

  • To decrease the cost of serving videos from Viewo’s custom CDN, Viewo has teamed up with Peer5, one of the world’s largest peer-to-peer (P2P) content delivery networks. Peer5 currently delivers over 50 million hours of video every month for companies like Dailymotion and Sony. Peer5’s video streaming CDN expands server capacity up to 50x during live streaming events, and reduces bandwidth costs by 55%
  • Here are the main benefits for Viewo when using Peer5 to deliver content. Peer5:
  • Reduces video streaming CDN bandwidth by up to 98% with a P2P live streaming CDN
  • Expands video streaming CDN server capacity by up to 50x during live streaming events10
  • Improves video quality and reduces bandwidth costs by 55%
  • Protects data using end-to-end encryption methods that are compliant with Google, Mozilla and IETF standards.

Advantages of Viewo over YouTube include:

  • Viewo offers videos, private content, products, and MOOCs. In fact, Viewo is the first destination site to offer a balanced conglomeration of so many desired features, along with a clean and easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface).
  • Viewo offers rewards in the form of VEO Tokens, and now, tokens are skyrocketing in popularity around the world. Moreover, the use of tokens for applications has increased dramatically in 2017. (Steemit, launched in 2016, a social media platform that uses tokens, is growing rapidly today)
  • Viewo has mass appeal and is targeted at the mainstream public as well as the token community. Viewo founders are adamant that it’s time to bring the use of utility tokens to everyone, regardless of their technical prowess.
  • The number of internet users has grown dramatically compared to when YouTube launched in 2006. This gives Viewo an even larger audience, one that is already enthralled with video content.
  • Viewo will have moderators who will maintain the integrity of the site; specifically, they will patrol videos designated for families and children and report any content that is not appropriate for those audiences.
  • Viewo favors content curators. While other video networks split advertiser revenue with the content creators for ads shown on their videos, in Viewo, content creators are always compensated, whether they have ads or not. 

Unique Private Content

  • Many content creators have fans who are willing to pay for unique private content. Unlike other major video sharing networks, Viewo will provide all content creators and uploaders the ability to offer their fans and other users unique private content in exchange for VEO Tokens.

The major differences between Viewo and YouTube include (but are not limited to) the following: –

  • All participants in the Viewo network have the ability to profit, even when they perform an action as simple as watching a video. YouTube does not offer any comparable reward system.
  • The Viewo business model is to grow with the community rather than growing by using the community.
  • The Viewo website economy is based on VEO Tokens rather than fiat currency.

Comparing Viewo to YouTube creates a clear picture of Viewo’s potential growth. Moreover, Viewo and YouTube will inevitably be compared among users, so it is important for us to make the comparison first and be prepared to answer how Viewo improves upon the model of YouTube



  • 15k telegram users, 12.5 followers on Facebook and 12.3k Twitter followers.
  • 5 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Global Network and Gore System Development Architecture design of content recommendation engine in 2019.
  • Building and rollout of CON Network  product Launch Private beta launch: Invite-only for creators in 2019


Experts Review:

  • “I see many advisors – is good, but not many team members. KYC passed – is good too.
    Therefore 4 points. Vision and an idea is good and it’s very big market, but you make a video sharing network, but don’t have own videos. Only for MVP you receive 4 for product.
    You must do much more in your marketing asap.” – Nikolay Shkilev (Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor.)
  • “Strong team and experienced advisers. The market is large-scale and is actively developing. If the team manages to realize an ambitious roadmap, the project has every chance to succeed.” – Daniil Morozov (Co-Founder Node, ICO&Business Advisor, Investor)
  • ‘‘Very large advisory board, which is good. but I would have liked to see more members on the team as well.There is ample opportunity and the vision is grand. I would however have liked to see more videos and at least an explainer video (especially if youre promoting a video sharing platform!) Overall a project that is good, but could be great with some small changes’’- Bas Geelen (ICO Analyst, Advisor & Investor)



Token VEO
Pre – Sale Price 1 VEO = 0.167 USD
Price in ICO 1 VEO = 0.20 USD
Country Hongkong
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas China, North Korea
Pre-Sale 10th Nov 2018 – 10th Dec 2018
Public- Sale 11th Dec 2018 – 10th Dec 2019
Tokens for Sale: 564,062,500
Soft Cap 10,000,000 VEO
Hard Cap 564,062,500 VEO
Total Token Supply 2,000,000,000 VEO
Token Supply Breakdown 28% Token for sale through crowd sale
51% Tokens for ecosystem distribution
11% Founding team & Employees
6% Advisors, early supporters and partnerships
4% Bounty & Sub contractors
Bonus Pre-sale Tier
Week 1: $0.167
Week 2: $0.174
Week 3: $0.182
Week 4: $0.19