• Trigmine is the decentralized platform that provides SMBs with the previously impossible quality of marketing automation services with payment for efficient actions, not monthly subscription.



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  • Triggmine unites businesses and service providers into a single platform to enable the brand-new way of doing marketing automation with the help of the following technologies:
    • Blockchain: Blockchain technology acts as the tool for decentralization and creating economic incentive.
    • Artificial Intelligence: The intelligent self-adjustable system assists in reaching a new level of personalization that will help small and medium-sized businesses compete with enterprises in terms of providing better customer experience.
    • Consensus: It is a multi-party agreement — a protocol followed by all types of involved parties.




  • They have established a strategic partnership with PrestaShop CMS and integration with Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and CS-Cart.
  • Potential Partners:
  • PrestaShop,
  • Competera,
  • Boost-ling,
  • behaviorExchange,
  • RankSense



  • Triggmine already has a ready-made solution for email marketing, which will become the market driver for the platform to attract new participants and increase growth.
  • Triggmine believe that is it the time to help eCommerce businesses perform better with the world’s first decentralized platform for marketing automation.
  • It adjusts to ever-changing business parameters and individual characteristics of each online store with Artificial Intelligence, self-adjustable intelligent system, decentralized protocol, and network consensus.
  • Triggmine built a decentralized platform for marketing automation, including:
  • built-in smart assistant: to help eCommerce businesses reach optimal marketing services.
  • economic incentivization: to attract new market participants providing the highest level of trust.
  • payments only for real user action: to eliminate the need for a monthly subscription with dubious benefit
  • peer-to-peer market: to get rid of the necessity of being limited and controlled.
  • By creating a decentralized platform, Triggmine attracts different market players to the same platform by providing a previously unseen level of trust without the control of the principal element, which enables:
  • a transparent system of financial motivation, to the benefit of all parties (see Participants Section)
  • eliminating the market entry threshold for SMBs
  • increases potential revenues for a greater range of marketing automation
  • SMBs involved in eCommerce gain access to the intelligent, self-adjustable system, powered by Big Data and AI and using a simple and user-friendly interface that enables a drastically new, hyper-personalized level of marketing communication.
  • Marketing automation (MA) refers to the software that implements marketing programs. No manual labor needed. This software can gather potential buyers through personalized content and convert them into loyal customers.
  • The competition for online customers becomes a critical issue for SMBs due to the inability to provide personalized, high-quality customer journeys like large enterprises can.
  • In 2018, the most common marketing activities consist of the below tools:
  • Triggmine’s decentralized platform for marketing automation is designed to cover the tasks of the above-mentioned tools in a single environment empowered with AI algorithms, seamless data integration between participants, and supported with a consensus protocol.
  • It stands out as a drastically way to connect marketing participants. At the initial stage, it acts as a site for companies to join and compete with the larger market. This platform is a go-between instead of the common beneficiary business.
  • The platform creates consensus among all participants. Based on the newest algorithm Proof of Cognitive Work, Consensus (PoCW) made by PandoraBoxChain gives as a unique ability to have all of the components required for machine learning in one place: big data, ML models, and computing power.
  • The end user now has the ability to sell anonymized data patterns to developers. They will get tokens for the Triggmine platform to improve their business.
  • The platform has four categories of participants:
  • Users (eCommerce SMBs): Users get a personalized marketing automation stack paying only for proven results and units of efficient actions instead of a monthly subscription.
  • Data providers: Data providers give the necessary data for further enrichment and improvement of the quality of services provided to shape end-user preferences, interests, behavior and more.
  • AI Developers: Developers create new algorithms and neural networks, selling them on the open market.
  • Marketing Channels Providers: All the services responsible for the transfer of marketing communications with retargeting, messengers, push notifications, voice assistants, web personalization, display advertising, call center, Point of Sale, social networks, social advertising, and forms (surveys).
  • Consensus is a multi-party agreement: a protocol (standard) which is followed by all types of involved parties. One of the key aspects of the consensus protocol is the specification of the obligations that each party must meet to trigger an exchange of payment.
  • Triggmine uses micro-clustering to bring traditional market segmentation into the world of advanced analytics. It uses the resulting, large number of microclusters for disciplined experimentation that forms the foundation of our self-learning AI architecture.
  • The Triggmine platform will not only allow SMBs to benefit from empowered marketing communications, it will also enable users full control over their data.
  • The system includes decentralized open and free markets for different types of players, including developers of personalized marketing algorithms, AI developers, and data providers.
  • Introduction of Triggmine tokens allows for the creation of the economic system with Nash Equilibrium, where every participant gets best possible option in each operation.



  • 3K+ telegram users, 3.9K+ followers on Facebook and 1.5K+ Twitter followers.
  • There are 68 subscribers for their YouTube Channel and have got 2K + views for their official video.
  • 0 ratings on ICO bench.



  • They aim to revolutionize the financial environment and integrate blockchain technology with marketing automation, giving a greater range of businesses more opportunities to join.


Experts Review:

  • “Nice project, I believe that blockchain could really be a plus with it!”- Francesco Redaelli (Co-Founder & President at Koinsquare | Marketing Manager at AidCoin | Campaign Success Manager at 200 Crowd | Advisory Board Member)
  • “I really love the vision behind this project. Very much needed. I always sometimes question the weight of a vision versus the team’s ability to deliver on their vision. This looks like a good team but only time will tell.” –Tosan Arueyingho (Software Developer, Business Development & Blockchain Evangelist.)
  • “The idea is sound but not sure if this team can get it done. Your roadmap is all over the place and not in sequential order either” –VAKEESAN MAHALINGAM (ICO Analyst Content Writer|Trader| CFA Charter holder| Consultant)



Token TRG
Pre – Sale Price 1 TRG = 0.0001 ETH
Price in ICO 1 TRG = 0.0001 ETH
Country Estonia
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted Areas China, Singapore and USA
Pre-Sale 19th March – 19th April 2018
Public- Sale 20th Sep – 20th Oct 2018
Tokens for Sale: 279,000,000 TRG
Soft Cap 1140 ETH, they have already reached 1618 ETH.
Hard Cap 3000 ETH
Total Token Supply 620,000,000 TRG
Token Supply Breakdown Pre-sale – 5%
Main sale – 40%
Network development fund – 15%
Advisors – 5%
Team – 20%
Bounty campaign – 1%
Reserve – 10%
Legal and ambassadors – 4%
Bonus Pre-Sale Day 1-2 20%
Pre-Sale Day 3 19%
Pre-Sale Day 4 18%
Pre-Sale Day 5 17%
Pre-Sale Day 6 16%
Pre-Sale Day 15 15%
Public Sale Day 1-3 10%
Public Sale Day 4-7 5%