• Trecento Blockchain Capital has been launched by a team of seasoned investment and technology professionals. Our objective is to capture the best business opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology through a 360-degree investment approach.



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  • Aim is to provide both individuals and institutional investors with a straightforward and performing investment solution relying on our 4 investment funds. All within a safe and regulated environment.
  • The objective is to provide investors with a 360-degree approach to generate returns while mitigating the risk exposure




  • Trecento Blockchain Capital’s Investment solution:
  • Trecento Blockchain Capital will launch 4 thematic funds covering the full investment cycle of Blockchain companies;
  • ICO Fund: Investment in innovative companies raising funds during the private sale (upstream);
  • Crypto Trading Fund: Trading and Arbitration of cryptocurrencies & digital assets; Venture Capital Fund: Equity investment in startups developing disruptive Blockchain solutions;
  • Fund of Funds: Investment in specialized funds active in cryptocurrency/digital assets space and Blockchain companies.
  • Trecento Blockchain Capital’s Expertise-as-a-service:
  • They will issue Research & Analysis papers, regular and in-depth Newsletters, comparable to equity research papers written by investment banks. These papers will be published and made available for purchase to token holders and funds investors. The objective is to provide our community with in-depth expert insights as well as clear and reliable information about the Blockchain universe.
  • Second key service will be the Investment Allocation. We will implement a flexible, simple and efficient allocation path to fully meet our investors’ needs and level of expertise.
  • Reward system: Multiple pathways to be rewarded in TOT:
  • Trecento Blockchain Capital’s Investment tool
  • All investors will have access to a tailored Dashboard conceived as a dynamic portfolio management tool. This tool will allow investors to simply monitor their investments (buy and sell), make arbitrages, get access to the news and interact with the Community.
  • DAO Platform & Voting System:
  • Trecento Blockchain Capital will be strongly linked to its Community. That is the reason why Trecento Blockchain Capital wants to reward its Community for contributing to the success of the project. Trecento Blockchain Capital is indeed open to all types of investment idea submissions and suggestions that could improve both the Dashboard and our Asset Management activity. Moreover, Trecento Blockchain Capital will select some Community members, based on their contributions and insights, to join the Expert Committee.
  • Trecento Blockchain Capital solutions are extremely competitive on this market as they grant high management and performance fees discounts:
  • Free management and performance fees for ICO investors (up to 2 years), meaning that investors capture 100% of the performance;
  • Discounts on management and performance fees for token holders if they pay fees with TOT, as follows: 50% the 1st year (meaning that our funds are on average 50% less expensive than the Market; 30% the 2nd year; 10% thereafter (our funds will be at least 10% less expensive than the Market); Etc.
  • Trecento AM will act as the backbone of Trecento Blockchain Capital:
  • Trecento AM(Asset Management) is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe by FT.
  • They are going to accept Offline & Fiat subscriptions to their funds. To do so, an investor will have to contact their investment team to complete the wiring of the funds.
  • The conversion will be made considering the ETH/Currency Rate defined at a specific time and parity. Investor’s share NAV will be the NAV of the day.



  • 4k+ telegram users, 700 followers on Facebook and 689 Twitter followers.
  • 2 ratings on ICO bench.



  • A Holistic and User-centric approach: To capture the best investment opportunities, will offer a comprehensive set of investment solutions (the funds), services (their expertise) and tools (our investment platform).
  • All three will be based on the Blockchain technology and in favor of the Blockchain adoption and expansion.
  • On the one hand, Trecento Blockchain Capital aims to position itself as a precursor and a leader in this new but growing market by investing in complementary investment vehicles through 4 strategies/funds (ICO, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets trading, Venture Capital, Fund of Funds).
  • On the other hand, Trecento Blockchain Capital will leverage the Blockchain technology in its operational framework and then participate to the transformation of the sector.


Experts Review:

  • It would be good to get clarity on the relationship between the two key employees as there have been several ICOs that have had token issues because of family or husband wife issues and this risk needs to be clearly explained to understand the risk before putting team score higher. The token allocations are not clear to me in the documents. I like the BTC hurdle and that is a very good (and fair) way of charging only for alpha, good stuff. There is also a query on code that has been identified that it would be useful to get answered by the Smart Contract Dev- Paul Mears (CO investor, cryto trader)
  • This Crypto Investment fund has a Team with high worth individuals that has a great experience in Investment sector and the knowledge and Network is amazing. These Team knows the market and the rules which are given and how to handle- Timo Trippler (ICO ADVISOR – FUNDRAISING-)



Token TOT
Pre – Sale Price 1 TOT = 1 EUR
Price in ICO 1 TOT = 1 EUR
Country Switzerland
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, Iraq, Iran
Pre-Sale 1st Oct,2018 – 30th Oct, 2018
Public- Sale 1st Nov 2018 – 30th Nov, 2018
Tokens for Sale: 175,000,000
Soft Cap 5,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap 20,000,000 EUR
Total Token Supply It depends upon Hard Cap, If they reach hardcap of 20 million then 20 million Tokens will be created
Token Supply Breakdown 75%: ICO Participants
15%: Team & Advisors
5%: Bounty
5%: Company Reserve
Bonus 30%: PRIVATE
20%: PRESALE: October 1 – October 15
17.5%: October 15 – October 23
15%: October 23 – October 30
8%: November 1 – November 15
4%: November 15 – November 23
0%: November 23 – November 30