• The TravelerToken ecosystem — will bring the travel industry into the future, both technologically and in terms of rising business practices, creating a shared technical and economic infrastructure that will allow businesses to improve the quality of their services and enables new lines of business using cryptocurrency.
  • It gives travel companies the ability to host distributed nodes, giving them a way to more securely and effectively collaborate with partners and manage customer data.



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  • The TLT ecosystem lets travel companies improve their existing IT systems using blockchain technology by making it possible to maintain accurate and accessible inventories of the services they offer — from an airline’s available seats to a hotel’s bookings for a night.



  • They don’t have MVP in place and no details on their website.



  • The ecosystem built on a bleeding edge distributed system operated by a consortium of travel businesses.
  • It brings following improvements:
  • Radically decrease cost of payments,
  • Prevent double bookings,
  • Unified ratings and preference sharing scheme with user-controlled data privacy,
  • Seamless cross-platform service integration and packaging,
  • Directly reward users in a tangible way,
  • Establish technical framework for IoT-based services.
  • They envision most travel and tourism-related businesses across the globe united in a consortium that uses the TLT distributed system to the mutual benefit of all.
  • The qualifications for membership will be as inclusive as possible but fundamentally designed to ensure the stability and longevity of the consortium.
  • The consortium will be governed by a non-profit legal entity controlled democratically by members and focused on expanding the ecosystem surrounding the industry—emphasizing efficiency, quality, and innovation.
  • Consortium members will benefit from nearly free transactions, ability to share user information when given permission, simpler flow for users to book peripheral services by accessing partnered platforms, and the ability to use the TLT application platform for service optimization.
  • The basis of the ecosystem will be the assets — the goods and services — provided by members of the TLT consortium.
  • The TravelerToken (TLT) will be the standard method of payment in the TLT ecosystem. Transactions, bookings, and related services will operate on top of this financial blockchain.
  • Partnership with Wirecard Bank will allow participating users to load a debit card with TLT and use it anywhere in the world at a location in the Mastercard POS network.
  • The board will be periodically elected by the consortium. One member of the board will be named the temporal chairman and head meetings.
  • Valid TLT addresses will only be issued to persons, real or legal, submitting the appropriate KYC information.
  • TravelerToken represents a direct obligation on the members of a consortium of travel and tourism-related businesses to provide goods and services to the bearer.
  • To stabilize the token system’s interaction dynamics with external markets, the system will host a smart-contract running a modified version of the Bancor protocol36. This smart-contract will hold a reserve of Ethereum.
  • A government would still have its own currency whose demand is guaranteed by the obligation to pay taxes in it and supply disbursed through payment of government expenses, but one stripped of its destructive elements.
  • The first smart-contract on the TLT native system will implement a modified version of the Bancor protocol as an asynchronous price discovery and stability mechanism. It will hold an ETH reserve equivalent to 10% of the contribution amount and the reserve rate will thus initially be fixed at 10%.
  • TravelerToken can be redeemed immediately after the token sale in two ways:
  • Partnership with Wirecard Bank will allow participating token holders to obtain TLT debit cards; these cards can be loaded with TLT tokens and redeemed anywhere covered by the Mastercard network.
  • In exchange for the cost of goods and services offered by participating early-backer members of the consortium.



  • 362 telegram users, 23 followers (Too low) on Facebook and 258 Twitter followers.
  • They have got 642 views for their official video.
  • 8 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Establishing a global system for the industry to make travel cheaper and easier,
  • Reducing the overhead associated with intermediaries and payment settlements,
  • Providing a blockchain application layer that works seamlessly on top of existing business systems (ERP, CRM, etc.),
  • Creating a transparent and auditable system for building trust among the public and members of the consortium,
  • Allowing for cost effective error management,
  • Creating a better way to connect businesses to each other and their customers,
  • Improving customer migration standards,
  • Giving businesses the tools to keep up with trends and innovate.



Token TLT
Pre- Sale Price 1 TLT = 0.0002 ETH
Price in ICO 1 TLT = 0.0002 ETH
Country Germany
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas United States, Singapore, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, People’s Republic of China or resident of a country where American embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba.
Pre–Sale 1st Oct – 30th Nov 2018
Public- Sale 1st Dec – 22nd Dec 2018
Tokens for Sale: 335,000,000
Soft Cap N/A
Hard Cap 100,000 ETH
Total Token Supply The exact number of tokens generated depends on the amount of funds contributed. (500,000,000 (Approximately))
Token Supply Breakdown 67% – Free Market
20% – Token Reserve
10% – Team, Advisors, Early Supporters
3% – Bounty Program
Bonus Pre-Sale – 15-30%
Public Sale – 20-10%