TRADE Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 Alt Coins (IDD) is a decentralized autonomous corporate (DAC) conglomerate for venture capital investment.

The growing number of IDD subsidiaries include a start up incubator, ico token reviews, ico token store, a token trade exchange, social media and affiliate promotion programs

With valuable referrals from our “Innovation Support Network”, IDD venture capital group is growing it’s start up incubator membership. The new start up projects that we support qualified to list their ICO in the IDD ICO Token Store.

Interested Start Up may Join the Incubator here (coming soon) New blockchain projects advertise their ICO on this platform for a fee. ICO Token buyers can review many different projects and swap any kind of token for new project tokens.

http://www.TokenTrade.Exchange/ (coming soon) IDD new start up projects after their ICO will be listed on the TokenTrade.Exchange. Buyers can swap token for another token on our super fast and easy to use platform. Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 Alt Coins welcomed.