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ICO DEAL DECK decentralized venture capital Platform’s goal is to build value by finding and supporting promising Tech and Blockchain Start Ups.

The ICO DEAL DECK Platform is the essence of decentralized venture capital. The crowd is invited to acquire ICO DEAL DECK (XIDD) Tokens. Holders of XIDD Tokens with their expertise, experience and knowledge having voting rights to select winners in the ICO DEAL DECK Start Ups Pitch competition and accepting them into the ICO DEAL DECK Accelerator. is a Start Up Accelerator, Token Platform and Digital Asset Exchange. Thru a Start Up Pitch Competition XIDD Tokens holders have a vote to find, mentor and help with launching fund raising for promising Tech and Blockchain Start Up projects.

The XIDD Token is a utility token used in operating the ICO DEAL DECK Platform. XIDD Token Holders have the right of voting to decide which projects are invited to join the Start Up Accelerator and fund raise using the ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform services.

You may read the ICO DEAL DECK Whitepaper at the below link. Please follow us on Medium and clap for the post to show your support. The Whitepaper is in progress and is frequently updated. You may check back at this link any time to see the latest version.

The mission of the TOKEN PLATFORM IS to drastically lower the cost of conducting token generating events through automating and introducing model templates in all three essential Token Generating Event (T.G.E.) components:

  • Technology solution
  • Legal solution
  • Marketing solution

ICO DEAL DECK aims for decentralization and diversification of their token platform.

ICO DEAL DECK occupies a unique market niche because it is positioned on both sides of the market – that of a party conducting token generating events and a token holder, because ICO DEAL DECK also trades their ICO DEAL DECK tokens for new tokens of Start Ups during their T.G.E.

Although the ICO DEAL DECK solutions will lower the costs of conducting token generating events, it also allows us to conduct them at a highly professional level. Nobody knows the product better than the ICO DEAL DECK team which helped the Start Up project developed it.

Start Ups that engage full-time external Token Generating Event (T.G.E.) experts requires significant time and investment to let them learn the product, and consequently, a significant expense. The services offered by such agencies are quite expensive, and because of their duration there is a months-long waiting list for conducting a token generating event.

ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform has standardized all the T.G.E. services, they are automated and simplified. The Start Up project team is directly involved in the launching of the token offering but the entire T.G.E. process is directed by experts in each of the respective T.G.E. component fields. Such a format produces the shortest project launch time and the lowest cost. Start Up Projects in the ICO DEAL DECK Accelerator that use the ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform no longer need to wait for an external agency to take on their project.

ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform offers Start Ups all the elements necessary for a successful T.G.E. The following is the scope of services available to Start Ups on the ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform.*


  • Smart contract;
  • Smart contract management system;
  • Book building platform;
  • Consultations by developers on setting up the technology tools.


  • Review and recommendations: Token legal concept, White Paper, landing page;
  • A set of legal documents, including Token Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy;
  • Consultations on legal aspects by external attorneys experienced in supporting T.G.E.s.


  • Marketing strategy comprising multiple tactics, specifying each tactic’s potential impact;
  • Traffic package, including Facebook, Twitter, Adwords and Reddit, targeting Blockchain community;
  • Bounty Program setup to conduct marketing campaigns in many languages;
  • Consultations by marketing experts on deployment of marketing tools.


ICO DEAL DECK utilizes an innovative economic model for the Token Platform: The standard fee for T.G.E. tools and guidance services is a 5% commission on the total value of tokens issued during the T.G.E. No additional fees are charged, but ICO DEAL DECK reserves the right to buy at a discount up to 20% of the tokens of new project during presale, which makes the ICO DEAL DECK economic model financially attractive.

* ICO DEAL DECK reserves the right to change the scope and cost of its services. The updated details will be published at


“Giving users easy access to many different kinds of digital assets on the blockchain and, particularly, tokens that are linked to assets in the real world, is crucial to seeing blockchain adoption reach the next level…”

Vitalik Buterin