• TillBilly is an integrated “tap & go” terminal connected to a point of sale terminal, where a shopper can make payments, automatically get digital receipts (tax invoices), and collect & redeem loyalty points with a single tap of any NFC enabled card, phone or wearable.
  • It offers price protection against cryptocurrency market volatility to both Shoppers and Merchants. It is cheaper for the merchants and shares its revenue with the customers.



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  • TillBilly is a Stellar based digital payments network with a unique point of sale hardware terminal that empowers everyday shoppers to make contactless payments, automatically get digital receipts (tax invoices) and collect loyalty reward points, without the complexity or price volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.




  • An environmentally sustainable digital receipts solution that provides shoppers convenience and better experience while maintaining their privacy, and helping merchants save money on paper.


  • Benefits for shoppers:
    • Rewards shoppers by sharing a portion of the transaction processing fee back with the shopper for next purchase.
    • No bulky wallets, no lost or washed receipts, always available, automatically categorized and Integrates with popular accounting platforms.
    • Relevant, categorized and non-intrusive in-app offers/coupons available when shoppers need them.
  • Benefits for Merchants:
    • Merchants pay 50-80% less fee than current card transactions.
    • No chargeback fees, Assured settlement value in fiat currency (e.g USD, EUR etc.), 60-90% cheaper than printing paper receipts.
    • Supports with environment sustainability and carbon offset programs. Leverage government incentives and tax benefits associated with such programs.
  • They want to:
    • Enable fast and cost-efficient payments by avoiding many intermediaries that charge high transaction fees.
    • Offer everyone a seamless, transparent and rewarding experience without the complexity, or the fear of volatility of maintaining cryptocurrencies.
  • Stellar provides TillBilly a distributed payments infrastructure to build scalable and affordable applications.
  • Tillbilly creates a seamless and familiar environment where:
    • Transactions are fast, cheap, secure and rewarding,
    • Users are not affected by cryptocurrency price volatility.
  • With its low fee for merchants, cash-back2 for shoppers, seamless NFC payments, TillBilly has a unique opportunity to bring blockchain into the mainstream retail, without the fear of price volatility.
  • The experience of making a payment must be as seamless and familiar as paying with a card, Apple Pay or Google pay today. Hence, they chose NFC over QR code to reduce the friction of opening an app and scanning QR code to make a payment.
  • The value of “credit” stored in the Shopper’s account with respect to the Fiat currency will not fluctuate due to cryptocurrency market movements.
  • The transactions will be fast, and secure.
  • Their two-asset model offers a unique solution, where users can easily fund their wallets via low/no fee bank transfers in advance and hold that credit without the risk of price fluctuation.
  • They provide shoppers an easy way to trade their Fiat currency to a Fixed Value Credit (Fiat_Asset).  The value of the Fiat Asset does not fluctuate (e.g 100 USDC = USD 100)
  • TillBilly takes a multi-layered approach towards ensuring security for tokens held both by TillBilly and its users, as well as security during payment transactions. Some of these security measures include:
    • Use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) which are encrypted vaults for key management and signing.
    • Deploying Stellar Multisignature mechanism for securing all transactions
    • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (PIN, Device Fingerprinting etc)
  • Every year in the US, 1 billion gallons of water, 10 million trees, and 250 million gallons of oil are consumed in the creation of paper receipts. Since these paper slips are generally non-recyclable, they create 1.5 billion pounds of waste, contributing to methane emissions from paper products decomposing in landfills.
  • Over 90% Shoppers and 80% retailers prefer digital receipts, but today less than 23% retailers can provide digital receipts due to the complexity of integration.
  • The TillBilly terminal is also a universal digital receipts solution that integrates easily with a merchant’s existing Point of Sale (PoS) system. The terminal captures receipt data from any PoS software in real time and sends it to the shopper as a digital receipt.
  • TillBilly believe that loyalty rewards should be a seamless gesture with an element of surprise that delights a shopper without having to scan a card.
  • Small businesses without a loyalty program can use TillBilly “Loyalty Rewards as a Service” to start their own loyalty program simply with a push of a button and without any investment.
  • For every transaction made at the TillBilly terminal, a transaction processing fee of 1% is charged to the merchant. 0.5% is shared with shopper as discount while 0.5% is kept by TillBilly.
  • The TillBilly shopper’s app will be free for the shoppers. However advanced features such as business expense integrations, personal expense comparison reports etc may be provided as in-app purchases.
  • They plan to start with SMB’s where receipts are a must. e.g electronic stores, boutique fashion outlets and restaurants/cafes.



  • 44.6K+ telegram users and 8K twitter followers
  • They have got 21 subscribers for their official YouTube channel and 472 views for official video.
  • 4.4 ratings on ICO bench.


Long Term:

  • They will be working with other cryptocurrency providers towards integrating their tokens onto the TillBilly platform.
  • Their goal is to be in 1 million shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and retail chains by 2022.


Expert Review:

  • “Team seems ok. KYC is passed. This is not a new product or product idea as there are many pos/nfc systems in use or production already. I do not like the model of only selling %15 of tokens in the sale. This product and its associated token are contingent to mass adoption. If on release it offers updated features it may succeed.” – Douglas Lyons (Success Coach to Blockchain Startup Project Teams.)
  • “Team: Team looks good with all verified members but would have loved more experienced team. Vision: Though many icos have tried it but still vision is still great if realized. Product: liked the video and prototype.” – Suraj Tiwari (ICO ADVISOR / CONSULTING / EXCHANGES Listing /SMART CONTRACT/ TOKEN CODE.)”



Token BILL
Pre – Sale Price 1 BILL= 1 XLM (Stellar Lumens)
Price in ICO 1 BILL = 1 XLM (Stellar Lumens)
Country Australia
Platform Stellar
Website https://ico.tillbilly.com/

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China
Pre – Sale 1st Sep – 1st Nov 2018 (when the ico begins, or earlier if all presale tokens are sold out.)
Public-Sale 1st Nov – 15th Dec 2018
Tokens for Sale: 200,000,000
Soft Cap 11,500,000 XLM
Hard Cap 115,500,000 XLM
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Private Sale – 5%
Public Sale – 15%
Airdrops, Bounty campaigns, Advisors, Partners and Employees – 10%
Reserved BILL Pool – 30%
Future Reserve – 40%
Bonus Pre-Sale Tier 1: 60%
Pre-Sale Tier 2: 50%
Public Sale Tier 1: 40%
Public Sale Tier 2: 30%
Public Sale Tier 3: 20%
Public Sale Tier 4: 10%