• Shipit is a mobile Application that connects senders and travelers from all over the world to provide a cost-efficient, fast and reliable solution for shipping parcels. Besides, it is an excellent way to make additional earnings during the trip.
  • Shipit will help establish new supply chains, make complex processes simple and will increase efficiency of baggage space usage.



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  • Shipit — Send packages. No couriers. Just people.
  • Senders / Shipit allows to reduce shipping costs and simultaneously get better service that is safer and efficient.
  • Travelers / Shipit is a useful tool that lets you earn money and makes your trips more cost-efficient.



  • Delivery and courier services often cannot ship a parcel directly from point A to point B and are forced to resort to transit hubs which introduce even more threats and risks. Naturally, the increase in number of intermediary delivery and courier companies involved does not lead to increase of the responsibility of each party involved.
  • Governments often charge different shipping fees and taxes inexplicable to the sender.
  • The global market of courier and parcel delivery services constantly develops and provides the delivery companies with billions of revenues.
  • There are almost 3 million employees and 600,000 companies on the market. The market size of the industry currently counts with $240 bln.
  • The shipping services market is highly monopolized. The best market share belongs to DHL, FedEx Corp, UPS and TNT According to annual reports, the lion’s share of the costs borne by delivery companies is constituted by payroll, maintenance of air and railway transport means, fuel and lease expenditures.
  • Known issues of courier and delivery companies:
    • Courier and delivery companies have their own motor, railway, air, and water means of transport. Collecting data on shipments’ status, processing and sending shipments to destination points require input of thousands of employees. Such vast operating expenses significantly increase shipping costs borne by customers.
    • Shipments getting lost or stolen are common not only in the third world countries. Once shipment crosses the borders, the risks are increasing due to Less strict control.
    • Deliveries require time. Moving goods from one point to another, packaging and storing implies time costs. As a result, the delivery may take days, weeks or even months.
  • Sharing goods and services, barter, rent makes people reflect not only on what they get but also how they get it. According to TIME Magazine’s visionary article, collaborative consumption is one of 10 ideas that are going to change the world within the next 10 years. There are prominent players in some sharing economy industries such as Airbnb in travelling, ZipCar in carsharing, Uber in taxi – the crowd shipping market is still at its very early stages of development
  • Shipit is a mobile app that connects senders and travelers around the globe and provides them with cost-effective, fast, and reliable solution to deliver packages.
  • Shipit allows to set new delivery chains, to make complicated processes simpler, and to manage luggage more efficiently. It does not matter where you send your shipment, shipping will still be the most cost-effective and simple!
  • You just need to take a picture of an item you want to ship using your smartphone camera, input points A and B of your shipment’s journey, set the size and value of item and the price you are willing to pay for the delivery. The system matches the input data with that of travelers and picks the best matches.
  • Shipit verifies its users and monitors all shipments providing items’ safety. Interactive interface makes the shipping simple and Fast.
  • Any serious breach of system rules might lead to user’s account being permanently blocked. Constant striving towards providing high-quality service makes Shipit a client-oriented product.
  • For an app to get the right to process financial transactions between people from different countries of residence, the developers often are forced to go through certain long and costly bureaucratic procedures as required by some government bodies. This is why creating their own crypto wallet and currency becomes the best solution.
  • Neural network is going to automatize many processes, eliminate human error effect, and minimize human participation in monitoring.
  • The app’s goal is to regulations and the items shipped satisfy any provide a safe, simple and fast way of shipping and all international standard requirements, items and an opportunity to earn money delivering them.
  • Shipit offers step-by-step guidance that take users through each stage of shipping an item. This includes help with setting hand off and delivery addresses, contact exchange, making a payment, etc. Users will not miss an important detail.
  • The platform allows to upload only actual photos of items taken in real time. No uploads from the Internet or smartphone library is available. All photos are monitored. Only unboxed, unwrapped, clearly visible in the photo items are allowed.
  • To avoid theft or loss of an item, and to prove that the item has been delivered to a right person, an addressee has to upload a unique code via traveler’s phone and thus complete the transaction.
  • Mail forwarding means purchasing an item internationally and further forwarding it from the country of purchase by intermediary’s services.
    • Shipit mail forwarding advantages:
    • 1,5-3 times lower shipping fees.
    • Access to any goods all around the globe.
    • Access to exclusive items unavailable in the customer’s region of residence.
    • Higher speed of delivery.
    • High-quality service and guaranteed safety.
  • Shipit generates revenues by charging a commission on fees paid to users of the service. There are two main types of fees:
  • Fiat payments
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Depending on rules and regulations of the country, a traveler may be paid both in fiat or cryptocurrency or solely in cryptocurrency. The same applies to a sender. The app charges a commission payable in the same currency used in transaction.
  • Deposits serve as an insurance for a shipment in case of theft, Loss or damage. It is a reasonable solution for both travelers and senders. Senders understand that in case of force major they will be duly compensated and travelers are aware of that in case of any incompliance with the rules and requirements or gross negligence they will not be refunded the money deposited, they will lose access to the app and will not be able to use to earn money.
  • Shipit finds the questions of safety to be the pivotal ones, therefore, we have come up with a very strict criteria for picking senders and travelers. Deposits, multi-factor verification, smart contracts and blockchain, reputation system, real-time photos – we have thought everything in order to make the app safe and attractive. In case of breach of rules and requirements, going through verification procedure for the second time will be incredibly demanding, almost impossible.
  • Shipit factoring solves the issue of mandatory deposit for shipment’s safety payable by a traveler as an insurance. Shipit makes a deposit for the traveler – only a small factoring fee is required.
  • In three to five years from now on everyone will use sharing services since everyone will have a universal profile with a well-established reputation. By integrating sharing economy principles.
  • Shipit gains the capacity to give users the following advantages:
  • No customs charges or taxes, if the item fits green channel requirements.
  • Lower probability of theft or damage.
  • Shipping to individuals and legal entities.
  • Lower costs than when using delivery services. Etc.
  • The Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) has Long been a major focus for multinational enterprises, as the supply chains have been going through the process of globalization, and the demand of Western countries for Asian exports has been increasing. The Shipit team strongly believes that the Asia-Pacific Region is the most promising among the largest and developing markets.
  • The C2C and B2C sectors are currently experiencing a much faster growth than the B2B sector, especially in the growing Asian markets. As Shipit has been designed for the C2C and B2C sectors, it will definitely benefit from their increased growth.
  • The delivery market is still in its development and high prices definitely give Shipit a solid opportunity to penetrate the market.
  • As the air means of transport are going to be the main ones used by Shipit users, the increase in air traffic in APAC is another reason for successful development of the project.
  • Shipit is interested in markets where the shipping and fuel costs are high, regional and international traveling routes are well established and frequently used.
  • The first countries targeted by their marketing campaign are South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. They will first target the capital and the largest cities based on large and popular transport hubs.
  • SHPT transactions will be more advantageous to users because they imply lower commissions. The difference in cost-effectiveness will be especially notable in cases of high-value shipments.



  • 92K telegram users, 27.9K + followers on Facebook and 30.5K Twitter followers.
  • 8 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Shipit is going to become an irreplaceable tool for shipping items.
  • They want to create an alternative platform for express deliveries based on principles of sharing economy, blockchain and crowd shipping.


Experts Review:

  • “The advisor board is second to none. The team is savvy and dedicated. Good implementation of blockchain technology. The whitepaper is quite well done.” – Igor Karavaev (ico advisor and investor)
  • “In my opinion, this is a very interesting concept, it is a unique way to compete without having to have billions of dollars in investments.”- Michael Williamson(Blockchain Consultant, MBA, LSSGB, Former USA Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent)
  • “Shipit concept is unique and good use of blockchain in shipping industry. Good and experienced team members. MVP is available for mobile apps that is good.”-  Jitendra Chittoda(Blockchain Architect | Smart Contract Security Advisor | ICO Advisor)



Token SHPT
Pre – Sale Price 1 SHPT = $0.1
Price in ICO 1 SHPT = $0.1
Country Saint Kitts and Nevis
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China, Singapore, New Zealand
Pre – Sale 1st Sep – 30th Sep 2018
Public-Sale 1st Oct – 31st Oct 2018
Tokens for Sale: 375,000,000
Soft Cap $3,000,000
Hard Cap $24,000,000
Total Token Supply 500,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 75%
Team – 15%
Partners & Advisors – 5%
Bounty Campaign -5%
Bonus Private Sale – up to 55%
Pre Sale – up to 35%
Public Sale – up to 15%