• Selfie GO is a social network that uses gamification, AR technology and its own cryptocurrency to help people find friends in just a couple of steps. It offers an innovative view on interactions within social networks. It helps users to make new acquaintances and find friends.



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  • Selfie GO uses AR and gamification, encouraging users to share photos, participate in weekly tournaments and create their own content.
  • Gamification of social interactions is one of the key ideas behind Selfie GO. This is the only way to unite people from different generations.



  • They have released alpha version in December 2017.
  • Link:
  • Their product is almost ready and will be launched in August 2018 regardless of whether they reach the softcap or not.



  • Selfie GO will provide its own marketplace and token transfer system, as well as an internal targeted advertising platform that will allow users to place advertising and native materials on special augmented reality geo objects located in social gathering places such as local attractions, shopping malls, schools, universities, and more.
  • Current Social Networks remain engaging only during a certain period because they do not create additional value for users. Most social networks are web 2.0 and none of them are web 3.0. Nowadays, people choose to interact with content, not just create it.
  • AR and VR will be the main driver of mobile games market growth. According to Digi-Capital forecasts, after a period of relatively similar results, AR will rapidly break out both in terms of application and profit.
  • Selfie GO offers a simpler gameplay by encouraging people to take selfies, participate in Selfie battles and explore Selfie towers.
  • Selfie GO fundamentally changes people’s lives by helping them fulfill their two most important needs:
    • social relationships (in other words — friends)
    • well-being and self-realization (in other words — money)
  • Selfie towers on the Selfie GO map are specific geo-objects in which Selfie battles are held. Users find tasks at each tower, take a selfie, and put it on the tower board to collect “likes”.
  • A Selfie Battle is a competition for the best selfie of the week. Each user can upload only one selfie for each Selfie Battle.
  • A Personal Tower is your own space in Augmented Reality, purchased for Gold. In Personal towers, users can create any kind of content — they can provide services, blog, use the tower as a virtual billboard, or even as a marketplace.
  • Aside from the AR part, each Selfie GO user has their own profile with a history of posts, a messenger, a crypto wallet and a news feed.
  • They’re interested in countries with a high GDP value and large population. They have highest priority for following countries:
    • U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
    • France, Germany, Italy
    • Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand
    • Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, Peru
  • Their target audience is men and women aged 21-35 years, which represents the main user base for similar networks.
  • There are various layers in the Selfie GO environment, which allow us to acquire 2 different, large social groups.
    • The first and most numerous group is girls aged 18-28 years, interested in their self-realization.
    • The second group consists of the most casual players – M 21-35, F 21-35, who require advanced game mechanics and who will become the pillar of the social network.
  • The audience always follows their idols, therefore integration with opinion leaders and celebrities in existing “classical” social media and YouTube will be one of the main sources of user acquisition.
  • Users can share their photos, posts, news and challenges in Selfie GO itself, as well as on other social networks and messengers.
  • Active users will receive SGO tokens as a reward for their social network activity. They will buy back SGO tokens daily. These tokens will be shared among active users, which they can later use inside the environment or sell on exchanges.
  • Their targeted Ad Network will allow advertisers to specify popular targeting types. It will also provide advanced geo targeting, which is highly requested by local businesses, private entrepreneurs and a huge amount of networks businesses, such as cafes, gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
  • Users get a gold coin for a “like” they get on one of their selfies published in a selfie battle and on their personal towers.
  • Users can spend gold to purchase their own personal tower, which is their own Augmented Reality geolocation media inside Selfie GO.
  • The will be implementing additional monetization using in-app purchases and services.
  • List of objects and services that can be purchased:
    • Personal towers
    • Purchase of SGO tokens from auctions
    • Purchase of in-app currency via in-app purchases.
  • The list of their fees:
    • Monthly service fee for Personal towers
    • Commissions for the purchase of towers from other users via auctions (30% of the price)
  • Users install the Selfie GO app for free and use it for free. The app includes two types of key resources: in-app currency (gold coins) and SGO tokens.
    • Gold coins are needed to buy personal towers and pay in-app fees for these personal towers.
    • Every Selfie GO user earns SGO tokens for being an active user of the Selfie GO social network. Users can sell and buy their own goods and services for SGO tokens.
    • Users can transfer SGO tokens to each other for free inside of Selfie GO
  • SGO tokens are risk-free because their product is ready to launch in August – their prototype is already accessible to everybody.



  • 11.4K+ telegram users, 9.5K+ followers on Facebook and 7.9K+ Twitter followers
  • They have got 11 subscribers for their YouTube channel and 2K+ views for their videos.
  • 4.3 ratings on ICO bench.


Long Term:

  • The main revenue generating channel is advertising. They plan on creating our own advertising platform in the future.
  • They plan to keep promoting user acquisition, so the game (Clash & Go) or SNS (Selfie & Go) will keep up with the concurrent projects. That will allow them to update both their projects and add cool features and better mechanics.
  • Additionally, they plan to create stable crypto currencies (tokens), that could be easily exchanged on the biggest exchanges. By implementing buyback & burn strategy, they supposed to achieve a decent rate for a token, that (naturally) will grab users’ attention to the projects.



Expert Review:

  • “The concept is like that of existing social media platforms but with the extra features of AR technology that will promote users to share data and this in turn will track other users, to make friends globally. My question here would be, how safe and secure will this be? I hope the team will show its true ability in turning this concept into a reality.” – Christopher Zenios(COO | CMO | Speaker | Blockchain | ICO Specialist | Consultant | Advisor | Writer | Project Developer| Investor).
  • “The team seems very fresh, i cannot find lots of information about their background and their achievements, but i would say success starts somewhere and of course we need new names and talents, hopefully this young team will have the right knowledge in running the business, cause having knowledge in computers is not enough and does not make you eligible to operate a multi-million dollars business. Also, such a software does not cost tens of millions of dollars, the hard cap is very high, specially the team comes from a region where labor is not so expensive. And about this project having value, i would say it needs first to sign deals with big companies to integrate this into the platforms, or i would say this would have no value before 5 years from now. I like the idea and the technology, but it is not the best investment on the market currently.” – Antoun Toubia (Chief Executive Officer at United Capital Investments s.a.)



Token SGO
Pre – Sale Price 1 SGO = $0.80
Price in ICO 1 SGO = $0.80 (Stage 1 = 20,000,000 – 50,000,000 tokens)
1 SGO = $0.90 (Stage 2 = 50,000,000 – 80,000,000 tokens)
1 SGO = $1.00 (Stage 3 = 80,000,000 – 100,000,000 tokens)
Country British Virgin Islands
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas USA, Canada, China, Singapore
Pre – Sale May – 20th Aug 2018
Public-Sale 12th Sep – 12th Oct 2018
Tokens for Sale: 100 Million
Soft Cap 5,000,000 SGO
Hard Cap 50,000,000 SGO
Total Token Supply 200 Million
Token Supply Breakdown Pre Sale – 25%
ICO – 25%
Elyland Service Fund – 35.5%
To be sold inside the product with slow emission – 10.5%
Advisors – 3%
Bounty, Marketing – 1%
Bonus Public Sale Stage 1 – 20% Bonus
Public Sale Stage 2 – 10% Bonus