Republia REVIEW

Republia REVIEW

  • Republia provides users with a comfortable environment for operations with cryptocurrencies, solving the problem of the highest volatility, by introducing own RPB coin, which an internal payment tool. Smoothed volatility of RPB cryptocurrency is achieved by artificial intelligence, created using Republia blockchain.
  • In the conditions of Republia ecosystem each participant will find all the advantages of using blockchain technology, which satisfy his requirements from the creation of his own ICO, generation of smart contracts, secure storage of his data to fast execution of transactions, comfortable communication with other community members and user-friendly interface
  • The project is uniquely created on its own platform Republia. Republia Blockchain protocol is divided into three layers (network layer, consensus layer, transaction layer) and layer separation allows to change protocol without hard forks.



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  • It has a new type of management – “We ecosystem”, which contributes to full democracy, justice, transparency and decentralization within the entire ecosystem. Since the entire Republia ecosystem is very extensive and includes various structural elements (Republia Bank, Republia ICO Platform, Republia Exchange, Republia Wallet, Republia Smart Contract Platform), every stage of secure operation was carefully thought out and provided with innovative technologies of its own design. Moreover, having examined the document, you can be sure of thorough analysis of risks and elimination of most of the vulnerabilities that emerge in the representatives of other industries.
  • The project solves issues of hard folks, smart contract vulnerabilities, stealing user data, issues of high volatility, scam projects and issues on centralization.





  • At the moment the company cooperates with some research universities. The other business partners are not published yet.



  • Republia offers three-level security – Veracity System:
  • The first level is a password and biometric identification of users;
  • The second level is a confirmation by email + two-factor authentication;
  • The third level is RepubliaID.
  • In case of hacking attempt Veracity System automatically freezes all user data, including his private information and information on his accounts. Moreover, Veracity System will help to ensure that user can access his data and funds within the shortest period of time. Veracity System is an innovative security system, which is the first product in the line of Republia development using artificial intelligence.
  • The goal of Republia project is to create large-scale decentralized ecosystem, which combines elements of countries that are familiar to us and mechanisms based on blockchain technology, where users make decisions through consensus and influence modernization of the entire ecosystem directly


  • Republia tasks:
  • To enable users to manage components of the ecosystem through transparent and democratic management system (we-ecosystem);
  • To prevent the emergence of SCAM-projects;
  • To establish trustworthy and transparent relationship between users by means of advanced system of smart contracts;
  • To exclude the possibility of loss or theft of user accounts through three-level security (Veracity System);
  • To provide a service for exchange of assets and the creation of liquidity for RPB crypto-currency;
  • To introduce a coin excluding high volatility.
  • Within Republia Ecosystem there is a digital analogue Identity Card – RepubliaID, this technology minimizes risks of loss of funds or hacking of user accounts.
  • Republia ICO Platform is a place, where you can bring your idea to realization without owning a huge capital and get a response from blockchain community. In addition to the above Republia ICO Platform operates in order to inspire users to new accomplishments in the industry, always pointing out inaccuracies during consideration of the projects for the purpose of further improvements.
  • RPB cryptocurrency does not depend on top 10 cryptocurrency, this step provides support for the coin rate of exchange while the price of popular cryptocurrency is declining.
  • Republia Bank involves in its work two cold and one hot wallet. The first cold wallet performs the role of a reserve fund, which is constantly supplemented by a commission, accrued by mining. This type of wallet is formed in Genesis Block. The purpose of the second cold wallet is to accept funds when user converts RPB coin to USDR token. The third type of wallet, hot wallet, is used to pay interest rates in the bank.
  • In the addition to above, each user is provided with information on funds, stored in the bank, function of viewing the bank’s expenses and incomes as well as overall financial status of Republia Bank, which is a proof of its openness to ecosystem participants. Republia Bank, as a legal entity, is an institution, which is a subject to independent audit, it shows user the entire structure of all financial arrangements.
  • Republia Bank releases its own debit card, and USDR token will be a payment tool of this card, which is very convenient way of exchanging cryptocurrency to fiat funds when paying bills by debit card, since USDR is bound to a stable fiat currency – USD.
  • Republia Exchange is the main platform for exchange of assets and creation of liquidity for RPB cryptocurrency. Users can choose among two types of exchanges – Rialto and Emporium, the first one was represented with the help of implementation of Atomic Swap technology with the most popular cryptocurrencies from Top-20, its priority is complete anonymity when making transactions.
  • Emporium provides an opportunity for the exchange and executions of transactions via internal Republia bank cards. When making a transaction by Republia debit card, certain amount of RPB coins will be sold under a market order and the transaction will be made faster, than via such popular payment systems as MasterCard or Visa, due to instantaneous operation of Atomic Swap.
  • Advantages of Republia SC Platform:
  • usage without knowledge and experience in software engineering
  • creation of individual smart contracts for developers
  • creation of templates, when the solution is available based on IoT technology
  • making a search for finished projects by rating
  • Republia offers its users a unique, improved ID Card – Republia ID. The main feature of RepubliaID is advanced security – Veracity System, which minimizes the risk of loss of funds or hacking user accounts. Also RepubliaID and Veracity System are implemented into all components of the global ecosystem, where it is possible to harm other Republia community members.
  • REPUBLIA CLOUD X – All data exchanged between users in Republia ecosystem is stored under reliable protection of Cloud X technology. Cloud X was developed by Republia, and it is a decentralized cloud storage.
  • Republia Cloud X is a safe data storage, and it is the future of the entire global ecosystem. All information is controlled by users without centralized servers
  • Cloud X technology eliminates the problem of information theft. Popular services such as Facebook or Google, for the purpose of targeting, collect personal information and data about site visits.



  • 21k telegram users, 2k Twitter followers and Facebook followers not worth mentioning.
  • 1ratings on ICO bench.



  • Launch of first generation of Republia Bank in Q1 2019
  • Integration of user voting system in the Republia ICO Platform in Q1 2019
  • Launch of a platform assets exchange and making liquidity for RPB cryptocurrency in Q1 2019
  • Launch of the second generation of Republia Bank in Q4 2019.



Token RPB
Pre – Sale Price 1 RPB = 0.21 USD
Price in ICO 1 RPB = 0.92 USD
Country British Virgin Islands
Platform Republia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA
Pre-Sale 23rd Aug 2018- 23rd Sep 2018
Public- Sale 23rd Aug 2018- 23rd Sep 2018
Tokens for Sale: 39,000,000 RPB
Soft Cap 500,000 USD
Hard Cap 50,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 400 000 000 RPB
Token Supply Breakdown 65% Available for Mining
20% Bank Reserve
9.75% ICO Sale
5.25% Team, Advisor and Bounty
Bonus Pre-Sale 100$ – 2000$ 2.000$ – 5.000$ More 5.000$
1st week 20% 22,5% 25%
2nd week 10% 12,5% 15%
3rd week 5% 7,5% 10%
4th week 0% 2,5% 5%