• Quantler offers its users the ability to create personalized and automated investment strategies that, with the connection to their broker, lets users invest in any types of assets (Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies).



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  • Quantler aims to significantly lower costs, lower the barriers for access to investing. Increase transparency by making all investment opportunities open source, eliminating any conflicts of interest that are associated with investment management today.




  • They don’t have any partner.



  • They believe that by empowering individuals to create and manage their own Quant Funds, at a fraction of traditional costs, they enable a more transparent investment ecosystem.
  • All investment automations are fully transparent (open source) and controlled by the user.
  • Invoicing is transparent, and with no strings attached (no performance related fees, no hidden costs, such as affiliation fees or kick back fees) and end-users can stop any time they want (no entry/exit-fee and no lock-ins).
  • Unlike most competitors, Quantler’s automation will not only be suited for cryptocurrencies, it will also be compatible with more traditional assets, regular stocks and ETFs, traded through regulated exchanges. This enables Quantler to capture a larger audience, where its competitors are limited to cryptocurrencies.
  • The Quant token will be the sole method of payment to host Quant Funds. For allocated amounts below 5,000 USD in value, the investment to host Quant Funds in Quantler will be 1 USD per month.
  • Problems in the current investment management industry:
  • Low Transparency: It is difficult to know how an investment fund operates and on which decision-making process positions are taken. Typically, an overall picture is given in a document, known as a prospectus.
  • High Costs: Investment funds can be very expensive. Not only is there a management fee, but performance fees can eat away as much as 40% of your ROI over time.
  • Misaligned Incentives: The investment manager might be tempted to take higher risks.
  • Standardized: The current investment management industry revolves around the idea of creating standardized, one-size fits all products to lower costs.
  • Inaccessible: Starting to invest in any type of investment fund can have huge hurdles to overcome. In some countries, the minimum amount for entering a fund can be as high as 200 thousand of dollars.
  • Increasing Demand: The demand for investment solutions is globally on the rise due to the all-time low interest rates and a very strong demand for alternative investments.
  • Quantler offers an all-in-one solution to create, share, manage and view an investment portfolio which can contain multiple Quant Funds of different asset types.
  • As these are decentralized non-pooled investment strategies, they can be run anywhere and independently.
  • The user decides in which assets he or she would like to invest, by creating a Universe. Then the user can define the automation rules that should apply to this portfolio. After a simulation on historical data and if necessary optimization, Quantler lets the user connect to the broker of their choice and performs its key function, hosting their automation.
  • Quantler leverages on commission free brokers, as it allows all Quant Funds to compete with any other investment solution when it comes to pricing.
  • Quantler charges 25 basis points (equals 0.25% in fees) on a yearly basis. Since Quantler is not a financial institution but a hosting company, Quantler has a different fee structure with a different approach to costs.
  • Quantler’s solution is globally accessible and supports multiple languages.
  • From the launch of the beta, Quantler will offer the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese; covering over 90% of world’s population.
  • Invoicing at Quantler is transparent. Each payment contains a detailed overview of how the payment amount is derived.
  • Quantler has no data related fees. Anyone can access Quantler’s data feed directly for free.
  • Quant Funds are personalized and decentralized algorithms for quantitatively managing funds. As opposed to qualitative investment funds (where decisions are human based, which can include biases and emotions), Quant Funds are 100% machine based.
  • Use Quantler’s online catalog to browse and select the Quant Funds that are created by the community and are made public. All items shown are 100% open source and part of the public domain. Users can import, alter and use whole Quant Funds, Universes and Modules, whichever fits their need.
  • Quantler’s hosting service is optimized for Quant Funds to run in the same, or near the datacenter of the user’s chosen broker/exchange for lower latency.
  • Quantler makes automated trading on exchanges with traditional assets or exchanges with Cryptocurrencies possible.
  • Quantler’s framework is open source. Everyone in the community can contribute to the development of Quantler. Approved pull requests are rewarded with QUANT Tokens.



  • 139 telegram users, 234 followers on Facebook and 71 Twitter followers (Too low).
  • 4.0 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Quantler aims to offer its users a low-cost and customizable way to use automation when investing in combinations of assets they believe in.
  • They are aiming to become the alternative for investment management.


Experts Review:

“As these are decentralized non-pooled investment strategies, they can be run anywhere and independently. When users are done creating a Quant Fund, users will need to host them to start investing. Please articulate what you meant by users will need to host them to start investing? Can users buy directly on your platform?” – Clemen Chiang (CEO | Investor |FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos)


Pre – Sale Price 1 QUANT = $0.30(depends on the actual price of ETH)
Price in ICO 1 QUANT = $0.36(depends on the actual price of ETH)
Country Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe)
Platform Ethereum
Website https://quantler.com/
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist & KYC
Restricted Areas China, USA and New Zealand
Pre-Sale 28th Sep – 21st Oct 2018
Public- Sale It will be announced later
Tokens for Sale: 63,000,000
Soft Cap 1300 ETH
Hard Cap 35,000 ETH
Total Token Supply 180,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Company Reserved – 50%
Token Sale – 30%
Reserved for Mining – 15%
Github Bounty – 2%
Bonus Pre-Sale – 35%
Soft Cap Bonus – 20% (will be valid right after the public token sale starts till the time they reach the soft cap)