• Pigzbe is a decentralized application that allows people to create their own enclosed, autonomous financial networks and to exchange money within them.
  • Pigzbe is a part physical, part digital piggy-wallet for children aged 6 and up, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency.  Wollo is the utility cryptocurrency for the next generation, and the future of digital piggy banking, financial education and inclusion for anyone, anywhere.



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  • Pigzbe helps teach children the principles of 21st century finance while enabling families as microfinancing networks to operate globally.


  • Their MVPs are ready and will be released in a few weeks (before the public sale).


  • Bitfinex, Jan Petzel (ex-Goldman Sachs Managing Director), Eidoo wallet for their ICO.



  • Pigzbe is a decentralized application that allows people to create their own enclosed, autonomous financial networks and to exchange money within them.
  • Think of Pigzbe as a friendly, tangible financial assistant that will teach children the principles of modern money in an exciting and safe system that harnesses children’s natural drive to learn through self-correcting, practical experimentation.
  • Pigzbe combines the latest in connected technology, tangible interface design, and blockchain technology to reach an underbanked generation of children and families by ushering in a new piggy-banking paradigm powered by their children’s first cryptocurrency and hardware wallet.
  • They built a product for families who believe money should be transferred easily amongst their members, even across borders, which can’t currently be done via existing banking systems.
  • Pigzbe will provide the public with the benefits of blockchain technology, enabling families to make payments, no matter how small or large, within their own network irrespective of geography. Transfers will happen in seconds and cost a tiny fraction of a cent each.
  • Transactions within Pigzbe are made using Wollo, the platform’s native token. Wollo is a utility token that will be purchased on the open market via several exchanges and it enables access to a fun and exciting family environment that helps children learn about saving through play
  • It serves the dual purpose of boosting children’s financial literacy, while providing an easy and effective way for parents and family members to reward children and help them practice good financial habits.
    • A digital wallet and educational app
    • A cryptocurrency for families
    • A physical device for gaming and cold storage
    • A card for real-world spending.
  • Wollo is the Pigzbe network’s native token, and it enables the saving and playing experience within our application. A specific community can be built around Wollo, connecting children with family and loved ones.
  • Technology
    • Pigzbe is an educational product focused on the family-tech and ed-tech markets, and the safety of families is key. One mechanism to enable this is to ensure that the primary account holder has the greatest view and control over who is interacting with their children, whilst also ensuring the delivery of a swift, fun and dynamic experience.
  • A ‘family network’ is created when a primary adult account holder and an associated child’s account are created. The primary account holder controls membership to the group and associates these memberships to the child’s account.
  • As one of Pigzbe’s core target audiences are families with young children, Pigzbe has gone to great lengths to ensure that both privacy and safety of children are protected, beginning with the product design phase through to production deployment.
  • Pigzbe physical wallets will be sold globally through the Pigzbe website, but also through a network of 100+ wholesale and retail partners which already sell products designed and created by the founders (Kano Computer, Cubetto Playset and more), ranging from specialized stores in Japan, to Best Buy and Target in the US, while global coverage will be provided by sales through Amazon. 
  • The app:
    • The Pigzbe app is built using modern open-source technologies. All code is developed in public view in our GitHub repository and, as such, is open to public audit and contributions.
  • The use of the React Native framework for iOS and Android apps and Electron for MacOS and Windows versions means there will be one core codebase across all platforms, helping to ensure both the security and consistency of the experience.  Releases will be certified and published through the relevant app stores for each platform, ensuring integrity and easy access to updates.
  • The app will present differing views to child and parent/family accounts. Children interact with Pigzbe through a colorful, gamified world optimized for learning (Pigzbe PINK). Parent and family users will be presented with an app interface optimized for functionality (Pigzbe BLACK).



  • 6K+ telegram users, 8.2K+ followers on Facebook and 11.3K Twitter followers.
  • They have got 292 subscribers for their official YouTube Channel and 188K+ views for their official video (Huge).
  • 6 ratings on ICO bench.




  • Piggy-banks should be interactive, useful and safe – which is why we made a piggy-wallet instead of just another “digital piggy-bank”. A product for families who believe money should be transferred easily amongst their members, even across borders, which can’t currently be done via existing banking systems.
  • Future-proofing financial education:
    • Our ambition is to establish a new standard in financial education for children, and a system designed not only to survive the demise of physical money, but also to embrace the realities of a rising token economy, thus future-proofing the piggy-bank by combining the best in blockchain technology, digital banking and IoT technology.
  • Empowering families as microfinancing networks:
    • A child’s financial education is, at its core, a micro-financing activity. It begins in early years, with small amounts of physical money drip-fed into a physical receptacle as rewards for good behaviour, and, once accumulated, used to purchase a desired good or service.
  • Accelerating cryptocurrency uptake
    • Pigzbe doesn’t just aim at empowering families and children financially, but also at educating them about modern programmable money. Pigzbe and Wollo also possess the potential to provide unprecedented access to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for entire families.
  • Their goal is to help children and their families learn the principles of 21st century finance through cryptocurrency savings and hands-on play.
  • They want to accelerate the uptake of cryptocurrencies globally with a token, and a product, designed to empower the young and young at heart.

Additional Points:

  • The team has a great and proven-track record (Primotoy, our CEO Filippo Jacob’s other company, has sold more than 1 million units of their product in +150 countries. It is a product that teaches children how to code. The name of the product is Cubetto. Information can be found online. So, the team will deliver on that point, and has experience in creating, building, and scaling a company.
  • The Wollo token will be listed on Bitfinex after the ICO (top3 exchange). They won the biggest ICO competition in the world and the first prize was a $600k investment and a Bitfinex listing. This partnership is very important and ensures that their token is listed on one of the biggest exchanges in the world with a lot of liquidity.
  • They have an MVP (betta app to be released in August and they have prototypes for the Wallets). Demo can be shown.
  • As they already have an MVP, they are raising only $8.8m.  The Wollo market cap at ICO will be $10.3m. The room for growth is important (and even more if you invest at pre-sale price).
  • It’s also important to understand that not all users will need the tangible product to use Wollo and to participate in the ecosystem. The tangible product will be only for the child to play and store his Wollo, but you can use the app (and the token) without the Pigzbe.
  • They expect Wollo to soon become one of the most used utility tokens.
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Token WLO
Pre – Sale Price 1 WLO = 0.09 USD
Price in ICO 1 WLO = 0.12 USD
Country Switzerland
Platform Ethereum
Website https://www.pigzbe.com/
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China
Pre-Sale It was started in March 2018 and they are about to close it soon in couple of days as their hard cap is $8.85M and they have already raised $7 Million.
Public- Sale 5th Sep – 19th Sep 2018
Tokens for Sale: 175,000,000
Soft Cap 2,850,000 USD
Hard Cap 10,300,000 USD
Total Token Supply 675,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown 25.9%: ICO Pool
29.6%: Network Growth Pool
14.8%: Active User
14.8%: Founders Pool
11.1%: Service providers Pool
1.9%: M&A Pool
1.9%: Partnerships & Advisors Pool
Bonus 30%: 1001 ETH
25%: 501 – 1000 ETH
20%: 251 – 500 ETH
15%: 101 – 250 ETH
10%: 25 – 100 ETH