• PARKRES is the all-in-one parking solution, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency, blockchain and parking system.
  • PARKRES provides a state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across a city and parking lots. It employs an IoT (Internet of Things) based sensory network to track and monitor the parking spots across parking locations to suggest or allow you to reserve parking spots closest to your destination in advance.



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  • On Parkres platform users will be able to find and reserve parking spot anywhere anytime, pay from their mobile wallet using either fiat (AUD, USD, etc.) or cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, etc.) and even with Parkres tokens (PRS) with discounted rates, find traffic updates to their parking spot, manage parking bookings, register their parking space on the parkers ecosystem to make money.


  • In 2020 they will Launch Alpha version for mobile apps, Development of IOT gateway modules, Prototype development and test implementation.


  • They have potential partners like:
    Drivers, Parking App Providers, Software Hardware Providers, Parking Spot Owners, Real Estates Firms etc.


  • This revolutionary service saves countless time, hassle, traffic congestion, fuel and paper waste as transactions are made with the PARKRES cryptocurrency and payments can be made by phone, online, auto payments, or monthly subscriptions.
  • On PARKRES platform users would be able to register or list their own free/open parking spaces, garages to rent out and make money from it. It would revolutionize the private parking rental industry, and provide user means to capitalize on their empty and unused space.
  • Parkres is an easily adoptable Green, Clean and Smart Parking Reservation Platform that is accessible over a public API and freely available mobile applications.
  • Many times, people end up spending more time finding a parking spot than doing the actual work they are out for. Parking spot has become a rare commodity especially in the downtowns, city center, shopping complexes, marketplaces, theaters, stations, hospitals, and office spaces and sometimes even at the airports.
  • The parking systems today only provides a smart payment solution but lacks number management solution.
  • Three main parking systems in use today are TIBA, Kiosk, and Native. Kiosk is very common, and everyone is aware of this system. This is a general system that you would find in any shopping complex, Airports, Train Stations etc. You take a ticket while going in and pay while going out by validating your ticket.
  • TIBA also works in a similar manner, but it provides some more options to validate the customer’s ticket over online web console or mobile devices.
  • Native parking systems are also very common in core downtown places, where a parking booth would be human controlled, and you pay a flat parking price.
  • With cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based products for payment solutions, the story is completely different. there are usually no middlemen between the two parties making the transaction. This fact brings some major benefits:
  • It takes seconds to perform the transactions.
  • Transaction can be done over a mobile, no need to wait at the kiosk or booth for payment.
  • Transaction can be automated and no need to wait in queue for making payments. Etc.
  • Parking rates may vary anywhere between $2 to $10 per hour depending on various factors. This needs to be regulated and standardized, so consumers don’t pay ridiculous amount of money on parking.
  • Smart contracts can be setup between parking providers and different parking authorities in such a way so parking rates across a zone can be standardized and controlled.
  • Millions of dollars are paid to broker applications and payment gateways just to process transactions and on credit card transaction fees
  • Parkres Solution Provides:
  • Real-time parking availability, advanced parking reservation, advanced payment and navigation to parking, Notifications and updates about traffic congestion, Alternate parking spot suggestions, Parking Airbnb system, to help reduce parking scarcity in the city.
  • PARKRES will help reduce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide footprint and it will help reducing environment dis-balance caused by traffic and present parking situations.
  • This system also has a smart notification service, which can provide real-time alerts to customers of all available parking spots and locations around them.
  • It uses cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and payments can be made by phone, online, auto payments, monthly subscriptions etc. This will save a lot of time, which is wasted on payment kiosk. It will provide a real-time, affordable, standardized, green, and clean parking solution on global scale.
  • Parkres will offer a LPALMS platform (Local Parking Location Monetization Platform), which will allow people to list their unused spaces, garages, parking alleys on Parkres platform, which will be shown to consumers searching for parking spot in that area.
  • It will provide a universal and state of the art dashboard to all parties like Parking providers, Garage owners, Parking Authorities, Institutions (Airport, Hospitals etc), and Individual Customers which will show the real time availability and rates for any parking spot across the city/cities thereby cutting the middleman from the process, which drives the parking rates higher and higher.
  • People listing or offering their parking spots facilities on Parkres platform will earn Parkres tokens.
  • The customer operations and front office operations will be made available on all popular devices like iPhone, Android, Windows and over Web.
  • PARKRES system consists of hardware components like sensors, transponders, gateways, multiplexers, transmitters etc. and many software modules and components.
  • Parking Cluster: It’s a mesh of multiple parking facilities across a city. Each city is divided into a cluster.
  • Parking Console: It’s a electronic device that would read Universal Identification Number from user’s device.
  • IoT / Sensor Gateway: Gateway is a device, which can receive all the IoT and Sensor communications.
  • Adapter: Adapter is a software component, which provides capability of data transformation, orchestration, data enrichment, data translation, aggregation, routing and data massaging.
  • Cloud: Data center will be hosted on cloud.
    • Devices: Devices can be mobiles devices like iPhone, Samsung etc. or Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, which will allow users to perform parking discovery, reservations and required transactions.
  • The Parkres App works on data collected and arranged by 3 different algorithms that works in symphony – Geo-Taging, Location Indexing and IoT event generator.
  • PARKRES sales team will be targeting major parking location like Shopping complexes, Airports, Train Stations, Stadiums, Theaters paid parking’s so that majority of the places will be covered.
  • The program will be launched in Canada first and then rest of North America, followed by India, UK, Germany, and so on.
  • PARK is the official token for PARKRES ecosystem. Tokens can be used in 2 ways:
    • as Utility Tokens and
    • as Value tokens.
  • PARK is, in other words, a consumable resource on all Parkres products and services.
  • Anonymous and pseudonymous use of PARKRES services will not be possible. All users will be requested to provide satisfactory identification, proof of residence and/or other documents necessary to meet all legal requirements. AML (Anti Money Laundering) modules will be integrated into the payment infrastructure offered by PARKRES.
  • The mobile wallet will be inbuilt in PARK Application, which will allow the user to manage parking system and their reservations.
  • People who are not tech savvy and believe in old parking framework, do not use mobile devices would be able to print paper ticket as today. Parkres would support this function and do not encourage this, as focus of Parkres platform is to reduce the waste of paper, fuel, money, time and thereby help environment and ecosystem to evolve in green, clean, smart, connected manner.


  • 14.2K + telegram users, 10.1K + followers on Facebook and 13K Twitter followers.
  • 4.1 ratings on ICO bench. 


  • They are targeting major parking location like Shopping complexes, Airports, Train Stations, Stadiums, Theaters paid parking’s so that majority of the places will be covered.  And then approach small parking locations like Hotels, Apartments, native parking sites.
  • The program will be launched in Canada first and then rest of North America, followed by India, UK, Germany, and so on.
  • In long term, PARKRES would make money mostly from its API monetization.  User subscriptions, licensing, franchise and revenue sharing model with parking providers.
  • Parkres is the world’s first patented smart parking system, so any one creating similar product would have to take license from Parkres or take its franchise to operate.
  • Parkres would provide all the infrastructure setup and app integration, console installation free of cost to the managed parking locations/partners; this will give parking provider more business and cutting-edge technology at no costs and will encourage masses to adapt to Parkres platform.
  • In return Parkres will takes small revenue % (5%) from the parking providers.



Token Park
Pre – Sale Price 1 Park = 0.5 USD
Price in ICO 1 Park = 0.5 USD
Country Canada
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas None
Pre – Sale 15th Aug – 15th Sep 2018
Public-Sale 1st Nov – 30th Nov 2018
Tokens for Sale: 85 000 000 PARK
Soft Cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 48 000 000 USD
Total Token Supply 200 000 000 Park
Token Supply Breakdown Public Sale – 27.50%
Crypto economics Reserve – 27.50%
Team – 13%
Pre Sale – 11.50%
Private Token Sale – 8.50%
Promotion & Bonuses – 5%
Enterprise Partnership – 4%
Advisors – 3%
Bonus 70% bonus – Private sale
15% bonus – Pre-ITO
10% – Referral Bonus