• MyDFS is a blockchain-based daily fantasy sports solution that connects sports fans around the world with a transparent, easy-to-use, investor-friendly platform. A fantasy sport is a type of online game where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport
  • MyDFS platform is created not only for Daily Fantasy Sports fans, but also for casual users who want to “hire” pro players to win fantasy league.



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  • In the popular conception of fantasy sports, players draft a team and maintain it throughout an entire season, earning points when their players take effective action in real-world games.
  • In daily fantasy sports, this whole season is reduced to one day. You’ll draft players in the morning and know your standing by the evening. Winners share the prize pool.


  • Link:  Click on Mobile app link on this site. It’s available on Google Play and App store.



  • In daily fantasy sports (DFS), players create virtual lineups from real players. Then, they play real games of popular sport leagues and earn points for every effective action their lineup members score throughout the game. Winners share the prize pool.
  • MyDFS has identified some significant challenges that the industry faces and aims to bring improvements using blockchain smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.
  • Some of the issues faced by the industry and the solutions proposed by MyDFS is as follows:
  • Legal ambiguity:
  • Fantasy sports platforms operate under a legal loophole, where they get classified as a game of skill rather than betting. This allows fantasy sports platforms to operate in certain jurisdictions while getting banned in some. MyDFS is based on a token-based model and completely excludes fiat money, thus working around the regulations.
  • Application interface:
  • Most of the fantasy sports apps have a complex UI which acts as a barrier for new users. MyDFS’s team has made special efforts to bring in ease of use in the user experience.
  • Verification:
  • Players on the most popular gaming platforms must go through complicated verification procedures almost every time they want to deposit money to play.
  • MyDFS allows ease of verification while enabling users from all geographies to participate.
  • Payments:
  • The use of cryptocurrencies makes payments seamless and instant.
  • Transparency:
  • The use of blockchain smart contracts bring in complete transparency while removing concerns around manipulations and insider trading.
  • MyDFS is a blockchain-based daily fantasy sports solution that connects sport fans all over the world on a transparent, easy to use, Token Holder-wise platform. MyDFS is a team of industry professionals that already have vast expertise in the field of cyber gaming, fantasy sports and large-audience applications. Before starting work on MyDFS, team has successfully developed and launched several fantasy sport products.
  • Extensive experience allowed us to fully understand the existing hurdles of fantasy sports industry and overcome them by using modern practices and technologies.
  • Due to the nature of decentralized blockchain protocol, smart contracts, and the coins used instead of fiat money, people can exchange their tokens, buy and sell them, and receive their winnings almost instantly. We’ve created an app, that will make the overall process of DFS token trading easy and transparent.


    • The blockchain is only part of the technology we use to power MyDFS. We also use several server-side software and technologies, third-party data providers, non-blockchain data storage, and other systems that constitute the MyDFS ecosystem overall. You can see how it’s laid out in the diagram below.


  • 16.2K+ telegram users, 57.8K+ followers on Facebook and 3.1K+ Twitter followers.
  • Before starting the work on MyDFS, they’ve successfully developed and launched several fantasy sport products, including:
    • uTrener, a fantasy sports platform (COM)
    • White-label solution for KHL (KHL.RU)
  • 4.1 ratings on ICO bench.


Long Term:

  • Their primary focus is to make MyDFS as transparent and worry-free fantasy sports platform as possible. It will tackle existing industry challenges and overcome them using modern technology and contemporary business approaches.


Experts Review:

  • “Not first one in Sports, but the business idea is high potential. The management team
    Community is active.80% of project technology still build on top of centralized architecture. But it is a good start using blockchain technology at reward and investment. The prototype is ready but hard to find the link to demo. Looking forward to seeing it works.” – Hung Chih (Jason Hung) (Serial Entrepreneur | Investor Meetup | ICO advisor | China Market | Exchange)
  • “A great team with huge experience in creating Internet products, confirmed by many deals with venture funds and subsequent sales to large corporations”- Ilya Anikin (Business strategy, investment deals, investor relations)
  • “VISION: Strong vision, although niche. A good use case for the blockchain, making the gaming process more transparent and transactions more efficient. The success of the project will depend on how it is marketed to consumers. 4/5TEAM: A fairly strong team, though some of the members, including the Chief Communications Officer and Chief Technical Officer, do not have MyDFS listed on LinkedIn. It is noted that the team is primarily based in Russia, though has links to other countries too. 3/5PRODUCT: The white paper is clear and structured well. The MVP is available and ready for download. 4/5This is not an invitation to invest. ICOs are risky and you may lose everything you put in.”- Phil Millo (Blockchain Expert | Family Office Owner | Entrepreneur | ICO Advisor | Global Speaker)



Pre-Sale 1 MYDFS = 0.7 USD
Price in ICO 1 MYDFS = 1 USD
Country Ireland
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China, Singapore
Pre-Sale 16th April,2018 – 6th May, 2018
Public- Sale 15th Oct,2018 – 15th Nov,2018
Tokens for Sale: 25,000,000
Soft Cap 4,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 125,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown ICO Distribution: 40%
Growth and user adoption reserves: 37%
Team: 10%
Advisers and early contributors: 10%
Bounty: 3%
Bonus They have discounts for token buyers offered during the crowdsale:
10% for >= $50,000
15% for >= $100,000
25% for >= $500,000