• Medicohealth platform will empower patients to have better connections with providers, which will enable them to bolster their engagement with more informed decision and ultimately enhance the quality of their healthcare.



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  • Medicohealth platform will integrate solutions that are serving mobile Health (mHealth) and Telemedicine market. Safe storage with secure access management of individual health information will be enabled with perspective of full integration of Electronic Health Records.
  • This Platform can and will help close the gap in physician access, globally.




  • Medicohealth is a blockchain-based project designed to improve a fragmented healthcare system, where we know we can make a significant difference for the better, by tackling just one truly important issue – the need of prompt, affordable, and reliable consultation about a patient’s condition from a physician or a specialist of their choosing.
  • Patients will have better connections with providers, which will enable them to bolster their engagement with more informed decision and ultimately enhance the quality of their healthcare.
  • This platform will integrate solutions that will prove to be operational, focusing first on ensuring the most secure decentralized and anonymous data repository. The system will enable the storage of PHR data in the form available to patient that will be time limited (by the choice of the patient) and will help physicians evaluate patient conditions.
  • It will allow anonymous and secure communication with physicians. Separation of personal data from any health information stored in distributed data repository will be recommended to patients using the Medicohealth platform.
  • Transparency, interoperability and centralization have been major barriers to EHR adoption and Medicohealth platform will be working on applying platform level interoperability that the industry needs.
  • Medicohealth’s vision was to integrate class leading solutions that will be operational first rather than building from scratch, which is especially important in connection to EHR integration. From the global perspective, EHR interoperability and connectivity present a big challenge.
  • Legal compliance:
    • Complexity of the privacy regulatory landscape requires a diligent approach reviewing the compliance for each market. The chosen solution for the data repository will enable compliance with applicable personal data protection laws and regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Patient-physician system will allow:
    • anonymous questions to physicians (fast physician comments)
    • telemedicine integration in-line with applicable local legislation
    • booking physician appointments
    • anonymous data storage and access approval
    • secure and anonymous payment module
    • physician identity/license validity check
    • Physician-physician system will allow:
      • physician-physician on-line consultation
      • anonymous data storage and access approval
      • secure and anonymous payment module
      • physician identity/license validity check
  • Medicohealth Platform will allow for fully anonymous, safe, and efficient communication with the world’s leading physicians. Physician credentials, together with license validity information, are updated in an immutable decentralized database.
  • Patient data will be anonymously stored and accessed only by selected physicians for a limited time, whereas patient will maintain full control over which physician can access his medical data, and to what extent.
  • Medicohealth is actively building the database of physicians for cooperation on the Medicohealth platform. The database will be integrated into the web portal.
  • MH token serves the function of fueling all subsystems and delivering robust and safe interactions.
  • MH token enables:
    • Secure payments,
    • Secure data storage and access management,
    • Physician identification and License validity checks.
  • One of the core functionalities of the MH PLATFORM is the ability to recognize Physician identity and license validity, while allowing for patient anonymity. Physician licenses are highly regulated. Depending on legislature, national bodies issue the license and keep track of its validity.



  • 9K+ telegram users, 11K+ followers on Facebook and 4K+ Twitter followers.
  • There are 159 subscribers for their YouTube Channel and have got 31K + views for their official video.
  • 4.0 ratings on ICO bench.



  • In future they want to:
  • Establish cooperation with Clinical research and trials and Universities
  • Partner with hospitals using their Platform
  • Expanding to China, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • MH Platform can be integrated with a number of existing and future apps that aim to connect physicians and patients.


Experts Review:

  • Though the team is numerous and has a vast industry experience there is not so much blockchain, IT and fundraising experience. This is one more telemedicine project but no competitive analysis available. Not clear if they understand well how to conduct ICO and make business development on blockchain. Also, the WP lacks financial info, and literally no business planning numbers. – Igor Karavaev (ico advisor and investor)
  • Recently many similar projects came but no-one had solid success rate yet! I believe Medicohealth team is solid but vision/product has nothing to do with Blockchain. This can be easily implemented and there are such solutions already available in traditional implementation. No Decentralisation require to implement such concept! I understand they may need fund to take business to the next level but I hardly see any ROI! – Paresh Masani (Executive Director | Project Lead | Developer | Influencer | Advisor | Blockchain and Security Expert | Investor)
  • This is another medical project on the blockchain to solve a big problem. Yes, there are many such projects, but that shows the extent of the problem and why everyone is trying to solve it. The addressable market is huge, and only the issue of confidentiality and the fact that it is a “sacred cow” prevents true adoption. This will be a project worth observing. – Jeremy Khoo (Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Exchange Founder | Singapore)



Token MHP
Pre – Sale Price 1 MHP = 0.08 USD
Price in ICO 1 MHP = 0.08 USD
Country Switzerland
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas South Korea, USA, China
Pre-Sale 1st Oct,2018- 31st Oct, 2018
Public- Sale 1st Nov,2018- 1st Dec, 208
Tokens for Sale: 325,000,000
Soft Cap 3,500,000 USD
Hard Cap 23,500,000 USD
Total Token Supply 500,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown 65%: Crowdsale
12%: Founders and team
7%: Advisors and ambassadors
6%: Contributors
6%: Future partners
4%: Future Development
Bonus Early contributors and private Investors get 20% to max. 50% bonus.
Presale 10% Bonus
10%Day 1 of ICO
7%: Day 2 to 4 of ICO
5%: Day 4 to 10 of ICO
3% Day 10 to 30 of ICO