• Leap With Alice provides a free​ augmented reality creation suite, allowing educators to reimagine how students learn.
  • The free​ creation suite (‘Alice Labs’), hands the power to the educator, allowing them to transform the classroom from a passive work environment into an immersive learning experience.



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  • Leap With Alice represents a free educational tool, consisting of a P2P exchange with the capacity to create, buy, and sell enhanced educational content.
  • It acts as a resource for teachers to connect and engage their students on a deeply individual level, propelling them towards achieving their full potential – all while peaking each student’s curiosity and incentivizing a higher level of education.



Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/leap-with-alice/id1369587027?mt=8



  • Leap With Alice provides a free​ augmented reality creation suite, allowing educators to reimagine how students learn.
  • Leap With Alice focuses on utilizing emerging technologies to orchestrate a revolution in an outdated education system.
  • Leveraging these innovations, Leap With Alice harnesses the powers of interaction and incentivization. Leap With Alice incentivizes the creation of quality content, leveraging augmented reality to enhance lessons plans and blockchain technology to establish a secure ecosystem that allows each user’s content, data, and funds to be safely stored.


Leap With Alice Solution for tomorrow:

  • Leveraging Curiosity, Peaking Interest
    • Partnering with the University of Central Florida (UCF), studies have shown increased engagement in 90% of the students observed while using the Leap With Alice AR software.
  • Fostering Unique Abilities:
    • The Leap With Alice platform provides a variety of tools for teachers to create lesson plans which reflect a myriad of ways to digest information and retain knowledge.
    • Teachers now have the power to identify what method of learning best suits their students and implement those lesson plans; propelling students towards their maximum potential.
  • Incentivizing Through Interaction:
  • A distinguishing force that separates Leap With Alice from its peers is the ability to algorithmically reward quality contributions.
  • Not only will content creators buy and sell lesson plans via the Alice Exchange, users will have the ability to earn ALICE tokens by playing a valuable role in the Leap With Alice community.
  • Credibility and Trustlessness:
  • AI and Machine Learning, all submitted content will be analyzed before reaching Aiming to reconcile the major issues that plague existing educational marketplaces, Leap With Alice will implement multiple layers of quality control.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of the Alice Exchange.
  • Protecting Teachers and Students
  • Leap With Alice establishes a secure ecosystem that allows every user’s content, personal data, and funds to be safely stored using Identity-Aware Proxy and multi-factor authentication.
  • It has implemented strict data access policies pertaining to the transfer of data on or off localized endpoints.


The Alice Exchange

  • The Alice Exchange creates an ecosystem where educators can take control of their passion. Reaching a global community, the Alice Exchange is a peer-to-peer digital marketplace with the capacity to buy and sell original educational content, transacting with the ALICE utility token.
  • The Alice Exchange facilitates the distribution of enhanced educational content on a global scale.


ALICE Token Transaction Process

  • After submitting content into the Alice Exchange, the seller/creator specifies:
  • Who the seller is (represented by an Ethereum address)
  • The price of the content (Fixed fiat amount, this value would be displayed in ALICE tokens, fluctuating based on the market value vs. USD.)
  • The metadata of the transaction (this is a hashed representation of the metadata) After identifying the desired content to purchase.


  • The buyer:
  • Ensures the necessary ALICE tokens are available in their wallet.
  • Accepts the terms of the seller/creator.
  • Receives access to content based on the purchase agreement.


  • ALICE is designed to decentralize the buying, selling and rewarding of positive contributions by removing the “trusted third party”. The users who generate valuable content are algorithmically rewarded in ALICE token from the Incentive Pool.

Alice in Action

  • Leap with Alice recently announced the release of the AliceLensDemo App, available on iOS and Android.
  • With AliceLens, users catch a glimpse of the augmented reality capabilities that Leap With Alice provides.
  • Under the “Apps” tab in the header of LeapWithAlice.io, a link to download “targets” will allow you to engage the Alice Lens.
  • In order to grasp the power of augmented education, print out the “Sight Word Cube”. The Sight Word Cube attacks various forms of learning. Leveraging a kinesthetic approach, students must first assemble the cube.
  • Engaging AliceLens with the cube, the words on the paper come to life. The simple word “jump” is now enhanced by an avatar of the student, jumping up and down. This visually stimulating exercise creates a deeper level of engagement and generates meaningful interaction.


Alice utility Token

  • Leap With Alice establishes a peer-to-peer payment system, marketplace, and decentralized reputation system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and a native ERC20 utility token, ALICE.
  • The Ethereum blockchain secures each transaction, allowing users to safely buy and sell in the Alice Exchange – all while building a transparent and reliable reputation for users. Transactions in the Alice Exchange are conducted using the ALICE token. However, users will be able to convert ALICE into other forms of currency



  • 3k+ telegram users, 966 followers on Facebook and 185 Twitter followers (Not a good numbers).
  • They don’t have any official YouTube channel.
  • 1 ratings on ICO bench.



  • They are focused on impacting education on a global scale. A “good education” carries different meanings, depending on where you are in the world. They want to create a tool that is flexibile enough to allow the users to create content that reflects what a proper education means to them, in every region. Their initial focus is on early education but they plan to expand to target medical practices, real estate, on the job training, and much more.
  • Leap with Alice exchange BETA scheduled for Q3 2019. Full platform release in Q2 2020.


Experts Review:

  • I think it is a fantastic idea that tools are becoming available to educate, however; i believe that any type of mass adoption would be years away, such any type of increase in token value would also be years away (if ever). Investor ROI would be in the long term but doubtful if any as new and upgraded products will become available. From an investing perspective I do not believe to be a good investment.” – Douglas Lyons (Success Coach to Blockchain Startup Project Teams.)
  • Love this product! It’s great to see projects around useful things like educating our future generations rather than yet-another-crypto-hedge-fund or get rich scheme. This is what Blockchain is really good for.
    You might think about getting a couple of top notch advisors – not necessarily from here but find people who are in AR/VR space or are crypto rock stars who don’t show up at ICObench because they treasure quality over quantity when it comes to advisory gigs.
    And think about putting some women on the team. There’s too much testosterone here.
    Good luck guys.” –Richard Kastelein(ICO Advisor, 40+ ICOs, Editor-at-Large Blockchain News, partner Blockchain Partners, founder Cryptoassets Design Group)


Other Insights:

  • At the time of distributing the ALICE Utility Token, they are looking at the Air Drop model for distribution – ensuring that they get the token in the hands of the people that will actually be using it. This token won’t be distributed until they launch the exchange – aiming to eliminate the speculative period where people hold the token and have no use for it.
  • The % kept for employees tends to strike people at first glance due to the familiarity with standard ICO’s and the sale of “utility” tokens – the tokens represent stake in the company.



Token LWA
Pre – Sale Price 1 ETH = 1,520 LWA
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 760 LWA
Country USA
Platform Ethereum

Website https://leapwithalice.io

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA. When it comes to countries outside of the US, all non-sanctioned countries are able to participate in their public sale (in compliance with Regulation S of the SEC).
Pre-Sale They are currently in our private pre-sale round where we are registering people to contribute at a discounted rate of $.50/LWA. Unfortunately, this is restricted to US citizens.
Public- Sale 15th Oct 2018 – 01st Jan 2019
Tokens for Sale: 3,844,800 – 10% of total token supply
Soft Cap 15,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 30,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 38,448,000
Token Supply Breakdown 10% Token Sale
10% Options Pool
-Strategic Partnerships
80% Founding Team
Bonus 50% Discount May 15 – May 30