• The elevator pitch for Koios is very simple; provide a highly distributed, planet-scale ecosystem of products to accelerate AI development.
  • They believe in products that exhibit the following characteristics:
    • Intuitive
    • Scalable
    • Reliable
    • Efficient

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  • To provide a globally accessible development environment for the AI community that allows them to innovate and monetize their skills whilst abstracting the common problems they face.
  • Three key components were identified that needed to be catered to: a global, collaborative development platform, a distributed computing grid and a marketplace for AI content.



  • They have some announcements coming up; they have great connections in the enterprise space like IBM / TCS / Dimension Data as well as communities like Kaggle.
  • They are also in early discussions with another blockchain project in the AI space that they have some good synergies with.


  • The talent pool for Artificial Intelligence, whilst increasing exponentially, is still a relatively small group of highly skilled data scientists, developers and mathematicians. These individuals are coveted in the tech industry and due to the lack of a mainstream distribution channel for their work they have inevitably been monopolised by large technology firms.
  • The fundamental challenge with AI adoption is the lack of a medium for AI developers to learn, Create, validate, monetize and distribute their creations to a global audience without an Intermediary. The development cycle for Artificial Intelligence requires specific toolsets, large Datasets and significant amounts of computing power which is oftentimes difficult for developers to access outside the confines of large enterprise organizations, research bodies and large tech firms.
  • Development cycles are often too expensive for an individual to build viable AI models & Constructs. The ability to monetize AI content to a global audience is difficult, or non-existent. Data sets required to build viable models are difficult to find and costly to obtain at scale. Repeatable environments in which to build, iterate and test are difficult to manage. And thus, the types of systems required for advanced AI development are typically only found in research Environments and large tech firms like Amazon, Google, Alibaba & Facebook.
  • These systemic issues led to the basic concept behind Koios – to provide a globally accessible, autonomous development, crowd sourced compute and marketplace platform for the AI community that allows them to innovate and monetize their skills whilst abstracting the common problems they face.
  • It was during this ideation phase and feasibility study for building Koios that three key components were identified that needed to be catered to: a global, collaborative development platform, a distributed computing grid and a marketplace for AI content.
  • This exchange of value is at the core of the Koios ecosystem – specifically the ability for developers, AI constructs, crowdworkers and consumers to freely interact without the requirement for an intermediary.
  • The “Data Ecosystem” is at the core of the Koios platform and thus the integrity, availability and consistency of data is of the utmost criticality to the success of the project. To ensure that the types, scale and quality of data is available to developers the data ecosystem will leverage an automated, decentralized incentivisation model for data publishing, collection and refining.
  • In order to successfully train a supervised machine learning model volume of data that have been pre-labelled need to exist. Some datasets are pre-labelled autonomously (e.g. medical imagery) whilst others cannot be automatically labelled due to the nature of the data (e.g. determining what is a cloud vs a snow-capped mountain in weather imagery).
  • The combination of algorithm creation, data sourcing, data labelling and incentivization leads to the foundational logical architecture for the ecosystem – namely:
    • The user interface required for accessing the platform
    • The API tooling required to contribute and label datasets
    • The crowdsourcing platform mechanics for content aggregation
    • The blockchain integration APIs and constructs required for the incentivisation of the contributor pool
  • To facilitate the creation of job tasks within the ecosystem; an API layer that facilitates the conversion of tasks into automated Smart Contracts will be established. Developers use the AI Lab UI to create a task definition with the variables required for a given task (e.g. uploading the data sets, defining the tagging criteria and setting the cost metrics for incentivization). Upon submission of a task the logical steps are employed:
    • Smart Contract Creator service is called to generate a contract for the task
    • Task Allocator services advertises task availability to crowdwork pool
    • Task is completed by crowdworker and submitted for validation by the Task Validator service
    • A preview of the completed works is shown to the developer via the Task Validator service
    • Developer approves the task and escrowed tokens are released to crowdworker
    • Task collateral is then released to developer.
  • Developers, crowd workers and business consumers will access the system via either a browser-based application or a smartphone application (i.e. iOS & Android) in combination with a series of APIs that will conduct interaction between the block chain and other ecosystem components.
  • The next step in formulating the token metrics was to determine the fundamental cost metrics associated with building the Koios Platform. Koios will incentivize a community of AI developers from both Google and Kaggle to build the content within the marketplace.
  • The initial market that will be targeted as the consumers of the platform are IT Managers, Systems Administrators, Web Developers, Business Analysts, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Data Officers and the like at organizations with budgets that simply cannot afford the capital outlay to secure skilled resources, procure and build a hosting environment and run an internal project to create AI content.
  • This is the vision of the Koios project- to democratize AI technologies for the betterment of all through a highly-distributed blockchain ecosystem.


  • 8K telegram users, 1.5K followers on Facebook and 11.1K Twitter followers.
  • They have got hardly 150 Subscribers for their YouTube channel and also haven’t got many views for their video.
  • 7 ratings – ICO bench and 4.4 ratings – icotokennews .


  • They want to own the AI/ML development market, who has the developers owns the market. Whoever owns the market wins.
  • Their ultimate goal is to build a project that takes blockchain to the enterprise in a usable fashion. And want to democratize AI and make it universally accessible to all by commoditizing it.


  • “New approach of AI spreading all over the world. On site everything descibes in a simple way, but not understandable how it works in fact. Hope that team and their expertise enough to make this dream come true!” – Sergey Sevantsyan(International Public Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, Investment Relations & International Community Relations Manager, Tec)
  • “The team does not show relevant experience into the Blockchain area, and there are quite a few team members. No legal people designated. UPDATED SCORE for providing KYC
    Vision is fine clear the starting point and the arrival, Product does not exist, so I can evaluate the feasibility and its utility. When the MVP will be delivered and the team will evolve its status, I will be available to update my rating” – Michele Zilocchi(Engineer, Business Developer and Crypto Expert)


Token KOI
Pre – Sale Price $0.0375 USD
Price in ICO 0.0375 USD
Country Australia
Platform Ethereum
Website https://koios.ai/
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA , China
Pre – Sale 1st – 30th June 2018
Public-Sale 1st – 15th July 2018
Tokens for Sale: 400,000,000
Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 15,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Crowd Sale – 40%
Platform – 40 %
Marketing & Community – 15%
Team – 5%
Pre – Sale Bonus 5% – Min. 1 ETH
7.5% – Min. 5 ETH
10% – Min. 10 ETH
15% – Min. 20 ETH
20% – Min. 30 ETH