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  • KoinAscent.com, a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to reinvent the sharing economics by combining the power of KADX token and decentralization to deliver profits to their token holders from our daily trade revenue.


  • In September 2018, KOINASCENT.COM Exchange going to launch ALPHA website for testing. And Beta will be launched in November 2018.



  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are leading the digital transformation of the world towards a reliable, trusted cashless economy. Blockchain, or the Decentralized Digital Ledger, is driving the economy towards a hassle-free, transparent and secure future.
  • There are mainly two types of exchanges:
    • The first type of exchange, is what most people call a fiat exchange. This an exchange that allows the direct transfer of US Dollars, Euros and most government backed currencies to be traded for cryptocurrency.
    • The second type of exchange is a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange that allow cryptocurrencies to be traded with each other. This is how the KOINASCENT Exchange operates.
  • The KADX Token Crowd Sale buyers receive a percentage of the daily KOINASCENT Exchange trade commission revenue.
  • KADX Token holders are projected to receive a 36.5% annual return on their KADX Token investment. This will be of great interest to crypto currency Investors who want to earn reoccurring commission revenue from users that trade on the KOINASCENT Exchange.
  • The KADX tokens are utility tokens that entitle token users with a 70% share of the daily revenue generated at KOINASCENT.COM.
  • The KADX Token holders and exchange Users are incentivized with Token Referral Bonuses to drive more users to KOINASCENT.COM which in turn will cause trading volume to increase and delivering higher returns to KADX Token holders.
  • The KADX Token is a Utility Token that gives the trader an incentive of sharing daily trading commission revenue earned by KOINASCENT.COM Exchange.
  • KADX Token Investment Evaluation:
  • Investment – $ 100
  • KADX Owned – 100
  • Income Per Day – $ 0.10
  • Income in 365 Days – $ 36.50
  • TOTAL EARNING – 36.5%  (ROI)
  • The above projected return of 36.5% annually is the reward that a KADX Token receives based on a price of 1 KADX/1 USD. The KADX Token price may increase on the secondary market as daily KOINASCENT Exchange trading volume increases.
  • For users to claim KADX rewards, they must hold KADX Tokens in their private KOINASCENT.COM trading account wallet. The system will take a snapshot of all KADX account wallet balances every 24hrs at 00:00 GMT.
  • Advantages:
  • KADX Tokens are a Utility tokens that generate recurring income
  • Revenue shared every 24 hours
  • KADX Tokens can be used to trade other cryptocurrencies
  • Value of KADX may rise as volume of trade increases on the exchange
  • Great way to diversify your crypto-portfolio
  • Exchange Features:
  • Security:COM incorporates the highest standards of security. The team has expertise in building financial systems with high security standards. The platform has been audited and tested by our expert team to eliminate any vulnerability.
  • The complete trade-cycle on KOINASCENT.COM is designed with end-to end security measures and improved auditing processes. At the User Level there are various levels of security verifications like;
  • Secure Login
  • 2FA (Factor Authentication)
  • Link to verified mail
  • Same browser login
  • Summary page approval
  • Matching Engine: Their matching engine has a capacity to handle a large volume of trade orders per second for every pair.
  • Liquidity: The anticipated KOINASCENT Exchange user growth due to referral and bonus financial incentives will act as a catalyst to increase the overall volume and liquidity.
  • Spot Trading: It provides options for immediate buying and selling of cryptocurrency once the price is favorable for the trader to either sell or buy.
  • Multiple Currency Pairs: It offers unique pair sets for cryptocurrencies with BTC, ETH, KADX, USDT currently. Etc
  • Revenue Sources:
  • Exchange Fee: Initial charge will be 0.3% fixed fee per trade. They have no plan to charge above 0.3%.
  • Withdrawal Fee: Competitive withdrawals fees.
  • Listing Fee: They will select innovative coins, ICO tokens and other assets to be listed on the exchange, there may be a fee associated with those listings.
  • Margin Fee: If you trade on margin, there may be a fee or interest on the borrowed amount.
  • Other Fees: There may be other fees the platform may collect for various services such as automated algorithmic order etc.



  • In the future KOINASCENT plans to weekly launch new ICO Tokens for purchase and trading. This will make the KOINASCENT Exchange a unique hybrid platform for exchange and thereby setting a new higher standard for crypto trading.



Token KADX
Pre-Sale N/A
Price in ICO 1 KADX = 1 USD
Country Bermuda
Platform Ethereum
Website https://koinascent.com/
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas Bermuda, U.S.A., China, Singapore, Thailand, Iran, North Korea
Pre-Sale N/A
Public- Sale 1st Sep – 28th Feb 2018
Tokens for Sale: 18,000,000
Soft Cap No Soft Cap
Hard Cap 18,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 21,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown 86% – Distributed to Community
8% – Founders and Team
2% – Advisers
4% – “Bounty and Referral”
Pre-Registration Bonus First 60K USERS receive – 5 KADX
Second 100K USERS receive – 3 KADX
Third 400K USERS receive – 1 KADX