Digital Incentives for Backing Tech Start Ups

Hello ICO DEAL DECK Community,

The Team at IDD is so sorry for the delay getting back to you, but they now have great news to share with you about their Decentralized Venture Capital Project and their planned 4Q 2018 IDD PRIVATE ICO, DEAL DECK Token SALE!

It may have been a while since you registering on their BITCOIN page or on their website for their IDD PRIVATE ICO – WHITE LIST.

Your IDD PRIVATE ICO – WHITE LIST registration grants you a 50 % TOKEN BONUS when you contribute to the upcoming 4Q 2018 IDD PRIVATE ICO sale for DEAL DECK Tokens at $0.02 each.

* Minimum DEAL DECK Token purchase for IDD PRIVATE ICO to receive the 50 % Token Bonus is USD $5,000

* Minimum DEAL DECK Token purchase for IDD PUBLIC ICO Stage 1 to receive the 10 % Token Bonus is USD $1,000

* Minimum DEAL DECK Token purchase for IDD PUBLIC ICO Stage 2 to receive the 5 % Token Bonus is USD $500.

* No minimum DEAL DECK Token purchase required for IDD PUBLIC ICO Stage 3 & 4

DEAL DECK Token purchases may be made in Fiat, Bitcoin or Ethereum. There will be 3,000,000,000 DEAL DECK Tokens created. The Sale Hard Cap is USD $35,000,000 with no Soft Cap. Unsold tokens will be offered for sale at a later date.

The Price of the DEAL DECK Tokens will increase during the 4 Stages of the IDD Public ICO
DEAL DECK Token Private ICO price $0.02 each with 50% token bonus,
DEAL DECK Token Public ICO Stage 1 price $0.02 each with 10% bonus,
DEAL DECK Token Public ICO Stage 2 price $0.03 each with 5% bonus,
DEAL DECK Token Public ICO Stage 3 price $0.04 each with NO bonus,
DEAL DECK Token Public ICO Stage 4 price $0.05 each with NO bonus.

We will update you soon on how to claim your DEAL DECK 50% Token Bonus during the IDD Private ICO. Please save the email address to your contacts so you do not miss any of their IDD updates.



IDD | ICO DEAL DECK is a Decentralized Venture Capital project to promote crowdfunding for Tech Start Ups.  IDD is incentivising backing for Tech Start Ups.  Purchases of the DEAL DECK Token (XIDD) exponentially builds asset value for token owners and facilitates funding for Tech Start Ups through investor incentives.

IDD has chosen to establish a legal corporate entity to execute its business plan and to acquire all necessary regulatory licenses before going live with their Digital Asset Exchange. Their lawyers are in the process of registering an IDD company in the Republic of Estonia (an EU country) and the British Territory of Bermuda.

IDD will only begin operating their Digital Asset Exchange once they are a legally registered company with all the necessary jurisdiction licenses to operate a cryptocurrency company in the EU and western hemisphere.

IDD’s goal is to have their company registered, open a company bank account and complete their fully functional products before launching their IDD PRIVATE ICO DEAL DECK Token SALE.

The IDD Start Up Accelerator and P2P Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) products are in final development. They expect that they will be ready to launch their IDD PRIVATE ICO Deal Deck Token (XIDD) SALE in 4th Q. 2018.


** 30% of the proceeds from their ICO will be used to build membership in their Start Up Accelerator and provide seed funding for Start Up Projects wishing to launch an ICO on their Digital Asset Exchange.
**40% for future DAX development, creating Google Play Store and iTunes downloadable Mobile Apps, advertise their products, recruit programming staff and initial IDD operational expenses.
**10% of the ICO proceeds will be used as bonuses for the team and advisors
**10% for Bounty referral payments to promote the IDD DAX to users.
**10% for unknown contingencies.


The DEAL DECK Tokens will be swappable for the 1000s of other promising Start Up Private ICO Tokens to be launched on the IDD DAX in the future. People who acquire DEAL DECK Tokens during the IDD ICO may see a substantial increase in their total asset value by swapping DEAL DECK Tokens.

Owners of DEAL DECK Tokens will receive a 75% discount when they swap for any of the hundreds of Start Up ICO Tokens that will be launched on the IDD Digital Asset Exchange during weekly ICO sales.

Currently over 300 Start Up Projects have registered on the IDD website to participate in the IDD PITCH COMPETITION to win part of USD $1,000,000 in seed funding.

Due to the IDD PITCH COMPETITION a growing number of promising Start Up Projects have expressed interested in ICO crowdfunding using the IDD Token Launch Pad and P2P DAX.

Thank you for your interest in the IDD ICO. The IDD Team is working hard to make DEAL DECK Tokens the utility funding mechanism that will facilitate Decentralized Venture Capital investments in Tech Start Ups. It is their goal that crowd owners of DEAL DECK Tokens will realize asset appreciation that will drive secondary market trading as well as the opportunity for 1000s of Tech Start Ups to find funding for their projects.

Get ready for the DEAL DECK ICO coming in 4th Q 2018.

Thank you!



* Decentralized Venture Capital Project
* Incentivising Backing for Tech Start Ups
* Start Up Accelerator
* Token Launch Pad
* P2P DAX (Bitcoin Exchange)


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