icoDealDeck is Initiating Proof-of-Caring

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icoDealDeck has a goal to build its growing network of Innovation Supporters. The Innovation Supporter Network has assisted in so many ways in the development of the icoDealDeck Blockchain Start Up Incubator platform.

With the assistance of the Innovation Support Network, the icoDealDeck Blockchain Start Up Incubator is constantly in search of future Unicorns. The network sends icoDealDeck start up project recommendations for Incubator membership copiously and often. The Unicorn search is a time consuming, difficult labor of love and we thank the Innovation Network for its unending support.

Proof-of-Caring is a foundation block of the icoDealDeck “Innovation Support Network”. It is all about spreading the love we have for the work of finding, developing and encouraging the start up ecosphere.

Proof-of-Caring is a performance based token reward for spreading the love, information and status of events in the ICO DEAL DECK (IDD) community, in the ICO STORE and on the TOKEN TRADE EXCHANGE.

The amount of reward tokens awarded to will be dependent on your Proof-of-Caring score. Here are some factors that will influence your score:

Your Level of Caring

Showing support about icoDealDeck in public forums.
Providing the icoDealDeck team with advice — improving our whitepaper, website design, translating copy, etc.
Connect us with the community — helping with recruitment, helping with reddit, telegram, making youtube videos.
Doing work for the team — Telegram admins, Local language admins, github code contributors, translators.
Your existing history of support with the icoDealDeck project
The super secret events for those that have proven they are the very best.
The icoDealDeck Challenge…. All the details will be released soon.

Your Proof of Caring score

We’re going to be releasing exactly how your Proof of Caring score is calculated soon.

In order to be eligible for Proof of Caring fill in our google form: