www.icoDealDeck.com “IDD” is a Blockchain Start Up Incubator, Token Generating Event Funding Accelerator and Token Swap Exchange.

IDD has developed Legal Compliance, Smart Contract Technical and Token Marketing tools for Blockchain start up and scale up projects. Projects can subscribe for a fee to the icoDealDeck.com online tools for creating and swapping their own project token.

icoDealDeck’s mission is to improve the quality of projects offering tokens as a means of fund raising. We are working hard to build a community of like minded individuals to participate in a decentralized crowd token swap incubator and exchange. To accomplish our goals and to enhance the benefits to the growing IDD social media community we are now launching the IDD TOKEN TRADERS CLUB.

Anyone can join the IDD TOKEN TRADERS CLUB as a non voting member for FREE.

ICO DEAL DECK Token Traders Club “TTC” is a community of Token Enthusiasts. Free Club Membership grants access to online Token Traders community chat, Token reviews, Token education videos, Token innovator interviews and token trading tips. Members also receive discounted fees on the IDD Token Swap Exchange. TTC membership is fun and educational, so please join by registering for free at http://www.icoDealDeck.com/token-traders-club/

IDD was created by a bunch of token enthusiasts, excited to learn more about tokens and with a desire to find and benefit from worthy blockchain projects. IDD operates on a shoestring budget and joyfully welcome Donations to our efforts to develop our IDD Incubator and Token Swap Exchange.

Here are instruction for how to Donate to the IDD Ether Wallet address:

Anyone may donate to icoDealDeck.com Donations to icoDealDeck.com “IDD” are most welcomed and donors receive many rewards. Donors receive Voting Membership in the IDD Token Traders Club “TTC”. The TTC is a social media community. Anyone who donate ETH to icoDealDeck receive IDD TOKENS and a voting membership in TTC as a reward. Being a IDD TOKEN holder gives voting rights to TTC members to participate in TTC community decisions. One IDD TOKEN gives one vote on TTC community matters.

Regular TTC community votes by smart contract are held to decide which projects should be 1.) offered membership in the IDD Blockchain Start Up Incubator; 2.) which T.G.E project funding accelerator applications to approve and 3.) which projects to approve for listing on the IDD token swap exchange.

All new projects approved for a token generating events “T.G.E.” and listing on the IDD Token Swap Exchange will allocate 20% of their hard cap tokens for the IDD TOKEN holder’s bonus.

All IDD TOKEN holders will receive a portion of the 20% Bonus, determined by the number of IDD Tokens they hold in their IDD Token Swap Exchange e-Wallet. The bonus is a swap exchange rate discount of 75% for each new project token T.G.E on icoDealDeck.com. After each projects swap bonus deadline, and during the public T.G.E. then IDD TOKEN holders may swap any of their IDD tokens or any other token for new project tokens during the project’s T.G.E. but there is only a 10% discount.