• iCasting is an initial Dutch startup from 2013 that focuses on providing services and options for clients and talents alike. Since its launch, the platform has successfully registered over 140,000 talents with over 1500 clients under their community.
  • iCasting is a revolutionary one-stop-shop talent ecosystem, serving the whole casting industry from one platform. Currently it acts as a matching platform where talents and clients can find each other fast, easy and at low costs. iCasting uses a unique matching algorithm, connecting the right talents with the right clients.
  • Give all talents across the globe a fair and equal opportunity to pursue their creativity and build their careers. To create a new marketplace where the millions of motivated amateur and semi-professional talents, who are currently left behind by major casting agencies, can shine and benefit from all the exciting and challenging opportunities.



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  • iCasting has completely cut out the middleman by matching clients and talents directly on the platform, thereby saving valuable time and costs for clients and leaving a larger budget for talent fees and utilizing the full potential and creativity of talents.



  • The existing platform has over 140,000 registers talents and over 1,500 clients.



  • They are looking for interesting partnership and have no plans yet for a public presage.



  • They want to build the world’s biggest talent platform and a thriving and bustling community where everyone is in full control of their own careers and profile data. It is their goal to create a global market by decentralizing the connecting, hiring, payment and agreement processes between talents and clients worldwide.
  • The current platform offers a thriving marketplace, the iCasting academy for talent development and its own TV Channel, i.e iCasting.tv.
  • iCasting offers twelve main categories to sign up for. This way, iCasting serves the entire casting market. Talents decide what information is added to their profiles, up to a very specific level. It ranges from hair color and tattoos to known languages, accents and driving skills. The more complete the profile, the better it can be matched. However, the talent is always in control.
  • Premium accounts: iCasting also offers a paid Premium account, that enables features like skipping ads, gaining extra job information, sending PM’s to clients and unlocking new iCasting Academy lessons. Premium accounts can accelerate any talent’s career on iCasting.
  • All minors can pursue their creative passion and start developing their careers on iCasting. It lies within iCasting’s greatest interest that these minors are able to safely take part in the casting processes. iCasting tackles this by placing their accountability and supervision in the hands of parents or caretakers through family accounts and by providing extra safety checks at these casting jobs. Parents and caretakers can manage multiple family members via iCasting family accounts.
  • Everyone who is looking for a talent can register for free with iCasting. As a client, an individual, a company or a brand. Clients have full control of their accounts and can place detailed search inquiries to find the most suitable talent for their needs. Adding a job is also completely free of charge.
  • Privacy control and identity management have been part of iCasting since its early stages. From the beginning, talents and clients have been in full control of their own personal profile data, financial information and to whom this information is shared. iCasting also provides a fair and safe booking process: talents and clients communicate, negotiate and make agreements on the platform directly, where iCasting in turn ensures correct deals, fair payments and fulfilled agreements. No contracts, no commissions. Talents can manage their own profile, prices, conditions and careers.
  • iCasting uses a unique algorithm to realize the perfect match between client and talent. iCasting platform is enriched with an intelligent system that also incorporates secondary factors like experience, rating, location and availability into the analyses. This enables the system to give high quality, 100% relevant output, both for clients and for talents, saving valuable time within the casting process on both sides. The unique algorithm is constantly improved to become smarter through the analysis of big data. Because talents only receive relevant job offers and clients only receive applications of interested and available talents, iCasting ensures a faster, more efficient and more effective casting process than ever before.
  • All talents and clients can create their own profiles and Ethereum wallets on iCasting. Talents can disclose very specific, extensive profile characteristics and enrich their profiles with portfolio items like videos, photos and audio files. This enables them to present themselves in the best and most distinctive way possible. Clients can create profiles with all necessary information for posting, executing and completing jobs, including Terms and Conditions and payment information. All personal profile data from both talents and clients will be encrypted and stored on IPFS.
  • All this crucial information will be accessible only via the blockchain, completely safe and secure. Talents and clients will always be in control of their own personal profile data, financial transactions and booking requirements. Hereby, iCasting also eliminates all privacy related issues and developments.
  • Upon signing the mutual agreement, the client pays the agreed talent a service fee to a special iCasting wallet that holds the Tokens until the job has been completed. After agreed by both client and talent, the talent fee is released to the talent’s wallet. After the completion of each job, talent and client can rate each other in terms of quality, communication and overall cooperation. The ratings are automatically saved on the blockchain and add a valuable component for future jobs.
  • iCasting offers the community its own academy through a unique online TV channel: iCasting.tv. The iCasting Academy supports talents in building their careers and developing their potential. Ranging from tips & tricks to improve your skills, explaining the behavioral expectations during shootings, negotiation techniques and advice on how to present and sell yourself to clients.
  • The courses are divided into multiple experience levels: beginner, intermediate and professional. The introductory lessons are always free to watch. Successive lessons can be bought with Talent Tokens or can be unlocked with premium accounts. With this process, the iCasting Academy also plays a key role in the tokenized community.
  • Live events are organized for live gatherings of the community and to create an additional way to connect talents and clients directly, without any barriers.
  • The iCasting Events are an important element of the tokenized ecosystem. The community, both talents and professionals, can buy tickets, products, food and drinks, workshops and merchandise at the events, all with the Talent Token. The talent’s activities during the iCasting Events are also connected with the iCasting Reputation Program. Visiting events and participating in workshops are rewarded with higher profile ratings and automatically saved to the talent’s profile on the blockchain.


Business Model

  • Service Fee: To keep the platform running and to cover the operational costs, iCasting calculates a service fee per job, paid by the client after completion of said job. This service fee is integrated in the standard payment process and smart contracts on the platform.
  • Advertisement revenue: With its large and niche community, iCasting offers a great platform for promotional activities. Brands, companies and advertisement agencies can promote their products and services to the community with banners and videos. iCasting reserves places for promotional banners on the platform, in newsletters and e-mailings.
  • Premium accounts: Premium accounts can be purchased to unlock more features and to give an extra boost to any talent’s career on the iCasting platform. Premium accounts enable features like access to extra job information, sending PM’s towards clients, unlocking iCasting Academy lessons and iCasting Event live streams. Also, advertisements can be skipped directly with premium accounts.
  • In-platform purchases: iCasting also enables in-platform purchases that unlock special features, like iCasting Academy lessons, live streams, extra profile features and the ability of skipping advertisements.
  • Partnerships: iCasting allows for potential partnerships with other brands, companies or services that focus on the casting industry. On iCasting Events, partners can purchase exposure, stands for displaying and selling products and services or organize workshops.
  • Third party integrations: In the future, other talent platforms or services could benefit from iCasting’s extensive talent database and blockchain utilization. An iCasting API will be made available for other talent services that contribute to iCasting’s ambition of revolutionizing the talent industry. Revenue will be charged by monthly costs of the API integration and for API calls.



  • 0.5k telegram users, 11.5k followers on Facebook and 0.7K Twitter followers.
  • 4.0 ratings on ICO bench.



  • The project is existing since 2013 and it is successful in Netherlands.
  • Their final goal leads towards fully incorporating the Talent Token into all transactions between talents and clients throughout the world. In the near future, even other talent platforms can easily adopt iCasting’s smart contract to enable payments in Talent Tokens by using the iCasting API.
  • Global expansion and International Launch Phase 1 in Q1 2019. iCasting API available for third party integrations.



  • “Strong and experienced team. Great advisory board. Bold vision and working MVP. 140,000+ current talent registrations is impressive. Best of luck with this one.” Nathan Christian Blockchain Technology Consultant.
  • “Vision is good but I am thinking about the team how they can execution their plan. Also I want to know about ROI how this projects token holder will get ROI? Thank you.” “Update rating:  After deep discussion with the CEO I changed my mind …. I wish this project get success. Best of luck team” Mofassair Hossain CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert.



Token TLNT
Price in ICO 1 TLNT = 0.07 EUR
Country Netherlands
Platform Ethereum
Website https://icasting.io/
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Public-Sale September 24, 2018- October 21, 2018
Tokens for Sale: 192,500,000 (55% of Total Token Supply)
Soft Cap €2,000,000
Hard Cap €13,750,000
Total Token Supply 350,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown 55% ICO crowdsale
4% Advisors and Ambassadors
19% Bonus
5% Investors
12% Founders and Team
5% Bounty
Bonus Bonus is available, exact details will follow when revised whitelisting is available.