• Hi:Health is global medical ecosystem based on artificial language for complex personalized diagnostics of the human organism in real time.
  • Using the data of medical examinations of a large number of patients, as well as health monitoring gadgets, they train artificial intelligence to conduct early diagnosis of various diseases and to find the previously uncovered cause-effect relationships between the functioning of the systems and organs of the body and the occurrence of diseases.



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  • The personal ecosystem for real-time diagnosing of a human body and identifying cause of disease.


  • You can download the sports version of Rocketbody. The gadget will be available only in December. The Hihealth version (for medical measurement will be released together) 



  • Modern self-educating systems can make a highly accurate real-time comprehensive diagnosis of human’s organism, find previously unknown patterns between indexes of human’s body activity and morbidity risk, to warn about the possibility of worsening of chronic diseases.
  • Only in the USA and EU hundreds of thousands of patients die annually due to doctors’ misdiagnoses. The economic cost associated with complications caused by the wrong prescription of drugs is more than $100 billion per year.
  • AI will be able to analyze slightest deviations, which human can’t notice, and to get more accurate survey results (such as, electrocardiogram) as a result of their cleaning from the noise generated by the instruments.
  • To create a complete diagnostic picture, they will use gadgets and mobile applications to conduct a similar ECG survey in real-time.
  • In the process of preparing and implementing the deal interactions among components of the platform are as follows:
  • Client software (Hi:Health-patient,Hi:Health-doctor, Hi:Health business). Used to enter the initial information on the transaction, create the necessary smart contracts and manage the status of smart contracts in the manual stages of the business process.
  • The attached to smart-contract files are signed with the reinforced skilled EDS (electronic digital signature) by a creator for his unambiguous legally relevant identification. Further, the files are encrypted with the creation of a crypto-package, which is available for decryption only by transaction participants.
  • During processing transactions, a smart-contract can use Broadcast Oraclize information,
  • During transition to a certain status, a smart contract can send a specific request to the external request provider for an expected external event or an order to execute an external action.
  • Similar to external queries, when a smart contract is attached to certain formalized documents, the contract can send them for analysis in Hi: Health AI, and then wait for the transaction with the results of the analysis.
  • Tracker for real time data collection:
  • ECG,
  • Heartbeat,
  • The level of hemoglobin in the blood,
  • Body temperature,
  • Rhythm of breathing,
  • Physical activity level,
  • Level of alcohol in the blood,
  • The Platform capabilities for people:
  • Downloading and anonymously storing personal medical data,
  • Managing personal medical data,
  • Data analysis with AI for early diagnosis of diseases (online),
  • Database of approved doctors from all over the world,
  • Making appointments for undergoing a medical examination. Etc.
  • Ecosystem for a doctor:
  • Online consultations of the patients,
  • Sharing of experience with colleagues,
  • Co-management of patients,
  • Monitoring the correctness of taking medication by patients. etc.
  • Ecosystem for business:
  • Insurance companies receive a more accurate calculation of insured events’ probability occurrence.
  • Pharmaceutical companies receive statistical reports on sales of medicines, diseases by regions (cities) and the effects of medicines on humans.
  • Research centers and developers can use the power of Data Mining (finding knowledge in databases) to get regularities.
  • Abilities of artificial intelligence using algorithms for analyzing IR radiation:
  • Identifies the source of the disease
  • Decodes DNA to identify predispositions to the disease, to choose the most proper diet, the method of maintaining oneself in shape, etc
  • Artificial intelligence recommends how to conduct a lifestyle based on diseases chance
  • Creates an individual plan of treatment and nutrition
  • Controls the intake of medications
  • Tracks the process of treatment
  • Data Mining is a collective name used to define a set of methods for detecting previously unknown, non-trivial, practically useful and accessible interpretations of knowledge necessary for making decisions in various areas of human activity in data.
  • The purpose of data mining technology is to identify these structures and to find patterns where chaos and arbitrariness are.
  • Projected contribution of the Hi:Health project to solving global problems in medicine:
  • They will improve the existing methods of early diagnosis in the world and will monitor the real-time treatment effectiveness of cardiovascular, bronchial asthma, and other diseases.
  • This project will help solve the problems of the modern market of medical services: it will reduce the burden on medical institutions, eliminate risks associated with the human factor, and greatly facilitate the life of patients.
  • They will be able to monitor in real-time the health status of patients suffering from the most dangerous and widespread diseases in the world and at risk of these diseases.


  • 15K+ telegram users, 1.1K+ followers on Facebook and 3.1K+ Twitter followers
  • They are not very active on YouTube, they have got only 300 views for their official video.
  • 3.6 ratings on ICO bench.


Long Term:

  • They want to create an ecosystem for any medical gadget. The first stage is to make a qualitative Ai ECG, then connect any promising gadgets and data analysis.
  • The prospect of creating a full-fledged doctor assistant. They have a lot of data, they can do analysis for pharmacists, insurance companies, medical institutions.



Token Ethereum
Pre – Sale Price It’s Over
Price in ICO 1 HiH = 0.00004 ETH
Country Belarus
Platform Ethereum
Website https://hihealth.io
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted Areas China, USA, South Korea, North Korea, Syria, Arab Republic, and any other country with sanctions
Pre – Sale It’s Over
Public-Sale 1st Aug 2018 – 10th Sep 2018
Tokens for Sale: 600,000,000
Soft Cap 5,400 ETH
Hard Cap 14,000 ETH
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 HI
Token Supply Breakdown Public Sale – 60%
Pre Sale – 10%
Team – 15%
Advisors – 7%
Bounty – 8%
Bonus 240 ml – 30% Bonus
120 ml – 20% Bonus
120 ml – 10% Bonus
120 ml – 0% Bonus