• Helix3 is a platform that offers a secure way for the healthcare industry to exchange value, streamline workflow and gain deep insights across a global ecosystem
  • It is a next-gen healthcare platform that rewards members for consolidating data and achieving health and wellness goals.



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  • The platform brings meaningful use to the members data through various modules designed to improve patient value, security and access control.



  • They are working on MVP along with the help of BigchainDB and are reviewing contracts with them now. They have the UI designed and aim to complete the MVP before a public sale.



  • They are continuously speaking to potential partners to expand our network. Currently they are working with Bigchain DB, IPFS, various health organizations, healthcare providers, insurers & integration partners. They will make more formal announcements soon.



  • Helix3 enables people to take control of their medical, genome and fitness data in a meaningful way.
  • The secure platform, built on blockchain technology, ensures data breaches are a thing of the past by using advanced encryption, cryptography, and de-identifying techniques. This enables the consolidation of health data that will be leveraged for support AI, deep learning, and other innovations.


  • The goal achievement system is powered by FitFlows, which have a defined goal, activities to achieve the goal, and different milestones to measure goal progress.
  • The achievement of each milestone is rewarded with tokens that can be spent in the the Helix3 healthcare marketplace, or at the healthcare provider much like a loyalty rewards program.


  • 4 Core areas of Value
    • Security:
      • By design Helix3 is built leveraging advanced encryption, 2-factor authentication and immutability ofrecords.
      • All transactions and data storage are facilitated through a fully distributed network using blockchain technology.
    • Interoperability:
      • Helix3 supports a RESTful API framework and follows HL7 standards
      • This will enable a more efficient workflow for providers and payers. All of this leading to a much more valuable patient experience.
    • Transparency:
      • Often times, errors that take place between providers and payers are due to a lack of transparency.
      • Helix3 provides a platform for these organizations to access data as a single source of truth.
    • Insight:
      • From advanced analytics to precision medicine, the Helix3 platform supports a wide range of applications using deep learning services through the Tensorflow framework.
      • Applications built on the platform can help gain valuable insights into the data across the Helix3 network.
  • Each participant (human or machine) on the Helix3 platform will establish a digital twin (“Helix Twin”) to manage the health and wellness information they create or own.. This interface offers the holistic picture of the current and historical status of a members health.
  • Members will have access to the following information and resources, built on this data, in the app:
  • Medical Records: History of all medical records from birth to last recorded appointment
  • FitFlow Dashboard: A summary of a members challenges, FitFlow progress, and activity
  • Genome Data: Partial or complete genome data with useful insight through third party services
  • Clinical Research: Keep track of on going research projects to monetize user data
  • Health Insurance: Healthcare coverage details for an easy way to access
  • Helix Wallet: Send/receive HLX tokens while proving storage of HLX tokens with the platform
  • Healthcare Marketplace: Dynamic data marketplace for participants to transact with each other
  • Settings: Configure Helix Twin settings, connect and sync IoT devices, whitelist of approved apps or users etc.
  • Benefits of the Helix Twin
  • Members will be able to take their health and wellness data with them when they travel. As long as the member has access to a computer or their smart phone app, they can exchange information about allergies, activities, medications, medical history, and so on to ensure providers in silo’d areas can still offer value to the member.
  • With a larger, consolidated data set, specific medications can be prescribed based on deep analytics that match success rates with others that match our members’s health history.
  • Preventative plans can also be developed based on matching success rates of others like the member.
  • Permission-based access to the data must be validated by the owner using a private key and 2- factor authentication.
  • Helix3 is changing the game by introducing their FitFlow Goal Achievement System.
  • They are enabling every wellness program and health service provider to set goals, build a customizable plan for every member, and motivate through rewards and accountability.
  • FitFlows allow a goal and challenges to be sponsored by government programs, employers, PCPs, insurance companies, merchants, marketplace participants, or an individual themselves.
  • Benefits of FitFlow Goal Achievement System:
  • Employers can issue activity challenges such as “Walk for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, for 12 weeks”, “get your flu shot”, or “record 10,000 steps, every day for a year” and reward their employees with HLX tokens for the successful completion.
  • Activities such as 5k runs, marathons, Walk for a Cure, and other sporting events like tournaments or organized leagues can offer HLX rewards for participation.
  • Merchants can find a targeted user audience for their products and services, and accept HLX tokens for a limited trial.
  • A challenge will typically fall into two different categories. Exercise and Wellness. The challenge consists of a goal, a method of verification, and HLX token amount for successful completion. 
  • Helix3 Health and Wellness Marketplace 
  • The Helix3 platform interface provides access and tools for users to interact and exchange value between others on the network.
  • The marketplace will offer Groupon-like functionality for beauty and anti-aging products, fitness and mind + body exercise and health eating, nutrition and weight loss merchants.
  • Member can also use the marketplace to find providers that will design FitFlows that help measure and reward their progress towards their goals.
  • A third option for users to spend their HLX tokens is towards gift cards. The Helix3 marketplace will offer cards from over 50 health and wellness friendly retailers.
  • A final option enables Helix3 members to enter drawings for health and wellness related merchandise using their HLX tokens.
  • This is a great opportunity for innovative new products to introduce these products to a market focused on improving their quality of life.
  • A premium service will provide access to de-identified data from permitting members. The subscription will be paid in fiat or HLX, with a 20% discount when using HLX.
  • Helix3 is positioning itself as a data consolidation platform that brings meaningful use to the information. This is the first time in history, that this amount of data is available to use, which supports out end goal of data consolidation, and meaningful use. They will launch an app, called Helix. The app with be available for iOS and Android phones. The app will allow users to connect their fit devices, and patient portals.
  • The platform will be released in 3 major phases over the next 18-24 months.
    • Release 1.0 (Q1, 2019): Enable the Wellness challenges by releasing patient portal integration and expand the Goal Achievement System.
    • Release 1.5 (Q2, 2019): Introduction of Pay-to-Play challenges where groups of people fund a challenge pot and split the winnings based on an agreed upon result.
    • Release 2.0 (Q1, 2020): In this expansion phase, they will add more connected device types and patient portals, increasing access to more and more data.



  • 1192 telegram users, 341 followers on Facebook and 2076 Twitter followers.
  • They have got 756 subscribers for their official YouTube Channel and 1.8K+ views for their videos.
  • 5 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Their mission is to bring the healthcare industry together in a meaningful way, creating more patient value across the healthcare ecosystem which provides better care to billions of people around the world.
  • By improving overall health and bringing automation and improved controls to health management, Helix3 aims to reduce the trillions of dollars in healthcare waste globally and improve quality of life.
  • Future modules on the Helix3 platform will focus on claims reimbursement through benefits providers. By leveraging the Helix Cortex Integration Framework, the claims process can be entirely automated by leveraging data from medical devices combined with patient and provider authorization.



Token HLX
Pre – Sale Price 1 HLX token = $0.08 (it’s over)
Price in ICO 1 HLX token = $0.08
Country United States
Platform Ethereum
Website https://www.helix3.co

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas China, USA and South Korea
Pre-Sale 15th Apr – 30th June 2018 (Accredited investors only)
Public- Sale 1st Oct – 16th Nov, 2018
Tokens for Sale: 399,600,000
Soft Cap 3,500,000 USD
Hard Cap 31,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 888,000,000 HLX
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 45%
Community and Ecosystem Stimulation – 20%
Founding Team – 10%
Proof of Concepts and Pilots – 10%
Advisors – 10%
Early Contributors – 5%
Bonus Private Sale Bonus: 30% discounted tokens
Public Sale Bonus: 20% discounted tokens, -5% per week until token hits a discount of 0%