• The GPX Platform enables simple Peer-to-Peer energy trading. Producers can easily pre-sell their power at a better rate while allowing consumers to buy their power directly for significantly less.



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  • They are creating a hyper-efficient renewable energy market place to turbocharge clean energy deployment and push out fossil fuels.
  • Consumers can now take control of their electric bill and save money by shifting to cheaper sources of power coming from renewable sources. Save money and the planet at the same time.



  • Their platform demo release is imminent (expected within 2-weeks and will be covered by  and MVP release is currently targeted for release between Q2-3 2019.



  • They are regularly forming new partnerships, most recently Connect4Climate and bitcoinClean.
  • They have legal and blockchain partners who have finished the formation of their smart-contracts and advised on platform development, but they must for now remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons.



  • Consumers, large and small, mostly do not have an economical, legal or practical way to buy electricity on their own. Developers and independent owners of power projects are forced to rely on the utility to sell their power.
  • By cutting out the middleman through the GPX platform, producers will receive higher prices. Saving money on the power bill will be as easy as buying a token.
  • They are creating an easy-to-use P2P energy trading platform that will further turbocharge cheap, green energy deployment and save consumers money.
  • An unprecedented rise in global renewable energy deployment has enabled solar and wind power to drastically increase their presence across both developing and emerging economies.
  • The global interest in renewables doesn’t arise solely from the promotion of clean energy, there is strong evidence that renewables have superseded fossil fuels as the world’s cheapest electricity source.
  • The electricity is mostly generated from fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, and renewable sources, such as solar and wind.
  • The most active global energy markets trade in electricity, gas, coal, oil and CO2 emission certificates with energy trading currently taking place both at exchanges and independently on a bi-lateral basis.
  • The main markets with an energy exchange are the spot market, for short-term trading, and the forward market, where the physical delivery of the commodity takes place at a future date.
  • In most electricity markets, the electricity generators will submit a daily bid to the national Energy Market Operator (EMO) detailing how much electricity they can supply for that day and at what price, the EMO will then match the generation bids with the predicted daily demand from the retailers, a process that assesses the most effective and lowest cost generation mix.
  • The Green Power Exchange will be able to handle any and all of the load balancing related to its use as a function of the PPAs that are signed within it. Smart meters are required to facilitate this as they will provide real time measurements of power usage, however there are standard APIs that can interact with every smart meter currently in use, so data tracking and management can be automated.
  • Power purchase agreements (“PPAs”) are complex documents with a variety of protections built in should one party fail to meet the agreed upon terms. The surety that the agreement will execute automatically and only when terms are met would allow the power purchase agreement negotiation process to be dramatically simplified.
  • Once the contract is posted to the blockchain, it cannot be changed and would allow for confidence from both parties. This technology can facilitate a peer-to-peer power purchase agreement between producer and consumer without the need for a utility to act as a third party/clearing house.
  • It is an efficient market place for renewable energy producers and consumers to buy and sell electricity via smart contracts based on an underlying blockchain technology.
  • The Green Power Exchange platform provides a standard PPA based on the jurisdiction the renewable energy power plant is in or allows producers to upload their own.
  • GPX aims to act simultaneously on global and local levels. To create a simple and effective instrument for energy providers and consumers, they propose a two-level token model:
  • The Green Energy Transfer Token (GET) will be a utility token, acting only as a representation of the power that is to be transmitted between the producer and consumer.
    • The Green Power Exchange Token (GPX), this ERC20 compliant token will serve a variety of functions, however, the main function of the GPX token will be of facilitate exchange of funds and to act as a means of exchange between jurisdictions.
  • Each GET is equal to 1 kWh and is jurisdictionally dependent. This means that power sold in France cannot be consumed in the U.S., as this is not currently physically possible.
  • The GPX platform issues GET tokens proportionally to the amount of the electricity offered by the producer (1 GET token for 1 kWh) and lists these GET tokens for purchase.
  • The GET token will be governed by the GET Emission smart contract. This is the main smart contract that will be activated when a producer lists their energy.
  • The primary-level token (GPX) will represent the Green Power Exchange system itself and will facilitate all transactions. To purchase GET, consumers must use GPX. The purchase of GPX can occur directly at the Green Power Exchange, or on another exchange that GPX may be listed on.
  • A percentage of the GPX revenue from the power sold will be collected as well. This amount will be distributed amongst the GPX token holders proportional to how many tokens they hold. Active GPX token holders will also be entitled to early access when producers offer their renewable energy on the exchange.
  • Currently electricity is brought to market either via some form of merchant power market, or a long term PPA and then through the local utility/distribution company or energy marketer and finally to the end consumer. GPX will remove the unnecessary middlemen and streamline this process.
  • Energy related cryptocurrencies, P2P power-based tokens, have garnered significant interest.



  • 1.2K+ telegram users, 25.7K+ followers on Facebook and 2.5K+ Twitter followers
  • They have got 12 subscribers for their YouTube channel and 586 views for their official video.
  • 62 projects in 7 countries and 9 states are already committed to GPX platform, with more to come onboard over the next 6 months through existing relationships and marketing.
  • 3.4 ratings on ICO bench.


Long Term:

  • The GPX platform plans to enable and accelerate customer choice by connecting the generator and consumer, allowing to trade clean power, mostly at a discount and creating cost savings on both sides.
  • After the public launch of the GPX platform, they will develop additional applications on the platform for the Green Power Project Token (“GPP”), that allows buying and selling direct investments in renewable energy projects.
  • They strive to become de-facto global energy platform, empowering consumer choice and revolutionizing the energy industry for everyone, forever.
  • Initially they’ll be targeting B2B peer-to-peer but envisage they will eventually move into individual (prosumer) trading allowing cheaper power for everyone, everywhere, forever.


Additional Information:

  • They are a multinational team spanning across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. They are currently finalizing their decision regarding where they will conduct the ICO, under close guidance from their advisors and legal reps.
  • There are significant discounts available to early-adopter token investors in the private pre-sale:



Token GPX
Pre – Sale Price 1 GPX = 0.055 USD
Price in ICO 1 GPX = US$ 0.10
Country Barbados
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China
Pre – Sale 12th Sep – 24th Sep 2018
Public-Sale 24th Sep – 24th Oct 2018
Tokens for Sale: 1,240,714,288
Soft Cap US$ 6 mil
Hard Cap US$ 112 mil
Total Token Supply 2,200,714,288
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 56%
Team (Lock – up) – 19%
Future – 14%
Community Growth – 11%
Bonus Only generous discount as shown below table