• GlobeCas partners with more and more land-based casinos in various places, they will create an exciting and prosperous gambling environment with many players around the world.
  • As website traffic increases and there is more demand for a diverse gambling environment, other features will be added viz. Poker, RNG games, slot machine, sportsbook etc. to strengthen the GlobeCas platform.
  • The comprehensive platform offers a variety of casinos games to suit different people’s preferences to create a large customer base, allowing GlobeCas to become the biggest online casino in the world.



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  • GlobeCas provides solutions to simplify the process of land-based casinos making the move to an online format while minimizing the cost


  • They have their showcase, it shows their technology in the gambling random engine and the experience of their game. It’s on the testing server now, they will release to the public in coming week.


  • In gambling part, they fully own a UK online casino call Lucky8 which already have a license from UK Gambling Commission.
  • They are able to add the land-based partner under this license and make the operation totally legal and ready to go.
  • They also have few clients from Euro, Vietnam & Macau but cannot disclose their names due to non-disclosure agreement.


  • GlobeCas will set the new standard for what the gambling industry should be, making it hard for the crooks to survive in the market.
  • Players can now deposit and withdraw through their own standardized Crypto-coin GlobeCas Token (GCT).
  • GlobeCas standardizes the transaction method across all land-based and online casinos in their network. Using GCT on their platform means that the clients are no longer locked in a single casino, they can use GCT as trading currency allowing them to gamble across different land-based casinos. GlobeCas will ultimately bring the global casinos into one platform and create the largest casino in the world.
  • A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange which has rapidly gained popularity in previous years. It operates at the universal level and makes transactions quite easy. There are not usually transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchanges. You can freely buy or sell your coins or tokens depending the target price.
  • GlobeCas was founded to connect the global casinos and the clients from different countries around the globe under one integrated platform with the same cryptocurrency. They are an experienced team with over 13 years of solid business experience in the gambling industry. Since then, they have invested millions of dollars to develop a full range of gaming software and become a software solution provider in the gambling industry.
  • The games they have developed so far:
  • Online gambling is one of the most highly regulated industries across the globe due to the illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud, and underage gambling. To minimize the risk to society, a license is always required. These regulations are put in place to keep clients safe, allowing them to game with peace of mind.
  • GlobeCas was granted the most recognized Combined Remote Operating License by UK Gambling Commission. The company must be able to prove that there is sufficient capital to operate the business and a management team who can prove that they can operate a virtual casino under a UK gambling compliance and anti-money laundering act. Having this UK gambling license means the company is highly reputable with credibility and integrity. It also represents a great potential for long-term business growth
  • A Random Number Generator Certificate is needed to prove the games are fair and no pre-determined outcomes are in place. Their Random Number Generator is tested by the third party accredited software house and approved by UK Gambling Commission. It is ensured to be up to international gambling standard.
  • GlobeCas is a network of casinos joined into a single, unilateral platform built with blockchain technology and use “GCT” as a trading currency. GCT stands for GlobeCas Token which is developed according to ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Their crypto token GCT is utilized for betting across all joined land-based casinos. GlobeCas acts as a settlement center between clients and casinos. With the introduction of GCT, only one standard currency is used. There are no more USD tables, Euro tables, GBP tables etc., all players place wager with GCT only! They do not need to rely on third-party payment services, avoiding long transaction times and expensive transaction fees. GCT can be bought through many token exchange markets directly.
  • The general method is to use one wallet for operation and another wallet which is only responsible for all deposits and withdrawals. The wallet which holds the client’s tokens is called a segregated account. Security is the top priority in their software architecture. Thus, they minimize any risks. GCT are operated as the following two types:
  • The on-chain operation is mainly for a token transaction between GlobeCas and the clients. The average time to complete a transaction in the blockchain is roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute and therefore, for any instant tasks such as gambling data will be done off-chain within their GlobeCas server hosted in their UK data center.
  • There is no need for GCT users to purchase any other type of gaming tokens and there is no exchange rate involved at all. Everyone is playing with the same currency – GCT. For clients who do not have GCT on hand, they may purchase GCT directly via many token exchange markets. GlobeCas provides the convenience for everyone who enjoys gambling. To deposit GCT in GlobeCas platform, clients need to add their wallet addresses to their system. Once updated, clients can send GCT to the GlobeCas blockchain wallet and the balance will be updated accordingly. GlobeCas system tracks the GCT transactions and updates the account balance automatically.


  • 12k + telegram users, 0.7K + followers on Facebook and 0.8K Twitter followers.
  • Not much of presence on YouTube.
  • 4.3 ratings on ICO bench.


  • They plan to link-up all land-based casinos in the world and form a mega casino in GlobeCas platform by doing so. Players feel the same excitement in their home and travel around the world by only one click also.
  • This will also benefit to their land-based casinos partners to have additional income from the internet.
  • UK is their starting point and with the license, they are at least 2 years in advance of their competitors.


  • This is a practical project with solid experience in gambling industry.
    Already have a UK license that makes the project rate 5. Absolutely interesting project to invest in.- Sumit Shah Serial Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | ICO Advisor | Digital Marketing Expert
  • “Experience in gambling not much else in diversity. No KYC. Licensed in UK good thing.
    No blockchain product presented but claimed to have. Maybe it’s a current non blockchain product that’s been previously audited? No ROI presented. Weak use cases. No true technical feasibility presented. Won’t have a completed product till after listed on an exchange? Why focus on exchanges? Focus on your product platform first. A year from now, that’s weak. Won’t have licenses for other parts of the world till 2021? Too far out. Sale is under 50% of coins. Timeline overall isn’t strong. No resources page to back their claims. Heavy emphasis on coin in every item even FAQ’s vs. The platform for which the tokens are for. Which tells me they are more focused on a coin they can trade than an actual product. They don’t allocate enough for legal”. – Joseph Lowe – ICO Advisor | Integration Strategy l Certified Cryptocurrency Expert |


Token GCT
Pre – Sale Price 1 USD = 218.7 GCT
Price in ICO 1 USD = 178.2 GCT
Country Switzerland
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China
Pre – Sale 3rd July – 14th August 2018
Public-Sale 11th September – 23rd October 2018
Tokens for Sale: 9,000,000,000
Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 50,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 20,000,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Casino Bank Reserve – 40%
Team – 10%
Sale – 45%
Bounty Program – 5%
Bonus Total Token Sold
0% – 15% +35%
>15% – 30% +30%
>30% – 50% +25%
>50% – 75% +20%
>75% – 100% +10%