• GLEDOS (Global Education Solution) is a blockchain-based answer to a raising demand for a tailor-made and relevant on-demand education for the modern age.
  • The platform provides a single-place-to-learn solution with education pathways, recommended by the leading AI algorithms.

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  • GLEDOS is a platform for content providers to publish their online lectures.
  • GLEDOS’s main differentiating quality is derived from the interactive exchange of information between students and businesses, smart contracts, and built-in artificial intelligence engine to help navigate the students’ learning pathway.


  • They are going to launch beta version in Aug 2019.


  • They are partnering with the following companies and other entities:
    • Undabot (web and mobile development),
    • Hashmark (marketing),
    • Jadek & Pensa (law firm),
    • Jozef Stefan Institute and its AI lab (AI engine development),
    • Netis (blockchain development),
    • Education Research Institute Slovenia and
    • Numerous education institutions and other education providers.


  • GLEDOS offers a combination of non-formal and formal online lectures and mixes them in a new concept of a credential model. Businesses continuously provide the input to artificial intelligence to shape the best-fit credential model for a specific industry or job position.
  • GLEDOS embodies the shift in the higher education system by connecting content providers, students, and businesses across the globe under a single blockchain-based educational system.
  • Shortens the education period from an average of 4 to 5 years to 1 to 2 years to get the first job, merely because student attended the lectures most suitable for a particular employer or business field.
  • Offers the opportunity to study globally, participate in high-quality sessions provided by top lecturers, and adjust the studying to their time preference.
  • Enables the students to build a learning plan with the support of AI as a combination of lectures across multiple universities or other educational programs.
  • Matches the student profiles with the best-fit employers.
  • Offers a new level of partnership between educational institutions, professors, students, and businesses.
  • Gledos business model is based on; collection of fees from every paid transaction, selling the insights to headhunting and HR agencies and mapping the talents to job offers.
  • GLEDOS serves a middle layer and plans to integrate top existing e-learning providers into a platform. On top of that, GLEDOS will build its own base of lectures, provided by professors across the globe.
  • Students are at the core of GLEDOS. The quality of the education system and knowledge gained by students impacts the quality of life of students and the overall economy. These are some of the benefits:
  • Lower education costs: Services provided by the GLEDOS platform will not be free of charge. However, they will offer an affordable alternative to learning by attending top-ranked sessions with minimal costs. Students will also avoid the cost of living in another city or a country and travel costs.
  • Time flexibility: GLEDOS provides the flexibility and freedom for students to select when they would like to study, work, or enjoy their free time. The earlier they start combining their studies with real business through work, the higher the value they have in the market and sooner they can pay-off the loans.
  • Higher employment rate: GLEDOS increases student relevance in partnership with businesses during the studies.
  • Businesses also benefit and are sculptors of the process, primarily by having a chance to influence the curriculum and find the best-fit student for their needs. Key benefits for businesses delivered by GLEDOS are:
  • Getting more competent and knowledgeable workforce,
  • Opportunity to employ students in early phases of their education process to get to know their businesses better,
  • Attracting students at an early stage with scholarship programs,
  • Reducing cost of selection and hiring. Etc.
  • GLEDOS provides an interface for lecturers to stay in touch with the current knowledge and practical skills demanded in their field of expertise and reward the ones who are responding to students and businesses. Key benefits for lecturers delivered by GLEDOS are:
  • Content providers re-sell their lectures via GLEDOS 20,
  • Opportunity for professors to work with the global student pool and business pool,
  • Having the ability to participate and contribute to worldwide research projects,
  • Closer contact with businesses without the need for costly and binding joint ventures.
  • Providing students and workers with current and needed knowledge has a widespread impact on society since it reduces the skills gap and lowers the numbers of the less employable workforce, reduces costs of obtaining knowledge, and reduces the debt that is accumulated while studying. Here are just some of the benefits for societies by providing an affordable and flexible education system:
    • Better education drives higher-paid jobs, lowers unemployment rate, and increases the GDP,
  • Connection with businesses gives the macro view and greater insights into the workforce,
  • Open and invite students to governmental projects. Etc.
  • GLEDOS uses smart contracts to define the agreement between a student and a company for the following scenarios:
  • E-projects: for businesses to invite students (and potentially lecturers) to engage in the real business projects for a certain period.
  • E-mentorships: help students navigate their studies, select the most appropriate lectures to fit the profile of industry or function and introduce the student to real business cases.
  • Scholarships: an opportunity for businesses to invest in best-fit students and secure students’ commitment to join the organization after studying.



  • 10.8K+ telegram users, 2.9K+ followers on Facebook and 6.2K+ Twitter followers.
  • 4.3 ratings on ICO bench.
  • They are not very active on You Tube, only 15 subscribers and 316 views for their official Video.



  • GLEDOS spans globally and provides unlimited opportunity for any student to access the best lectures, materials, and professors.
  • They want to remove inefficiencies in the higher education system by being a connective tissue of supply and demand of knowledge required by businesses.
  • GLEDOS will build its own base of lectures, provided by professors across the globe. They will continue to invest in new programs, new content providers, and businesses.


Token GLX
Pre – Sale Price 1 GLX = $0.167
Price in ICO 1 GLX = $0.20
Country Slovenia
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China
Pre – Sale 4th – 6th Sep 2018
Public-Sale 6th Sep – 6th Oct 2018 or Until the hard cap is reached
Tokens for Sale: 108M GLX
Soft Cap $3,500,000

Hard Cap $18,500,000
Total Token Supply 180M GLX

Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 60%
Company – 15%
Team – 10%
Advisors – 10%
Community – 5%
Bonus Private Sale – 30%
Pre Sale – 20%