• Geeba is a decentralized delivery ecosystem that enables businesses to operate deliveries with autonomous vehicles and smart hubs.
  • The high costs, lack of efficiency, and demand of deliveries today enables Geeba to introduce a new approach to the industry by allowing the community to actively participate in the evolution through leveraging blockchain.



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  • Geeba is developing a decentralized ecosystem enabling businesses to cut down expenses of local deliveries powered by blockchain, autonomous vehicles and smart hubs.
  • The ecosystem acts as a growth enabler to empower retailers and provide limitless scale opportunity to shippers with a community centric approach.



  • They are going to release G-Ship Web Platform v1 with real-time Tracking and order placement and G-Nest Marketplace in the 4th Quarter of 2018.



  • Customers require cheaper and flexible service while businesses are unable to provide it due to limitation in supply chain and outdated technologies restricting their growth.
  • Geeba will be primarily targeting logistics providers and couriers (facilitators). However, given shared operational needs and customer profiles, Ecommerce retailers will represent a secondary target market for Geeba such that all target market conditions follow the key differentiators: Last mile delivery (i.e. delivery range), medium to light weight parcels (i.e. volumetric weight), and lastly the 2nd day and express delivery span (i.e. delivery time window).
  • The industry of autonomous delivery robots/ devices is developing rapidly, in many cities around the globe, companies such as Airlift, Marble, Starship, Dispatch and many others are making it a reality.
  • Geeba’s blockchain ecosystem is structured and managed through focusing on the advancement of the three following aspects: autonomy, economy, and technology.
  • Using the Geeba Ecosystem, retailers and carriers connect with a network of shippers that are powered by autonomous vehicles to offer 24/7, express and same-day delivery services through one shipping web interface or by API integrations.
  • A tricycle-based concept which utilizes the state-of-the-art technology in AI is being developed for Geeba. The key behind developing an autonomous tricycle is to utilize bicycle lanes in cities yet enable it to work on car lanes with speeds not exceeding 50km per hour. This allows two tricycles to move next to one another on one car lane. With such capability, the droid can deliver packages faster than any other ground-based system.
  • Geeba utilizes available parking space in specific public and accessible location to station the Smart Hubs with variable sizes.
    • Web Platform Interface: The web interface for shippers and service providers will run in a web browser without the requirement of local installation and allow to perform all actions: including order placement; scheduling; reviewing history and payments; registering; dispatching and managing fleets; setting delivery options and pricing policies.
    • Delivery App for Consumers: The delivery app will provide a smooth order tracking and customer service process for end-consumers. The delivery app will allow end-consumers to interact with the delivery robots and will be published on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.
  • Geeba ecommerce solution will complete the ecosystem by creating demand for the delivery platform. Businesses can list their products directly on the platform or consumers can search for products aggregated from multiple partner sites and pay using Geeba Coin.
  • Geeba Nest is an open marketplace allowing shippers and robot manufacturers to list and sell their vehicles, while allowing supporters to virtually own the robots.
  • Geeba Coins are the primary payment currency for the delivery services and community incentiviation.
  • During the registration, the system will create a user profile and a wallet address. Each participant of the ecosystem can download the wallet that preserves all data in the decentralized database and interact with other parties.
  • Benefits to Community:
    • Flexible Service: 24/7 availability and flexibility,
    • Live Alerts: Timely and reliable tracking with smart notifications,
    • Safer Roads: Improved road safety for pedestrians and vehicles,
    • City Friendly: Access to greener and cost-effective last mile alternative,
    • Lower Price: Reduced costs of local delivery. Etc.
  • Benefits to Community:
  • Network of Couriers: Connect with multiple service providers that are powered by autonomous vehicles to offer off-hour, express, and same-day delivery services through one shipping API.
  • Reduction in Price: Offer lower fees for express and same day last mile delivery via costs reductions while using autonomous vehicles.
  • Simple Integrations: Retailers can join the platform in simple easy steps to enable robot’s delivery. Etc.
  • Benefits to Shippers:
  • High Demand: Geeba, aggregates demand from trusted shippers with streamlined, tested operations,
  • Smart Tracking: Realtime tracking of fleets for optimal operational visibility,
  • Proof of Delivery: Making it a standard for customers to sign for proof of delivery
  • Securing Information: Geeba is naturally secured as it relies on the blockchain’s proven hashing algorithm technology without the possibility of information leakage. Etc.
  • Geeba will provide an automated local delivery service consisting of express, same day or scheduled orders for small and medium size packages to destinations inside the Netherlands powered by proprietary software and hardware.
  • The droids are equipped with different technologies to ensure the security and safety of the delivered packages. Through the droid-to-station communication, real time tracking of each package can be achieved.



  • 6.5K+ telegram users, 4.2K+ followers on Facebook and 3.7K+ Twitter followers.
  • They have got 1K subscribers for their official YouTube Channel and 4K+ views for the official video.
  • 4.1 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Geeba aims to facilitate the use of robots to make 5 million deliveries by 2022.
  • Geeba aims to develop a sustainable city logistics solution that directly serves centralized extended and fully-extended supply chains. Moreover, the proposed business model assumes Geeba will be working together with businesses as well such that the B2X model is complete.
  • They also want to add visibility and predictability to logistics operations to accelerate the physical flow of goods.
  • Geeba envisions a future where autonomous vehicles including drones will deliver close to 100% of X2C and 80% of all items.


Experts Review:

  • “Interesting and quite unique idea quite likely based on real business solutions and supported by industry. But why all the advisors don’t relate to project according to their LinkedIn!? The link to “CEO account is wrong. The whitepaper is presented in an unusual presentation style, contains no competitive analysis and business planning. It is clear they need more advisors with ICO and fundraising experience and certainly need to fix abovementioned issues to get better rating” – Igor Karavaev (ico advisor and investor)
  • “The project concept is so far unique, and it helps resolve the problem of the last-minute delivery. Although the team is good, but some positions need to be improved as well to make sure that it will reach potential investors the right time. I would like to see a work MVP rather than YouTube video as it is not real to me. Hope to adjust my ratings when I have more info. God luck” –Tran Van Tinh (ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert)



Token GBA
Pre-Sale 1 GBA = 0.1 USD
Price in ICO 1 GBA = 0.1 USD
Country Netherland
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC Whitelist (Private Sale only) & KYC
Restricted Areas USA, China, Iran
Pre-Sale 1st – 15th Sep 2018
Public- Sale Q4 2018 – Upon reaching the hard cap, the ICO will end immediately (11th Nov 2018 – 2nd Jan 2019(Tentative))
Tokens for Sale: 280,000,000
Soft Cap $3,200,000 M USD
Hard Cap $28,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 400,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown ICO Participants – 70%
Bonus & Affiliates – 13%
Team – 10%
Advisors – 5%
Bounty – 2%
Bonus Private Sale – 35%
Pre- Sale – 25%
ICO Phase 1: 14 Days – 20%
ICO Phase 2: 14 Days – 15%
ICO Phase 3: 14 Days – 10%
ICO Phase 4: 14 Days – 5%