• eLocations is a global commercial property listings platform which provides location intelligence on commercial units in prime locations globally.
  • The eLocations presents the world’s first global commercial real estate platform. The existing business of eLocations is a commercial property listings meta platform which provides location intelligence on retail units in prime locations globally.



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  • The intention of the platform is to evolve the current classified listings sites on the one hand with eLocations.com and to introduce a completely new service for tenants and landlords to switch from centralized paper contracts and listings to decentralized smart contracts as well as listings on the blockchain with eLocations.io.





  • eLocations.io is a decentralized ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make the leasing process more transparent, less costly, and infinitely more accessible, efficient and secure.
  • A transparent ecosystem holds verified information from landlords, brokers, tenants or property managers, and fosters trust between the parties.
  • eLocations identified the following problems:
    • The global retail real estate market is fragmented, opaque and offline
    • The industry is vast, with millions of stores worldwide – hence visibility is poor
    • Users sacrifice ownership and control of their real estate data to third party portals increasing costs, decreasing innovation, and prohibiting universal property identifiers
    • Transacting retail real estate is expensive and time consuming, with poor communication channels. Every new deal and contract need hundreds of calls, checks, searches and visits. Etc
  • It uses automated technology and data overlays to create an unprecedented meta-platform of available retail property listings – wherever you want in the world.
  • It provides an escrow transaction layer that will facilitate security and efficiencies in documentation sharing.
  • A one-stop-shop for all retailers, brokers, landlords, asset managers, analysts, and municipalities globally.
  • By starting with listing data, eLocations can automatically give each property a unique ID. This ID is open source and accessible to anyone, anytime for free, and creates the ideal basis upon which to create a functional and deep ecosystem.
  • eLocations’ platform benefits landlords, brokers, tenants and property managers as follows:
  • Landlords:
    • Short vacancy time: Landlords can shorten the vacancy time of their properties because interested tenants can find them thanks to eLocations’ search algorithm faster than ever before.
    • Listing Marketing: Landlords are able to compare rents and prices of neighbour or similar retail properties to determine the optimal rent.
    • Rent Collection and Use of: eLOCationsToken eLocations enables an easy, fast and secure collection of rents thanks to the eLOCationsToken.
  • Brokers:
    • Fast identification of potential tenants and portfolio increase
  • Tenants:
    • Focused Property Search and Transparency: Tenants can find properties and close relevant contracts very fast.
    • Rental Contract Execution: All platform retail real estate data is verified.
  • Property Managers:
    • High Occupancy Rate: The eLocations platform guarantees a high occupancy rate.
    • Portfolio Synergies: Property managers can seamlessly manage their property from one single point of administration.
  • Investors:
    • Expanding Portfolio: Property owners who are interested in expanding their portfolios can obtain quick, qualified market information, as well as specific information where to buy properties with great potential.
  • eLocations will facilitate the transactions between the stakeholders through the eLocations ecosystem enabling to skim the described benefits.
  • eLocations provides tenants, landlords and investors a technology-based service offering which combines worldwide rich market intelligence.
  • The technology allows the client to zoom to street level and see shop fronts in order to experience a specific area or street of interest.
  • The eLOCationsToken it is possible to execute rent or purchase price payments directly on the platform.
  • eLocations’ data could be key to further enhance the degree of automation of business processes or even enable new business models, and thus being of value for other Blockchain based solutions.


  • 15.4K+ telegram users, 1.5K+ followers on Facebook and 4.7K+ Twitter followers.
  • They have already analyzed and uploaded 80,000 retail properties in over 1,500 shopping streets onto their own global listing platform. Today they have already smashed through over 1,5 million searches on the platform – just in their first 12 months of operations.
  • They have got 27 subscribers for their YouTube Channel and 1.1K views for their official video.
  • 4.2 ratings on ICO bench.




  • The long-term vision of eLocations is to bring full transparency to the commercial properties market, including the land registry titles.
  • As a dream, their founder Marc C. Riebe wants to fly with Space X and/or Virgin to the Mars to establish the first, one and only Blockchain land registry in the Universe.
  • Their vision is to become the business-critical site for retail property decision making, supporting all retailers, landlords, brokers and analysts in shopping locations globally through its unique PropTech meta platform. The platform can then be extended beyond retail into all real estate categories.


Experts Review:

  • “Good project with a team with a track record. The current use case makes sense and is highly commercial. Good push toward mass adoption. Real estate is a big market that will inevitably require blockchain as a solution.” – Jeremy Khoo (Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Fund Partner | Exchange Founder | Singapore)
  • “Their vision is definitely bold and a very big one to achieve. But I have the same concerns about the team that P.B Stanton raised. There are other players in the market trying to achieve the same thing so it would have been good to see an MVP.” – Mohit Tater (Blockchain & ICO Advisor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur)



Token eLOC
Pre – Sale 1 eLOC = 0.05 EUR
Price in ICO 1 eLOC = 0.05 EUR
Country Switzerland
Platform Ethereum
Website https://www.elocations.io/
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas They are into Proptech which is a simple phenomenon hence there are no restrictions.
Pre-Sale 22nd Aug – 20th Sep 2018 (They are going to extend the deadline up to three times depending upon the situation)
Public- Sale Dates are not announced yet
Tokens for Sale: 1,000,000,000
Soft Cap 2,500,000 EUR
Hard Cap 50,000,000 EUR
Total Token Supply 1,250,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 80%
Founders and Employees – 15%
Reserve – 5%
Bonus 30% token bonus for up to 3m EUR raised
20% token bonus between 3m to 5m EUR raised
10% token bonus between 5m to 6m EUR raised
5% token bonus between 6m to 25m EUR raised