• Cyber Capital Invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, don’t know how to get started.



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  • They want todesign an entry level trading platform that’s a safe environment for people to invest their money.
  • They will supply a team of experts, professional traders and risk analysts, who will diligently plot the investment course and monitor the investment strategy 24/7.




  • Cyber Capital Invest aims to help skillful traders who do not have access to large asset portfolios.
  • Here’s how it works:
    • User opens a new account.
    • User receives an ‘Access Level’ based on their deposit amount and period of investment.
    • User chooses an ‘Investment Plan’ (i.e. 7-day plan with 3,5% ROI yield).
    • User deposits capital into their account (i.e. $100).
    • User’s capital ($100) is now locked for the time of the plan (7 days).
    • Users capital then gets transferred to a central investment pot.
    • Professional traders then utilize that capital to make trades.
    • At the end of the User’s Investment Plan (7 days) the User’s capital gets unlocked.
    • The User’s profit (3,5%) from their Investment plan gets paid into their wallet.
    • The User can now withdraw their original capital + their profit (totaling $103,50).
  • USP
    • They will provide their users with a set of Investment Plans that will include plans with only 24-hour lock-up period, after which the account balance (original investment plus the profit) will be fully available for withdrawal.
    • They will also provide a range of investment plans offering different lengths of time. Short term plans offering easy access, and long-term plans with a set active period.
    • New users can create anonymous accounts where they don’t have to submit any personal identification documentation. This means no identifiable, personal information about that user is stored on our databases, so even in the event of a security breach, the user remains anonymous.
    • They will support a vast array of deposit methods: BankWire, credit card deposit, PayPal etc. We will also support multiple cryptocurrencies types for deposit and withdrawal.
    • They are aiming to launch the platform with anti-fraud department in place, to monitor fraud and conduct risk assessment. It will automatically insure all our Users and that insurance cover will vary, value wise, based on the type of their account level the user has opted to adopt.
  • CCI token is a security token which functions as a profit share for token holders. Every token holder will have a dashboard where they will be able to see:
  • Their token quantity,
  • Tokens rate on market,
  • Token in circulation,
  • Statement of earnings,
  • Number of total tokens purchased.
  • All Token Holders get their profit share credited to their account on a weekly basis.


  • 21.9K+ telegram users, 983 followers on Facebook and 5.7K + Twitter followers.
  • 4.2 ratings on ICO bench.



  • The Cyber Capital Invest mission is to offer our users the most flexible and secure cryptocurrency investment fund with a highly profitable business model. 
  • Aim is to produce a better capital investment business model for our customers, whilst managing customer expectations by not issuing promises we think are unrealistic to meet.

Experts Review:

  • I think the team is excellent, why is ICO? It is Crypto to handle, but does the necessity of block chain intervene on this platform itself? Overall, the explanation of the operating condition of the system is poor, for example “Problem 7: Investment funds have a haste habit of just disappearing overnight. “In contrast to this, “We will automatically insure all our users. “But what is guaranteed specifically also understands the appearance well, but it does not help to know how it works again.- Nozomu Nakazato (ICO consultant)



Token CCI
Pre-Sale 1 CCI = 0.12 USD
Price in ICO 1 CCI = 0.14 USD (Tier 1)
1 CCI = 0.16 USD (Tier 2)
1 CCI = 0.18 USD (Tier 3)
1 CCI = 0.20 USD (Tier 4)
Country Estonia
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA
Pre-Sale 3rd Sept,2018 – 17th Sept,2018
Public- Sale 29th Oct,2018 – 26th Nov,2018
Tokens for Sale: 175,000,000
Soft Cap 15,000,000 CCI
Hard Cap 175,000,000 CCI
Total Token Supply 250.000.000 CCI
Token Supply Breakdown 68%: Token Sale
20%: Future Token Release
10%: Team reserve
2%: Bounty Program
Bonus 50% off during Private Sale
40% off during Pre-sale
30% off during 1 Tier of Crowdsale
20% off during 2 Tier of Crowdsale
10% off during 3 Tier of Crowdsale