• CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology to safeguard online users against fraud.
  • The whole internet community can participate in the global fight against scam. Users can report their suspicions about scam to our platform. Officers will verify reports and create verdicts.
  • Each verdict will go through multi-level verification, after which that verdict will receive a truthful status. All verified data will be stored in an archive and placed on the blockchain. That data will be used by Watchdog to protect the community and notify users about scams and fraud.



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  • CryptoPolice is a global organization that will tap into both the synergies brought by modern technology and community efforts, to protect security online and act for the good of the public at large.


  • The WatchDog beta is available in the Google Chrome store.



  • The annual damage inflicted by cybercrime to the economy is within the range of 375–575 billion USD, exceeding the GDP of many countries around the world.
  • Internet fraud is constantly adapting, acting as a virus that attacks the community and stealthily infects everything around it. Hence, they decided to set up the CryptoPolice platform, which will act as an anti-virus and protect the community against scam.
  • CryptoPolice is not a governmental establishment and it does not counteract the government control or deeds of any delegated authorities, but rather uses all opportunities for collaboration in accordance with the needs of society.
  • CryptoPolice provides services for:
    • All Internet users – by providing safety on the Internet from fraud as well as by giving opportunities for training and earnings.
    • Investors – by protecting them from investing in scams and minimizing the risks of financial losses when investing in crypto projects.
    • Owners of Web objects (websites, web pages, social network or messenger accounts etc.) – by affirming validity and authenticity of an object.
    • ICO owners – by providing an opportunity to use CryptoPolice escrow contracts and increasing the investment prospects of a project.
    • Expert users – by providing an opportunity to become a CryptoPolice Officer and earn by applying your knowledge.
    • The whole of society – by creating comfortable and safe conditions for interaction with each other.


  • It performs following tasks:
    • scam search – by actively interacting with society, CryptoPolice can react as swiftly as possible to scam activity, which minimizes the degree of potential damage;
    • scam verification – a decentralized algorithm of multi-level verification allows CryptoPolice to objectively identify scam and take fast decisions;
    • public archive – information on all results of CryptoPolice work is open and available to any user;
    • rewards for participants – CryptoPolice uses an active system of motivating communities by providing an opportunity for decent earnings. etc.
  • The activity of CryptoPolice includes the analysis and evaluation of the information coming from users.
  • Users and roles:
    • Simple user – any Internet user who uses the platform of CryptoPolice or its functions.
    • Internet project owner – an authorized representative or owner of an Internet object (website, web page, social network or messenger account etc) or project, whose ownership has been approved by CryptoPolice.
    • Officer – an expert-level user who has been certified by CryptoPolice.
  • CryptoPolice has set up a knowledge database that is open for review by anybody. Additionally, any user will be able to post publications here, while the Officers will help maintain high quality with the multi-level verification system in place.
  • All results of CryptoPolice performance, starting from the moment of receiving the information, are stored in the open archive. Storage is carried out using blockchain technology, which ensures that the information will not be deleted or falsified, and users will have access to the history of all changes.
  • The CryptoPolice platform allows users to interact with the CryptoPolice blockchain with the help of user-friendly visual forms.
  • They set up the CryptoPolice Academy in order to enable training and certification for Officers.
  • Since CryptoPolice is starting its operations in the cryptocurrency market, the Academy will also furnish training materials on types, check lists and methods that can be used to identify ICO scams.
  • WatchDog: is the main product that will be delivered by CryptoPolice.
    • WatchDog Anti Phishing – basic version, based on the CryptoPolice’s Internet Object Database and giving reliable protection from phishing websites, web pages, wallets, social network or messenger accounts, e-mail addresses or any other web-based fake objects.
    • WatchDog Crypto – the version developed specifically for the crypto community and delivering protection against cryptocurrency scam.
    • WatchDog Web – the full version, enabling overall protection against Internet fraud.
    • Both versions will be accessible in free mode, limited to a basic set of functions. The full versions will be provided via monthly subscription.
  • ESCROW: It’s a means of providing assured fulfilment of obligations by contracting parties, assisted by a third party, an escrow agent, which confirms that both parties have fulfilled their obligations and thus acts as a guarantor between them.
  • CryptoPolice offers two types of escrow contracts:
    • Target Cap Escrow – the contract implies automatic capital return to investors if the owners fail to reach the minimum target capital;
    • Road Map Escrow – the contract ensures a gradual transfer of the raised capital by the project owners, as well as the further return of part of the capital to investors in the event of termination of further project implementation.
  • The WatchDog system is analogous to anti-malware software and has similar consumer qualities. It is categorized as a system to protect against cyber threats and specialized for fighting online fraud.
  • Escrow Smart Contracts are unique in that they have an in-built mechanism for dispute arbitration, based on a multi-level verification algorithm. The principle known as the “Wisdom of the Crowd,” being at the core of the algorithm, enables arbitration of disputes with independence, impartiality and expediency.
  • CryptoPolice offers a wide range of services that open high potential for monetization and can subsequently turn into paid packages. After the system has stabilized, a portion of the functions of the CryptoPolice platform will become paid and will be available for monthly subscription fees.
  • Users who take an active role in CryptoPolice operations have the chance to earn rewards for their efforts. The rewards help incentivize both Officers and regular users to carry out their tasks in a fast and accurate manner, when submitting reports or delivering and verifying verdicts.
  • The rewards accrue only for those actions that were successfully verified by other Officers via the process for multi-level verification.



  • 11.6K+ telegram users, 10.7K+ Facebook followers and 12.1K twitter followers
  • They have got 339 subscribers for their official YouTube channel and 1.8K+ views for official video.
  • 4.4 ratings on ICO bench.

Long Term:

  • They want to develop products that assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scam.
  • CryptoPolice will introduce Artificial Intelligence. The main goal that the Artificial Intelligence will help achieve is increasing the capacity for processing factual data.



  • “Though I appreciate the intent, this is a lofty idea, that in my opinion will take lots of work. The project team is basing the ROI on a deflationary token model. The investment opportunity here is risky, however: there seems to be a real need for this multi-level verification process. I am rooting for this project.” – Douglas Lyons (Board Advisor- Early Adoption and Strategic Partnerships)
  • “Brilliant idea, great team. We need this – I personally have had my SIM card hacked as have several other cryptocurrency personalities – and millions has been stolen. I was lucky to catch the theft early and block my SIM card, but I lost my Skype and Microsoft accounts.” – Richard Kastelein (ICO Advisor, 50+ ICOs since 2016, Editor-at-Large Blockchain News, partner Blockchain Partners, founder Cryptoassets Design Group)
  • “Big active and motivated team, doing their best to bring their platform to the masses. Original concept with a great goal that can help against real life problems of the industry and internet. Good luck guys!” – Stephan De Haes (ICO Advisor, Community leader and COO/Co-founder



Token OFCR
Pre – Sale Price 1 OFCR = $ 0.055
Price in ICO 1 OFCR = $ 0.060
1 OFCR = $ 0.085 (Last Chance)
Country Estonia
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao PDR, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran, North Korea, China.
Pre – Sale Closed Pre-Sale – 25th Sep 2018 (ONLY FOR WHITELISTERS)
Public Pre-Sale – Quarter 3 2018 (Date to be Announced)
Public-Sale Quarter 3 2018 (Date to be Announced)

Tokens for Sale: 510,000,000 OFCR
Soft Cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 27,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 OFCR
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 51%
Rewards for Offi¬cers and user – 35%
Referrals and Airdrop – 7%
Team and Partners -5%
Bounty Campaigns – 2%