Creditor Review


  • Creditor Data Platform is a decentralized, blockchain-based, ecosystem that creates a transparent exchange of data between provider and purchaser.
  • The decentralized data marketplace in Creditor will accomplish transparency for the individuals and provide quality and trustworthy data for corporations.

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  • It is a platform that is built upon blockchain technology empowering individuals to receive a financial reward for the provision of data and to control and trace the movement of their information.




  • Trust is a major problem regarding data for individuals and organizations alike. Individuals do not trust the storing and usage of their personal data, and corporations do not trust the information they collect for sound decision making.
  • Estonia is already experimenting with blockchain to secure citizen information through a program called e-residency.
  • Currently individuals have no insight into who, how, when, and for what their data is being used for.
  • Major problems that exist for corporations and other data buyers/aggregators is around the trust of the data they are collecting:
    • Financial Drain: On average $3.1 Trillion dollars is wasted annually on poor data quality.
    • Data Inaccuracy: This can happen for various reasons but mainly they are focused on deliberate errors.
  • Creditor is​ ​creating​ ​a universal​ decentralized​ ​ data marketplace ​solution to work ​flawlessly​together​ ​with​ ​individuals and organization on​ the Ethereum​ blockchain​ ​leveraging​ ​smart​ ​contract​ technology.
  • Key Players in the proposed ecosystem:
    • Data Owners — individuals willing to share and sell their personal data for a monetary reward.
    • Data Verifiers — nodes selected and vetted by the Creditor’s masternode until the first 100 verifiers in the system to verify accuracy of data, to provide quality data to Data Buyers, then Data Verifiers can accredit all next verification nodes to join the system;
    • Data Buyers — organizations and entities seeking to purchase data on individuals or target groups.
  • Core components of the Creditor platform:
    • A decentralized storage system provided by to allow Data Owners to secure their personal data safely and anonymously.
    • A decentralized marketplace where Data Owners can monetize their data and data buyers can trust the accuracy and quality of that data.
  • The data verification system provides data buyers with the trust that data purchased is accurate and of quality. ​This is a primary element in the Creditor ecosystem as no other competitor platform can do this.
  • Creditor will take 10% transaction fee on the data buyer side for every project filled in the marketplace.
  • Currently the use of individual data is controlled by a central authority with no transparent insight to the individual on how, when, for what, or who is using this data.
  • Storing sensitive data on an encrypted blockchain like Storj will eliminate the risk of data being compromised.
  • A solution built on the blockchain where individuals can grant consent in a clear and intelligent way could prove to be a solution to act according to regulation. Individuals will have full ownership over their data where they can dictate the exact terms on how a data buyer can use their data.
  • A main component of their solution is a data verification system that ensures accuracy and quality.
  • Their mission is to develop and deploy the best decentralized data marketplace that provides verified data, secure storage, audit trail of data usage, and a basic income for Data Owners all over the world.
  • Data Verifiers will not have access to all needed logical info to prevent fraudulent acts.
  • io​ is one of the best decentralized cloud storage systems available on the market today. The current market cap for Storj is over $160 billion and their token is trading at $1.18.
  • Creditor has secured a partnership to provide storage to all Creditor users.
  • The Creditor platform clearly defines who owns the data, consent, and the length of the contract on which data buyers have access to data.
  • They aim to disrupt the current supply-chain of personal data monetization by returning ownership of personal data and giving users the ability to sell it and monetize through a revenue share model.
  • Creditor Data Platform is created to get rid of the flow of poor information, to help companies to operate without any losses, to return people ownership over their personal information, to store all the information securely and without any risks of loss.
  • Creditor is nominated as one of the best innovative companies in financial sector by Benzinga Fintech Awards.
  • The Creditor platform will have verification nodes whose sole purpose is to verify data quality, accuracy, and authenticity.
  • Creditor Data Platform can enter the market as a convenient platform both for individuals and businesses. Use of our platform is mutually beneficial:
    • “Individuals can sell their personal information for a reward in CDPT-tokens, businesses can buy databases of 100% authentic data without any exceptions.”
  • Platform allows customers to trace the movement of their data and, moreover, dispose of their data.
  • Creditor Data Platform development consist of 2 main stages:
    • First one will be using Ethereum as a blockchain basis for storing information in a decentralised database and for smart contract execution.
    • Stage 2 is upgrading the platform with its own blockchain implementation that will be used exclusively for maintaining Creditor Data Platform.


  • 1.3K telegram users, 477 followers on Facebook and 101 Twitter followers.
  • 4.4 ratings on ICO bench.



  • They want to create a virtuous cycle by democratizing personal data and revolutionizing the way data is currently collected, processed and exchanged.
  • Creditor will build its own blockchain to handle storage and sharing and to provide infinite scalability for future use.
  • They want to develop a global decentralized​ marketplace​ for tomorrow’s global data industry.
  • Their objective is to have 2 billion people in the ecosystem by 2025 using Creditor to process 1 quintillion bytes of data per day.


Token CDPT
Pre – Sale Price 1 CDPT = 0.000044 ETH
Price in ICO 1 CDPT = 0.000044 ETH
Country Delaware, USA(operation), Token Issue (Belize)
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, Singapore
Pre – Sale 31st July – 30th Aug 2018(Approximately)
Public-Sale 2nd Sep – 16th Oct 2018(Approximately)
Tokens for Sale: 1,700,000,000
Soft Cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 3,400,000,000 CDPT
Token Supply Breakdown ICO Investors – 50%
Creditor Data Platform – 25%
Team – 18%
Advisory Board – 4%
Bounty – 3%
Bonus Private Sale investors: +100%
PreSale investors: +30%
Public TGE: +25% for 100+ ETH transactions
Bonuses for all during Public TGE:
• Sep 2nd – Sep 12th: +15%;
• Sep 12th – Sep 22th +12%;
• Starting Sep 22th, 2018 the bonus amount will decrease 1%
every 24 hours until 18:59 UTC on 3nd October, 2018