• Clash & GO is a mobile game that uses blockchain technology and combines a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR), and a city-building strategy game featuring real-time battles.



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  • Clash & Go goes far beyond what is normally found in mobile games. Unlike other city-builders and tower defense games, it is not constrained by the boundaries of the screen of the user’s smartphone.
  • Clash & GO gameplay offers two gameplay modes: Strategic and AR (augmented reality). Simply put, the users continue to play even when their smartphones are off, and all of their previous actions affect the virtual world.



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  • The player’s task in Strategic Mode, is to use careful planning to command the base entrusted to him/her, and develop it so as not to allow other players to seize its resources. In AR-mode, Clash & GO uses geolocation, and turns the surrounding world into a real battlefield.
  • Clash & GO blurs the line between reality and the virtual world. Finally, users will get the opportunity to influences the game in real time, get acquainted, create alliances, advance together to victory, and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.
  • Strategy games are the most profitable type of mobile games in terms of revenue. They make 3 times more revenue than any other mobile game category.
  • By combining the rapidly growing​ AR trend​ with ARPDAU and LTV of​ Strategy games​ , it is possible to create a product with strong elements of gameplay and profitability that will leave all competitors far behind in the global games market.
  • Clash & GO is a true open world geolocation game. The game area is as big as planet Earth itself. No other Base Building mobile game has ever offered anything like this before.
  • It includes a full-fledged RPG system. Players’ Heroes earn experience in rating battles against other players (PvP), and have an expanded set of skills and modules.
  • The base is the player’s main property. Here the player extracts the main resources, constructs and improves buildings, units, and heroes. The base helps to protect buildings captured on the planet, extract antimatter, or improve the characteristics of buildings on that same base.
  • The GO map is an alternative reality version of the world, with special objects on it and with random useful resources to encounter.
  • PvP is a battle mode where the player —backed by an army prepared in advance— attacks the base of a random opponent.
  • Ratings make it possible to divide players according to their progress level (Command center level) and general combat power (army strength and defense), keeping an ideal game balance. Rating grows as a result of victories in PvP battles, and decreases following a defeat in a PvP battle.
  • Users will be able to install the game and play it for free. The app will have Antimatter (in-game currency) and Clash & GO Tokens (CGO tokens).
  • Every day, they will spend 15% of the revenue received on the previous day, to buy CGO tokens and subsequently burn them. This will constantly increase the market price of CGO tokens.



  • 11.7K+ telegram users, 10.3K + followers on Facebook and 8.5K+ Twitter followers.
  • They have 40 subscribers for their YouTube Channel and 1.5K+ views for videos.
  • 4.4 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Their future goals lay in the user acquisition which would raise project’s revenue and allow them to develop ‘cool’ in-game features, constantly update the content and improve mechanics.
  • The second long-term goal is to promote their built-in crypto currency (CGO Tokens), go public on exchanges and keep increasing Token’s cost implementing slow emitting and buyback-burn strategy.


Experts Review:

  • “Good team and good idea. The fact that AR will be used here is great. I feel that AR will be used more commonly in the game industry as time progresses. Also the rewarding features is a good idea, it will promote game play and it will help in the end.” – Christopher Zenios (COO | CMO | Speaker | Blockchain | ICO Specialist | Consultant | Advisor | Writer | Project Developer| Investor)
  • “Strong team members will make the project a success. However, you need to diversify your team further to bring it to higher level. Good vision and this must be a fun game. One thing that makes me feel concerned of this token is its internal use and its price. Even though it is limited but $1.8 PreICO or $3 for ICO is making investors concerned if not offering a great plan ahead and big exchanges to be listed.” – Tran Van Tinh (Internet Marketer | Crypto Enthusiast | Investor | Trader | ICO Advisor)
  • “I appreciate they already have an MVP, which in my opinion is a must for an ICO nowadays. The team is experienced, so the development of the final product should not create concerns. I see a lot of gaming ICOs lately, looks like there is a huge niche for that. Investment-wise, there hasn’t been any of them that excelled, hope this one will be an exception. Would have loved to also see the AR version of the game somehow presented.” – Mihai Alexandru Bisnel (Experienced ICO analyst, editor at, Token Sale Platform supplier, Advisor, Blockchain Enthusiast)



Token CGO
Pre – Sale Price 1 CGO = $3.00
Price in ICO 1 CGO = $3.00
Country Ukraine
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas USA (accredited participants can participate), China, Canada and Singapore
Pre-Sale May – 20th Aug 2018
Public- Sale 12th Sep – 12th Oct 2018
Tokens for Sale: 10,000,000
Soft Cap $500,000
Hard Cap $25,000,000
Total Token Supply 20,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown ICO – 35%
Private Pre-Sale – 15%
Company Service Fund – 34.5%
Slow emission for in-game Auction – 10.5%
Advisors – 3.5%
Bounty & Marketing – 1.5%
Bonus Private Pre-sale – 30%
Public Sale 1(0-4,000,000 tokens) – 20%
Public Sale 2(4,000,000-6,000,000 tokens) – 15%
Public Sale 3(6,000,000-8,000,000 tokens) – 10%