• BX is a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem, designed to change the way the world bets.



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  • Idea is to create a decentralized betting exchange without a middleman and centralized structures, that can disrupt and redefine the traditional betting industry by offering its users a unique and enhanced experience.





  • On BX, users can take over the role of the bookmaker, create their own markets, place and offer bets with self-determined odds, and even participate in the outcome determination of a market. Ultimately the community decides whether a new market or a bet gets accepted or not.
  • The ecosystem provides its users the unique opportunity to trade bets in three different types of markets: sports (including esports), prediction markets and financial markets.
  • BX – the decentralized Betting eXchange – is a betting ecosystem that fulfills all requirements to act in the best interest of our users, by giving them full control of their actions and funds always. The decentralized structure of the BX betting exchange eliminates the possibility of a single point of failure.
  • In combination with the betting exchange model, the BX infrastructure will facilitate a fully transparent and easy-to-use betting experience.
  • Using blockchain technologies, BX can disrupt the centralized betting industry and create a new decentralized betting ecosystem with neither middlemen nor centralized structures. BX will focus on the following three key values:
    • BX will allow betting markets to function independently of any middleman, by using the smart contract technology of the Ethereum blockchain. This enables the betting transactions to run autonomously.
    • In contrast to regular betting platforms with centralized structures and middleman-oriented business logic, BX will allow peer-to-peer betting transactions as part of a unique decentralized ecosystem. BX will create all the necessary infrastructure to put the whole betting process and experience directly in the hands of the users.
    • As BX is a betting exchange, the odds are generated solely from the supply and demand of the users (comparable to the functioning of a stock exchange). This will eliminate the non-transparent and unfair odds determination that is common amongst traditional bookmakers.
  • BX can harness smart contract technology to significantly cut transaction and other operational costs, which leads to the low and fair fees which are set solely to keep the ecosystem running.
  • The BX platform allows its users to take on both sides of a betting market — the offeror (sell/lay), as well as the bettor (buy/back).
  • BX will offer two types of betting markets within the ecosystem: private and public markets.
  • The smart contract will distribute winnings directly to the wallets of the players who have bet on the correct outcome. The winnings will be calculated as follows:
  • As a Market Owner, every user has the chance to become a fully-fledged bookmaker, without having to set up any infrastructure. The BX ecosystem enables this feature without the user having to suffer any expenses.
  • BX will be the first decentralized betting ecosystem to offer a cash-out option. Although the outcome of a market is not yet determined, the user can cash out, and collect any winnings derived from an increased outcome probability and changed odds by selling their bet to another user.


  • 4K+ telegram users, 1.2K followers on Facebook and 1.6k Twitter followers.
  • 5 ratings on ICO bench.
  • The BX team is highly experienced in launching and operating traditional online betting offerings and has worked at the C-Level of well-known brands such as Betsson, Betfair or Bwin, as well as highly successful own brands like Mobilebet, Wetten.com and esportsbetting.com.



  • BX has the vision to create a whole new betting experience, where any user can take over the role of the bookmaker, create their own markets, place and offer bets with self-determined odds, and even participate in the outcome determination of a market.
  • BX aims to become the leading platform for all decentralized betting and prediction applications.


Experts Review:

  • At this project everything is quite good both team and the idea and a product, but each of points doesn’t pull on the five. Everywhere isn’t enough to WOW effect a little. On the other hand, it is visible that the project very strongly and I wish founders and team only success! – Nikolay Shkilev (Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor)
  • I have seen several ICO projects in the gaming or gambling industry here, but this seems very much interesting to me as its concept is new and more feasible. However, this industry is still highly competitive, so a backup plan should be developed in case there will be competitors (there are many to come) to win the battle in the long run. Although the ICO is not running yet, I can see the team is working hard and actively promoting the project on different channels from Medium, Telegram, Twitter and FB, that is good and necessary step for any ICOs. MVP is good, and I like the design which is eye catching and users friendly. Hope to test it out soon. – Tran Van Tinh (ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert)
  • ICO bench kyc passed, Team’s LinkedIn profiles looking professional with past experiences included. Based in Malta which gives some peace of mind around legislation as Malta is known the have a clear legislation about blockchain and betting/casino industry. Clear vision with detailed WP of 69 pages. Product has a demo, but very basic on the website. 60 % sold in ICO is good for industry standards and bonus percentages are realistic. – Stephan De Haes (CO Advisor, Community leader and COO/Co-founder Krypt.ly)



Token BX
Pre – Sale Price 1 BX = 0.19 USD
Price in ICO 1 BX = 0.19 USD
Country Malta
Platform Ethereum
Website https://bx.bet/en/
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Democratic people’s republic of Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, USA, Vanuatu, Yemen
Pre-Sale 15th Oct – 29th Oct 2018
Public- Sale 19th Nov – 17th Dec 2018
Tokens for Sale: 120,000,000
Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 200,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 60%
Company Reserve – 15%
Team – 10%
Advisor – 10%
Bounty – 5%
Bonus Pre-Sale:
15%: 300 USD – 2000 USD
22.5%: 2000 USD – 15.000 USD
30%: Above 15.000 USD