PROJECTED 36.5% ANNUAL RETURN ON KADX TOKENS!* BUY NOW! THE CROWD SALE IS LIVE!     Hello! Welcome to the KADX | KOINASCENT BITCOIN EXCHANGE! Register your FREE Bitcoin Trading Account and receiving your 5 KADX Token Bonus!  You are now a KADX TOKEN Owner! KADX | KOINASCENT BITCOIN EXCHANGE is a Cryptocurrency exchange and as a Member of our sharing community we want to...
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Koinascent Bitcoin Exchange 03

​​​​​​​IDD | ICODEALDECK – Decentralized Venture Capital Platform UPDATE.   KOINASCENT.COM CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE is the first graduate of the IDD | ICODEALDECK.COM Start Up Accelerator. The exchange is under development and the ALPHA Exchange site will launch on November 1, 2018 for user testing. Pre-register for a free cryptocurrency trading account Exchange. Get a $5 KADX BONUS when you pre-register. Join the KADX Token...
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KOINASCENT BITCOIN EXCHANGE They greatest fortunes in all history have been made from investing in BITCOIN. BITCOIN is the future of online business transactions. BITCOIN is volatile and very risky! However the Cryptocurrentcy Exchanges where BITCOIN is traded make money no matter whether BITCOIN prices go up or down. That is because the Cryptocurrency EXCHANGES charge Traders fees for buying or selling BITCOIN. Our Exempt...
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  KOINASCENT BITCOIN EXCHANGE Register Now GET $5 KADX TOKEN BONUS! KOINASCENT.COM TOKENIZED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE uses an innovative approach for community building., an upcoming BITCOIN exchange platform, aspires to build a community around cryptocurrency trading. The platform through its innovative KADX TOKEN system endeavors to foster transparency and trust on the exchange. The innovative KADX TOKEN system that uses shares 70% of its...
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THE EXCHANGE THAT GIVES BACK! PRE-REGISTER AND GET KADX TOKENS!   The IDD | ICODEALDECK.COM  Decentralized Venture Capital Community has grow a lot in the last eight months. More than 600 users have joined the IDD Start Up PITCH COMPETITION and the IDD WHITELIST now has over 10,000 people who have registered to join the upcoming DEAL DECK ICO Crowd Sale.   Today we are celebrating the graduation...
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