•  It is designed to automate essential to advanced functions of institutional administration and connectivity. Also emphasizes to enhance the quality of life of people in the community by providing them with opportunities to experience the arts through performance and education.



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  • Blackbox Foundation is a people-centric ecosystem with a protocol designed to achieve consensus and determine objective value. It has built an ecosystem of world class contributors with a shared bond around the common good.
  • Powered with AI and broad network of communities building a network for better way to work.


  • They are planning to launch private Alpha version in Oct – Nov 2018.


  • Black box is a next gen token operated and governed platform to manage distributed companies, teams and projects on the blockchain. It serves internal contributor; contributor organizations and token holders are also collectively known as Blackbox network.
  • The blackbox Token bridges the gap between the decentralized world and allows organizations to unleash the power of distributed technology, artificial intelligence, and other forefront technologies.
  • The blackbox OS is composed of configurable modules that can easily be selected and added to your organization via the module marketplace.
  • They envision a world where contributors are compensated fairly for the value they add so they created the Proof of Value (Pov) consensus protocol, which is unbiased, quantified compensation model that appropriately rewards contributors based on effort, skill, and priority.
  • Blackbox OS, the BBOS Token, protocols and modules are collectively known as the Blackbox network.
  • The five elements of the organizational structure that BBOS will primarily focus on are governance, compensation, identity, management, and security.


  • Built around the idea of proposals. Proposals are executable contracts constructed around specific projects or deliverable that can be submitted by token holders. Within framework, contributors will be able to earn tokens through actively or passively working o tasks.
  • Blackbox set out to make a radical difference and leverage the immense talent, credibility and network at their disposal to build a model that inspires social innovation through a boosted capitalistic model for distributed items.


    • Transparency: Prposals are voted on in Blackbox network and require consensus to be actioned.
    • Accuracy: Blockchain provides us with immutability and accuracy as the basis of distributed ledger technologies
    • Clear expectations: Estimations and token compensations are agreed upon at the time of proposal.


  • 1K+ telegram users, 11K+ followers on Facebook and 17.5K Twitter followers.
  • They have got 491 subscribers for their YouTube Channel and 900+ views for their video
  • 5 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Blackbox Foundation is a non-profit entity with a mission to promote, educate, and support the decentralized Blackbox ecosystem model for the future of work.
  • Their mission is to build the Blackbox Operating System, which will enable:
  • Significant reduction of no value-add overhead
  • Meaningful work focused on the core strength of individuals
  • Self-actualization and flexibility
  • Income equality through just distribution of funds
  • We will do this by applying AI to business areas where machine learning can see tremendous gains


Experts Review:

  • “Interesting and unique idea dedicated and numerous teams. The whitepaper has comprehensive product description but lacks enough info about business planning. The MVP link should be attached if available and KYC must be passed here. I will re-check later”- Igor Karavaev (ico advisor and investor)
  • “Very strong team with KYC passed. However, could work a bit more on your product and WP to polish it up. Failed to find a link to MVP or Alpha version release.” – Yaroslav Belkin (Ex Cointelegraph and NewsBTC Media Group | Founder and CEO at Belkin Marketing)
  • “Great vision for the next managing and operating systems in companies, with a useful set of expected modules. Anxious to see the product itself. Strong and confident team. KYC passed.” – Joseba Sainz de Baranda (ICO Investor and Advisor | SMOTION Founder| MDes Industrial Product Design | Industrial Engineering Degree)



Token BBOS
Pre – Sale Price 1 BBOS = 0.16 USD
Price in ICO 1 BBOS = 0.16 USD
Country Hong Kong
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China
Pre-Sale 26th June – 27th Sept, 2018
Public- Sale 15th Jan – 15th Feb,2019
Tokens for Sale: 345,833,333
Soft Cap 8,000,000 BBOS
Hard Cap 10,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 Total
Token Supply Breakdown External – 34.58%
Foundation – 30.66%
Core Team – 20.75%
Ecosystem Reserve – 10%
Bounties – 2%
Advisors – 1%
Casual Team -1%
Bonus 50%: Sold on Pre-Sale: 37,500,000 BBOS
25%: Sold on Pre-Sale: 58,333,333 BBOS