• Bixtrim is an innovative crypto-exchange platform with simplified access for everyone
  • Bixtrim offers new opportunities for investing in future financial profits by issuing the BXM token and plans to develop a unique, multifunctional platform with new opportunities and features that simplify and speedup cryptocurrency transactions, while ensuring comfort and ease of use for customers transferring fiat money.



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  • The products and services will offer the right breakthrough features that the crypto world needs and encompass major innovations in this industry.


  • They have not yet launched their MVP.



  • A multifunctional platform will be engineered and designed by the Bixtrim team. The products and services will offer the right breakthrough features that the crypto world needs and encompass major innovations in this industry.
  • The platform will cover: BXM Token, Pawn Shop, Plastic Card, New Coin Exchange Platform, Unique Payment System Scalable Transfer System. A unique set of opportunities such as;
    • Pawnshop – function allowing pawning cryptocurrencies,
    • Futures – supporting transactions planned on a determined date,
    • Escrow – supporting deals with pre-defined independent principal,
    • Multifactorial authentication – verification using several steps,
    • Plastic Cards – exclusive product, attached directly to cryptocurrency.
    • Challenge: Slow cash-out of cryptocurrency / Delayed cash-out.
    • Solutions: Bixtrim is in close partnership with one of the leading microfinance organizations in Georgia, which is currently held under the same holding name as Bixtrim. With the full support of this financial institution, our customers will be able to cash out cryptocurrencies at our cash desks within a few minutes. Bixtrim will make use of the entire network of existing and future service centers, granting easy access to fiat and crypto to all interested parties within minutes.
    • Challenge: Potential loss of profit for coin owners.
    • Solution: Bixtrim will develop a crypto pawnshop where coin owners can pawn their coins for some period and retrieve their coins after meeting their financial commitments. This option gives customers an opportunity to keep their coins and profit in the long term, while receiving much needed short-term cash.
    • Challenge: No possibility to trade on a predetermined date.
    • Solution: We will develop an exclusive feature – futures contracts on the Bixtrim platform supporting a predefined date for transactions. Every user of the platform will be able to use this feature and trade with ease. All the coins traded on the Bixtrim platform will enjoy this futures support. While buyers/sellers are anonymous and the agreement between them will not be legally binding, the Bixtrim platform will serve as a guarantor and freeze some amounts of money for both parties to facilitate smooth transactions.
    • Challenge: Limited number and slow timing of transactions.
    • Solution: Bixtrim will issue a global cryptocurrency with the ability to process at least 100.000 transactions a second. With such technology, a multitude of transactions can be processed per second around the globe. Bixtrim’s coin will serve as a catalyst, which connects the crypto market to the retail market.
    • Challenge: Limited connection of crypto market with retail market.
    • Solution: Will issue a revolutionary payment card, which will be directly linked to the Bixtrim coin and other cryptocurrencies. The card will be usable in online shops, ATMs, PoS terminals and it will have a high daily withdrawal limit. Owners of these payment cards will be able to conduct online shopping and make retail purchases anytime and anywhere.
    • Challenge: Taxation
    • Solution: Bixtrim’s payment card, linked directly to coin will solve this issue. There will be no need to make exchanges and transfers will not be a necessary. With this method, cash will not be used, nor will it be necessary to declare it as an income.
  • Bixtrim’s multifunctional platform and its various features and services can fill the gaps of existing alternative models in relation to payments, savings, trading, exchange and lending functionality.
  • The success of the Bixtrim platform will benefit BXM token holders by providing increased price stability, leading to a higher value of customer’ token assets.
  • Bixtrim defines four main stages/goals at which funds will be allocated:
    • Stage1: Develop Exchange Platform $6 MLN
    • Stage2: Launch Pawnshop & Futures Feature, Improve Exchange Platform $8 MLN
    • Stage3: Issue New Coin, Improve Exchange Platform, Get Banking License $12 MLN
    • Stage4: Issue Plastic Card & Improve Exchange Platform $25 MLN, Total $51 MLN


  • 6K+ telegram users, 15.7K+ followers on Facebook and 1.2K+ Twitter followers.
  • There are 56 Subscribers for their official YouTube Channel and 450 views for their promotional video.
  • 0 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Bixtrim’s, vision is to outperform current global trends, despite the challenges and problems regularly encountered in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field. Through experience and technology-based solutions, we offer our clients the perfect solution to resolve these issues.
  • Goal is to make cryptocurrencies accessible and usable on a daily basis. Engineer and establish an ecosystem of financial instruments based on the revolutionary benefits of the digital economy.
  • Bixtrim is building an advanced global platform, which the entire crypto market will be able to use to great advantage. This will be a platform where anyone can participate as users and BXM token holders.
  • The foremost goal of Bixtrim is to create an exchange platform with a user-friendly interface, upgraded functions and simplified access for any interested party trading with cryptocurrencies. The exchange platform will have the following features:
    • Possibility to trade with:
      • 4 types of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum),
      • 2 fiat types of money (USD, EUR). 

Experts Review:

  • “The WP is short; product description and competitive analysis are missing. There is some approach to business planning but with no financial numbers. The team seems too localized.” – Igor Karavaev (ico advisor and investor)
  • “UPD: Now KYC passed. Team invited international experts. Many mistakes resolved. Good job, guys. But I’m still waiting MVP from you. Old: Big, but local team. Not bad vision. MVP – no.    KYC – no. Need to pass KYC verification and have stronger team and experts and PR company.     – Nikolay Shkilev (Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor)
  • “Highly perspective project with strong team doing a next generation crypto exchange with zero tax debit cards and crypto pawn shop. I like the approach with futures using for rates hedging, it should be on the market. Good luck to Bixtrim!” – Cristina Dolan (Co-Founder & COO IXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab)



Token BXM
Pre – Sale Price 1 BXM = 1 USD
Price in ICO 1 BXM = 1 USD
Country Georgia
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas United States, China, and South Korea
Pre-Sale 15th Sep – 15th Oct 2018 (3 Phases)
Public- Sale 15th Oct – 25th Dec 2018
Tokens for Sale: 10,800,000 tokens
Soft Cap 6,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 51,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 72,000,000 tokens
Token Supply Breakdown Regular Sale – 63.6%
Team – 16.5%
Referral Bonuses – 9.1%
Private Sale – 4.2%
Phase1 of Sales – 1.8%
Phase2 of Sales – 3.6%
Phase3 of Sales – 5.4%
Bonus First week of Sales1: 60%
Second week of Sales2: 40%
Third week of Sales3: 20%