• Bettium is an analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting, empowering users with a variety of innovative capabilities, as well as unprecedented flexibility and reliability, all with lowest fees possible. Bettium provides users with simple and efficient tools to analyze Big Data.
  • Bettium is a comprehensive database, a repository for information and systems that can potentially make all decisions for the user.


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  • Bettium is an analytical platform, not an intermedia, providing powerful data tools and services to help players make educated decisions.
  • With a few clicks of the mouse, an amateur can bet like a professional, forecasting and earning on par with industry leaders.


  • They are going to launch Alpha 1.0 MVP – UI design and basic user functionality in August 2018. And Alpha 1.1 version in September 2018.


  • An Artificial Intelligence assistant (nicknamed “Merlin”) will allow players to execute tailor-made betting strategies autonomously. Those who prefer to rely on the expertise of professionals will be able to subscribe to specialized forecasts, mimic their bets, or even completely entrust funds to an expert for a small fee.
  • On their platform odds are determined by the players betting against each other, not by a third-party bookmaker, totalizer, or other centralized authority.
  • Bettium’s fees are miniscule compared to traditional bookmakers 0.15% vs. 7-10% – which will incentivize mass migration to the platform.
  • Betting on mobile devices is increasing rapidly, with 30% of turnover currently originating from mobile applications. The mobile segment has been a major growth driver for several years, corresponding to general trends in consumer technology.
  • At present the most popular sport for bettors is football (soccer), generating 40% of market aggregate revenue. Next are tennis, basketball, hockey, and volleyball, as illustrated below:
  • E-Sports (also called “electronic sports”, “eSports”, “pro gaming”) are individual and team competitions based on video games and the preparation process surrounding them.
  • In 2018, E-Sports will for the first time be recognized as an official part of the Asian Games, an event recognized by the IOC and surpassed in prominence only by the Olympics itself. Betting on E-Sports is gaining in popularity, possibly even outpacing the growth of E-Sports themselves.
  • Forms of E-Sport Betting:
    • Traditional Bookmaker Bets. Most online bookmakers currently offer some options for betting on E-Sports, although the quantity and quality of the events covered varies greatly from one service to another.
    • Fantasy Betting: Instead of betting on real events with real money, users assemble virtual teams consisting of real players competing against each other through some specialized scoring system, based on player performance in real competitions.
    • Skin Betting: In-game items, such as weapons or skins, when tradeable, can be used as a betting currency accepted by special online services for this type of betting.
    • Proposition Betting (Prop Bets). : Players can also make specialized bets on specific conditions of the game.
  • The online betting industry is subject to the same risks inherent in all centralized systems, including lack of transparency, technical vulnerability, and dependence on third-party intermediaries, such as banks and payment services.
  • One of the chief problems of centralized systems is the possibility of an intermedia or “man-in-the-middle” attack (MITM). The attacker compromises exchange of information by connecting to a communication channel, interfering with the transmission protocol, and deleting or distorting information.
  • In classical betting, online transactions are subject to commissions and fees taken by banks and/or payment platforms. Centralized bookmakers will employ various non-transparent strategies to compensate these fees, such as adjusting odds, reducing betting limits, or increasing their own fees.
  • The platform provides a transparent and safe betting system, completely protected from manipulation by players, third parties, and the bookmaker himself.
  • Built-in AI and Big Data capabilities will allow players to develop their own forecasting strategies and combine them with algorithmic capabilities available on the platform.
  • Betting and settlement operations take place exclusively through BETT Tokens, which can be bought and sold on an internal exchange. Tokens thus will continue to have intrinsic value long aſter speculators have leſt the market.
  • Bettium incorporates following main features:
    • Peer-to-Peer bets: Bettium’s primary function is to provide a decentralized platform for P2P bets between individual users
    • Access to Big Data: Users will have access to a comprehensive database relating to any event of interest, compiled using Big Data techniques.
    • Algorithmic betting: Bettium enables users to execute betting strategies automatically with the use of built-in algorithmic tools that can easily be customized to the user’s needs and preferences.
    • API: Bettium will provide an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing developers to write code and create extensions/apps based on the functionality of the platform.
    • Artificial Intelligence (Merlin): Bettium features a unique built-in AI assistant called “Merlin” that can predict outcomes based on Big Data analysis and present information in a clear and understandable way.
    • Expert forecasting: Bettium provides access to the statistics and forecasts of experienced experts, through subscription.
    • Amateur forecasting: Bettium users can not only study and mimic the behavior of others, they can also freely share their own actions and histories with peers, friends, or a community of subscribers.
    • Cross-platform client (iOS, Android, Desktop, Web): Bettium will be compatible with all major UI platforms.
  • Bettium will remain committed to the expansion of betting as a sport, as well as to socially responsible causes.
  • The first tournament is planned for early 2019 with a prize pool of approximately $1 million in BETT Tokens at the prevailing exchange rate. The second tournament is expected to follow 3-4 months later.
  • In addition to organizing online tournaments, Bettium will enter into partnership agreements with third-party organizers of offline tournaments, i.e. real-life competitions staged at a particular time and place with well-known E-sport teams and participants.
  • One unique feature of the Bettium platform is the ability to entrust tokens to expert “fund managers” through an adaptable system of Trust Accounts. Users can create Trust Accounts to be administered by a fund manager (or several managers through a multi-signature system) based on terms agreed between the owner and the manager(s).
  • The Bettium commission structure is graduated, reflecting the size of the underlying bet.
  • The platform will feature paid functionality available through subscription plans. Subscription packages may include some or all of the following:
    • Automated bid functionality
    • AI assistance and the ability to integrate AI into automated strategies
    • Broadcasts of paid sporting events
    • Participation in AI League tournaments
  • Subscription fees for legal entities will start at $100/month (equivalent in BETT tokens).
  • Fees will depend on the total prize pool and pay-per-view revenue. Typical tournament commissions will range from 3% to 10% per event.
  • Any user with more than 30 bets and a success rate of at least 51% may claim “expert” status and offer to sell services to the marketplace.
  • Bettium will enable users to engage in the following types of P2P betting:
    • P2P Betting Platform Public matchpool : The methodology involves sorting matrices and a formula to calculate winnings based on the probability of all possible outcomes.
    • Player-to-Player User-created: In this mode users can sort and search for opponents based on specific criteria, such as event, bet amount, outcome, specific conditions, or any combination of the above.
    • Player-to-Player wagers: In this mode users do not simply choose an event with a predefined set of outcomes, they create events, propose any number of winning and losing conditions and set the rules and conditions (e.g. min/max bet amount) themselves.


  • 950 telegram users, 960 followers on Facebook and 1.7K Twitter followers.
  • They don’t have any official YouTube channel.
  • 4.1 ratings – ICO bench.


  • They want to achieve 10% of online sports and e-sports betting within 3 years.
  • Their main selling points post-ICO marketing are e-sports tournaments. They have a pipeline of announcements (but holding everything till they get bigger community) with esports organizations.
  • They have already got KeSPA advisor on board – it’s the oldest and biggest esports association, starcraft+korea.


  • “TEAM: I met some of the team members in Hong Kong. The team have already a good track record developing IT projects and some of the team members have a successful track record in past ICOs. They are professional and highly knowledgeable.
    VISION: The project is very well designed; the betting market is huge and the team knows how to target this market starting with the e-sports bets.
  • PRODUCT: the product is extremely well design and it is possible to implement it from the development point of view. Bettium has the potential to scale and the technology that is going to be developed allows them to grow.
  • At the moment, 31/05/2018, the product is not developed yet. Will give a 4 to the product because it is possible to develop and the team has the skills.” – Henrique Centieiro(Blockchain ICO Project Manager)


Token BETT
Pre – Sale Price 1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Price in ICO 1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Country Estonia
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Areas USA, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea
Pre – Sale 1st – 10th July 2018
Public-Sale 10th – 31st July 2018
Tokens for Sale: 550,000,000
Soft Cap 7,500,000 USD
Hard Cap 30,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 1 000 000 000 BETT tokens
Token Supply Breakdown Token Sale – 40%
Founders & Team – 20%
Reserve – 15%
Pre – Sale – 7.5%
Private – Sale – 7.5%
Bonus – 6.5%
Advisors – 3%
Bounty – 0.5%
Bonus Pre – Sale – 10% – 20%
ICO – 0 – 5%