• Blockchained Energy and Telecommunications + RIX as the Token Name. The name BEATRIX is a girl’s name of Latin, Dutch origin meaning: “she who brings happiness”.
  • Beatrix will provide green, low cost, sustainable energy and telecommunications to people who need it most in Africa.



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  • BEATRIX opens the energy and telecommunications bottleneck in Africa, by using the Blockchain technology solution, Smart “Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution “(DETD) Contracts technology for the RIXPowerMeter (RPM) prepayment and one of a kind trading and investing platform.




  • Their objective is to highlight the Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) technology in term of need, types of DETDs, features, deployment barriers, applications, drawbacks, challenges, etc.
  • DETD’s can ensure that consumers retain access to power when the grid suffers interruptions. Despite these benefits, the potential to help overcome Africa’s energy challenge.
  • DETD’s will play an important role in the way electricity is generated and distributed, providing modern energy to millions of people, while placing the continent at the forefront of a global energy transformation.
  • BEATRIX will open a production factory on site supported by an EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) will develop, deploy, build up and extend the Energy Towers in the planned and needed areas.
  • DETDs will reduce the costs of Powering Mobile Networks. Energy costs constitute a major chunk of network OPEX for mobile operators in Africa.
  • BEATRIX is going to provide electricity to people in rural areas for far less than elsewhere to help these areas develop much faster. The platform will be accessible through a Web-based solution software for Mac and PC computers and apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Energy that will be produced through the DETD and traded on the BEATRIX platform will be assigned to the RIX tokens and stored in the RSC (RIX Smart Contracts), transforming the RIX into Real asset “energy “based tokenized units.
    • The power of going small is the answer to Africa’s energy problems:  Despite impressive economic development in recent years, Africa still lags far behind on energy, with almost two-thirds of the continent’s citizens lacking access to electricity.
    • Access to power: DETD’s can ensure that consumers retain access to power when the grid suffers interruptions.
    • Global energy transformation: DETD’s will play an important role in the way electricity is generated and distributed, providing modern energy to millions of people, while placing the continent at the forefront of a global energy transformation.
    • Energy Towers Micro grids: Micro-grids are essentially localized electricity networks that supply several users, whether households or businesses.
    • DETD have a distinct advantage: over off-grid systems: greater power generation. Moreover, they can be used to increase the resilience of existing electricity systems.
    • Link equipment: The BEATR ĪX platform can link customer’s equipment. The system allows superior customer service based on real-time data.
    • Smart Design: It supports payments in ways that benefit both the customer and the provider.
    • RIX holder and Trader:  Will make it possible for the trader of the R ĪX to have the most advantage of price changes depending on demand and supply.
    • Basic / Advanced Mode: Allows anyone in the world to invest, trade and energy consumers to purchase the RIX, which offers a basic mode for user, consumer, seller, and an advanced mode for Trader.
  • RIXPowerMeter (RPM):
    • The RIXPowerMeter (RPM) will alert users when they are about to exceed their RIX Credit balance and a need to reload the account. If the account is depleted, the RIXPowerMeter (RPM) will stop the flow of electricity until the users’ RIX Credit balance is enough.
    • The consumer of the power accesses the RIXPowerMeter (RPM) and data on the blockchain to make a payment from his or her mobile device. The RIXPowerMeter (RPM) can connect to the internet through whatever connections are available—GSM, WiFi or a mesh network creating a local ISP.
  • The BEATRIX platform will have the functionality to display and transact with RIX Tokens, the sole digital currency accepted on the platform.
  • The owner of these RIX Tokens has the following benefits:
    • Every RIX includes an access to a voting system, where reviews and votes on proposed projects are going to take place. RIX Token-holders can vote on the next country on the roadmap, after Africa, that we will expand to, giving the token-holding community the opportunity to interact in the conversation about which projects should go forward. The benefit is that the interaction and participation will be rewarded.
    • Every RIX has from the start an initial charge of 5 kWh, taking this into account for a consumer who used 10 kWh and must pay for the electricity used. The same procedure applies for a telecommunication costumer who will get a discount of 25% if they settle their bills through the RIX. That means for a holder of the Token, there will be a strong demand for the RIX with a great future value.
    • Their plan with the 5-kWh initial charge was to put a high future value into the RIX but also a way to show our gratitude, as a part of a reward for early believers who will participate, join and support BEATRIX achieving our goals. -The RIX provides an exclusive priority access to the RIX Distribution auction.
    • Tokens not distributed during the token sale will be locked up in an escrow cold wallet held by the trustee. Every time a 1MW DETD is built and goes online there will be a distribution of 1.200.000 RIX over the BEATRIX platform from the escrow wallet adjusting supply and demand and to fund further MW development.
    • Each RIX provides an exclusive priority access to 1 auctioned RIX. The RIX provides priority access to these auctions for the first 48h. Every RIX auction is announced in advance; e.g., you have 10 RIX, the RIX is auctioned for sale, you can buy 10 RIX with the priority access and sell them on the Platform afterwards.
  • The BEATRIX platform will be accessible through a Web-based solution software for Mac and PC computers and apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Power wholesale is a method in which electricity generated by a DETD will be sold to the electrical power market.
  • The BEATRIX platform within the RSC collects data on whether an energy consumer needs to purchase more energy or if a RIX holder is willing to sell his token. Based on the need to purchase or sell energy, a purchase or selling tag is formed, which is then sent to all participants of the suggested energy- transaction platform.



  • 3K+ telegram users, 9.3K+ followers on Facebook and 863 Twitter followers.
  • They have 1K subscribers for their YouTube channel and 105 views(Too low) for their official video.
  • 6 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Their goal is to generate energy for sustainable, equitable development and accelerating telecommunications and the digital economy growth and access to Greenpower for all.
  • They aim to provide a power trade system that will promote a sustainable electrical energy transaction ecosystem between the DETDs, consumers, investors and traders.
  • Blackbox Foundation is a non-profit entity with a mission to promote, educate, and support the decentralized Blackbox ecosystem model for the future of work.
  • Mission is to build the Blackbox Operating System, which will enable:
  • Significant reduction of no value-add overhead
  • Meaningful work focused on the core strength of individuals
  • Self-actualization and flexibility
  • Income equality through just distribution of funds
  • We will do this by applying AI to business areas where machine learning can see tremendous gains


Experts Review:

  • “Ok. Seriously. This is an interesting project and the advisors are mega talented. The business team is strong; they are missing a key ingredient though. A company like this needs to consider an operations person and plan for long term sustainability. Their ops people are talented sales people, but you need that operations data visionary/execution person too. Only chink in the armor I see from the team perspective. As far as energy, the jury is still out on which one will effectively replace coal long term. It’s a tossup. But this is one to keep an eye on for sure”. – Jamil Hasan (Asset Token ERC20)
  • “Very strong team with KYC passed. However, could work a bit more on your product and WP to polish it up. Failed to find a link to MVP or Alpha version release.” – Yaroslav Belkin (Ex Coin telegraph and NewsBTC Media Group | Founder and CEO at Belkin Marketing)
  • “Great vision for the next managing and operating systems in companies, with a useful set of expected modules. Anxious to see the product itself.  Strong and confident team but KYC not passed. Updated: KYC passed.”- Joseba Sainz de Baranda (ICO Investor and Advisor | SMOTION Founder| MDes Industrial Product Design | Industrial Engineering Degree)



Token RiX
Pre – Sale Price 100 RiX = 2.5 USD
Price in ICO 100 RiX = 5 USD
Country Germany
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba
Pre-Sale 18th July – 28th Aug,2018
Public- Sale 18th Oct,2018- 18th Nov,2018
Tokens for Sale: 5,000,000,000
Soft Cap No Soft Cap
Hard Cap 5,000,000,000 RiX
Total Token Supply 25,000,000,000 RiX
Token Supply Breakdown 53%: Trustee
20%: Team
18%: Main Sale
5%: Legal Advisory
2%: Pre-Sale
2%: Bounty
Bonus 50%: Pre-Sale until 50% target.
30%: Pre-Sale until 66% target.