• ARROUND is an innovative communication and entertainment platform in augmented reality. The platform has an infrastructure with a distributed registry on blockchain and can be used for the development and sale of services, advertising, information, and products based on decentralized crypto-economics.
  • ARROUND is a complete ecosystem that unites consumers, advertisers and AR developers on a single platform. Advertising will never be the same again.

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  • It will solve a wide variety of problems for all the market participants: users, bloggers, advertisers, advertising agencies, software developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of AR devices. ARROUND is an environment where everyone gets their value while saving money on marketing and participating in the monetization of fast-growing AR markets and crypto-economics
  • ARROUND App users will get three handy tools:
  • ARROUND Camera: used for discovering “rounds” — augmented reality objects which have a geo tag or which are tagged to the user’s smartphone.
  • ARROUND Newsfeed: news from rounds to which the user has subscribed.
  • ARROUND Map: navigation with tips where to find new rounds. Each user will also have the option to display their location on the map so that other users can add her to their AR Newsfeed and browse her public rounds.




  • ARROUND is a breakthrough communication platform and advertising network.
  • It provides users with an attractive personalized world, advertisers with a new sales channel, and AR-developers with a huge market for their software and hardware.

Values and benefits received by the main participants of the ARROUND platform;

  • The user can leave content where they like and make it visible to certain people. The user can also easily find relevant content, as well as nearby services and institutions rated by other users. There are also different entertainment opportunities.
  • The ARROUND platform provides a new advertising environment, which is active and adaptive to each
  • Advertising and creative agencies, as well as freelancers, will experience a growing demand for the development of content and advertising solutions using the tools provided by the ARROUND platform.
  • A growing demand for software products from users, advertisers, advertising agencies, and other businesses.
  • There is a mass market for AR content and a growing number of users who are ready to monetize it, including companies and advertising agencies.



  • Social network with messages linked to geolocation using two types of tracking:
  • Geo tags
  • Visual markers. User messages as “rounds” in space, which disappear 24 hours after being sent (similar to “stories” on Instagram, Facebook, and VKontakte; the main difference is that these messages exist in the world around us).
  • Announcements, posters, promo campaigns for retail outlets, cinemas (movie characters meeting you at the entrance), cafes (virtual host), etc. Coupons and discounts.
  • Private advertisements tied to geolocation (cars, real estate, private services, including those of babysitters, tutors, manicurists etc.).
  • Dating (it is convenient to meet people who are nearby).
  • AR guides: tips and advices for tourists and visitors of augmented reality.
  • Blogs and media covering events in a place (city or district news).
  • AR workshops, including live broadcasts.
  • Teleconferences (like in the Kingsman movie).
  • Virtual assistant (like in the Blade runner 2049 movie).
  • Telemedicine (remote interaction with medical specialists)


The System’s Technological Functionality

  • Mobile client (mobile application). At the MVP1 stage, this application should work on iOS and Android. At the same time, the system should allow the user to port it to various models of augmented reality glasses easily


  • Server application includes the following features:
  • Collection, storage and processing of user data (including personal data), as well as rounds, statistics and settings.
  • Integration with social media.
  • Collection and processing of statistics and analytics for their subsequent processing and viewing in personal accounts.


  • The web portal on the ARROUND platform is designed to work with advertisers and has the following features:
  • Registration as an advertiser. Advertiser can be both an individual and a legal entity.
  • Advertiser’s account.
  • Advertising round creation.
  • Advertising campaign management.
  • Reports and analytics.

Ways to Attract Users to the System

  • Our most important goal is to attract users to the system. We are going to use the following approach to attract users to the system: all active users of existing social networks will be informed — mainly through viral marketing — of the advantages of the ARROUND platform, of the wow-effects due to the impressive AR content, and of the exciting opportunity to communicate through augmented reality
  • Based on the characteristics, values and needs of target audiences, we could use the following tactics to work with them:
  • Register them in the application primarily through social media profiles.
  • Conclude agreements with industry leaders to fill the environment with information relevant to their clients.
  • Include opinion leaders in an AR newsletter on behalf of various organizations, agencies, media resources, and knowledge portals.


ARROUND Platform Users’ Benefits

The ARROUND communication platform can solve several problems for different target audiences:

  • Regular ARROUND users will get many new features, such as:
  • The opportunity to post messages for everyone, or a certain group of people, such as friends only;
  • The chance to easily find useful services located nearby, as well as to look through rounds on a certain street, for example;
  • The user will be able to leave feedback on companies or services provided (for example, a beauty salon) in the form of comments to a round or by placing their own round next to it;
  • The possibility to view other users’ opinions on a company or a service in the form of comments to rounds or simply by looking around using the Augmented Reality mode.
  • Bloggers will get an additional platform to promote their blogs, as well as the possibility to post their content in relation to geolocation.
  • Companies and enterprises will have an opportunity to create specialized advertising rounds of larger size and individual design. Such advertising will be as effective as real-world posters or banners, but more cost-effective.
  • Business users will have another platform for SMM campaigns.


  • 5k telegram users, 1.2k followers on Facebook and 2.7k Twitter followers.
  • 7 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Release of the alpha version of the Arround App, the process of filling the platform with content and attracting users is started.
  • Launch of advertising campaigns for large pharmacy chains in Europe. Creation of proprietary constructor for interactive advertising in augmented reality. Porting of Arround to ODG Augmented Reality Glasses and Microsoft Hololens in 2019.
  • Expansion into the new markets: China, North America, Japan, Korea, Britain, Germany, France, and the United Arab Emirates. The first auction to sell advertising space inside the platform on the secondary market.


Experts Review:

  • The idea brings shopping experience to the new level, the token economy encourage the content creation and reduce the cost for AR technology- Jason Hung (Serial Entrepreneur | Inventor | ICO advisor | China Market | Exchange)
  • Augmented Reality is a super big industry with huge potential.  What ARROUND brings to the table is an interesting idea with a well-rounded team. Looking forward to use the product in real. Good Luck to the team. – Farooq A Rahim (Founder – HeapX , Entrepreneur , Investor, ICO Advisor, BlockChain Strategist)



Token ARR
Pre – Sale Price NA
Price in ICO 1 ARR = 0.035 USD
Country Belize
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted Areas No
Pre-Sale 27th Feb 2018 – 1st May 2018
Public- Sale 15th Sept 2018- 15th Nov 2018
Tokens for Sale: 1,450,000,000
Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 30,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply 3,000,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown 48.3% — Sales (Pre-sale and Token Sale)
8.2% — Bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token Sale
22% — Community Development Fund
10% — The Network Development Fund
10% — Team
1.5% — Bounty
Bonus 40% Tokens offered for sale 100,000,000
30% Tokens offered for sale 300,00,000
20% Tokens offered for sale 500,000,000
0% Tokens offered for sale 5,2,000,000