• The aim of ACESO is to decrease the expenses of protecting a computer from malware to a minimum, where users will no longer have to pay for software, but for a service instead.
  • The created platform will allow regular users to fix their malware issues in a much cheaper way, while malware specialists would earn income by providing malware samples/helping others solve their malware problems. It is a win-win situation for everyone.
  • It offers a totally new model for user behavior, by changing the cybersecurity market into advanced innovative solutions – every user can independently control cyber threats.



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  • ACESO provides service for detection and removal of malicious software via a network, where malicious software is determined as soon as it starts to spread.
  • The spread of malicious software is stopped as soon as researchers put it on the ACESO blockchain, and it is identified as malicious by malware analysts or companies.



  • ACESO is based on the MVP – commercially available WiperSoft Antimalware (, which is already operating in +100 countries, with +1M users and 950% sales grown in 2017.



  • They are still negotiating hence they don’t want to reveal them untill the contract is signed.



  • They o­ffer to pay for a service and get it here and now, without any registration or waiting for a cyber-threat to be detected, identified and recognized by AV companies to eliminate it. It is completely secure as Analysts will be working with encrypted information.
  • ACESO would allow users to fix their computers in a much cheaper way, as they would not need to pay for a software. So, if their computer was attacked by malware, they would not have to buy expensive security software, they could just pay for that one fix.
  • ACESO is the mediator between the infected user and the Malware Analyst. When a user becomes infected, ACESO performs a scan and checks whether a custom solution is necessary. If it is, the acquired information is stripped of any personal data and then sent to the Analyst. This ensures that infected users’ personal information is protected.
  • ACESO suggests an End User to pay an average of one euro/dollar fee for a fix for their computer.
  • ACESO has proof of concept guidelines on how to spot and identify malware. ACESO would prepare step-by-step guidelines and video lessons to help new contributors obtain knowledge required for this field.
  • ACESO, would help solve even the smaller malware infections in a quick manner.
  • ACESO works in a User-To-User environment, with the help of outside malware analysts and companies. There are four main players participating in the platform: The End User, the Researcher, the Malware Analyst and ACESO.
  • End user: a user with an infected computer who requests a solution to the malware problem;
  • Researcher: a user who provides samples for the malware in question;
  • Malware Analyst: a user who analyzes the samples and provides the user with a solution for the malware in question.
  • ACESO: the middle man that ensures everything goes as it should.
  • ACESO will work a security program, that acts much like an anti-virus. Users will be able to scan their computers with it to check whether their computer is infected with malware.
  • The market is divided to malware analyst and researchers in 60% and 30% shares. Convert it to money, and you will get a $600 000 and $300 000 market share just for determining malicious software! ACESO takes 10% from this market for its marketing campaigns, computer resources and further investigations.
  • ACESO will create a special platform where people could just submit various files or make system screenshots. They just surf the internet and put information on their system. As they have mentioned before, today’s market or possible income for researches is $300 000 a day.
  • They will take a small fee from all transactions in our market between the User and the Malware analyst. For this fee, ACESO guarantees reliability and security for the End User.
  • In order to ask for real-time protection or a malware fix, a user needs to purchase tokens first. The purchased tokens will be reserved and only used while getting a malware solution.
  • When users purchase tokens and put them on the ACESO platform, they automatically get additional features, which include:
  • File guard;
  • Network tra­ffic control;
  • Parental control;
  • Ad blocker.
  • Those features will be active as long as the user has tokens. The tokens will only be used when a user requests a malware solution.
  • ACESO handles detection and distinguishes requests respectively via supervised markets. Clients and malware analysts set the prices for the services requested and o­ffered, and submit their order to the markets.
  • There are two types of malicious software: 0-day and forgotten clone. Their proposed solution in DMD works for both types.
  • They will find out prior to the users about the emergence of something new that might become 0-day malicious software. They will even know the region that it is targeting.
  • Clients pay for a service – malicious software detection and elimination. Service is accessible via `Find` requests. Client can choose what type of service he/she wants to access: continuous or single-use.



  • 914 telegram users, 657 followers on Facebook and 67 Twitter followers.
  • They have got 107 subscribers for their official YouTube Channel and 9.4K+ views for the official video.
  • The team that is developing ACESO is the same team behind WiperSoft, an anti-spyware program, giving them three years of experience in the malware field. The company has more than 1 million users in more than 100 countries.
  • 4.1 ratings on ICO bench.



  • They are aiming for 85 Million in a year, assuming that ACESO manages to capture only 1% of the $8.5 Billion a year industry.
  • ACESO on other platforms: although there are not many other blockchain systems with cyber security functionality, they are planning to develop an interim interface to integrate ACESO functionality and to expand limits.
  • By integrating their system, they will increase competitiveness, availability of services and will provide a higher degree of freedom to users.


Experts Review:

  • “The team is quite decent, there aren’t enough only strong international experts in the Blockchain region. Verification is undergone. Idea though not new, but rather demanded. MVP already is. The project can turn out. Good luck to you, guys!” – Nikolay Shkilev (Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor)
  • “Appears to be a reasonably strong project with a commercial product that has proven traction. I see a unique use case to blockchain and to be frank, we will need a solution to the “problems” of antivirus, and the nature of blockchain does seem to fit.” – Jeremy Khoo (Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Fund Partner | Exchange Founder | Singapore)
  • “I don’t think the use of blockchain technology is justified in what Aceso is trying to accomplish. But still, if they can execute well, they have a huge market to cater to. Team and advisory board are solid and with good experience. MVP looks good too.” – Mohit Tater (Blockchain & ICO Advisor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur)



Token ASO
Pre-Sale 1 ETH = 14000
Price in ICO There will be 4 Stages for Public ICO:
Stage1: 1 ETH = 12500
Stage2: 1 ETH = 11500
Stage3: 1 ETH = 11000
Stage4: 1 ETH = 10000
Country Lithuania
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA
Pre-Sale 1st – 14th October 2018
Public- Sale 15th October – 15th December 2018
Tokens for Sale: 445,610,667(381952000 is for public sale + 63658667 for Private sale)
Soft Cap 2018 ETH
Hard Cap 32,768 ETH
Total Token Supply 636,586,667
Token Supply Breakdown 60% – Token Holders (not locked)
15% – Team (2-year lockup)
10% – Private sale
6% – Advisors, Legal Counsel, third – party services
5% – Future developments
4% – Strategic partnerships & mergers
Bonus Pre-Sale:
0 – 2048 ETH = 40%
Public Sale:
2049 – 10240 ETH = 25%
10241 – 22528 ETH = 15%
22529 – 29696 ETH = 10%