• ACA network is an online ad decentralized application created to transparently manage the creation and execution of advertisements and the transfer of goods using the Ethereum smart contract and to provide a sustainable platform for market participants.
  • Online advertising agencies that mediate transactions between advertisers and advertising media are exploiting both sides by claiming borderline fraudulently high handling fees. This is the result of the extremely secretive environment in which online advertising transactions take place. Using blockchain technology, they intend to forge ahead into the future of the online advertising industry by disrupting it with a revolutionarily transparent method of making online advertising transactions.

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  • ACA Network is bringing blockchain driven technology to this opaque industry in order to create a platform for fair and transparent trading.
  • The resources needed to create banners are provided within the ad trading platform, allowing advertisers, not ad agencies, to easily determine what parts they need, maximizing the return on their ad budget.
  • The system aims to provide fair trading of ad space between advertisers and advertising media, with a system handling fee charged.



  • They just started ACA Network platform and the first beta should be done by this year then test the platform with Ads media that they are already running. However, they have built their own token platform in house.



  • They are discussing about strategic partnership with some of Japanese top 5 adverting agencies in Japan, East Asia such as China, Korea and Taiwan then Global.



  • ACA Network is utilizing blockchain technology to build a next-generation online advertising platform. Their aim is to create a completely fair, transparent system of online advertising transactions.
  • ACA network is created of three apps : The Advertisement management system(ACA- AMS), The Automated Matching Ad exchange (ACA- EX) and the AD network and SDK (ACA-NET).
  • ACA Advertising Management System (ACA_AMS)
    • ACA-AMS is a D-App for the communication between advertisers and ad production partners and for a rapid ad production and provides the following functions:
      • Successful bidding after checking out the ad draft and prices of participating ad-producers by releasing a bidding notice stating the requirements.
    • Purchase after viewing the draft proposed by the ad production partner
    • Upload self-produced advertisements.
    • Project rights
    • Conciliate disputes
    • Manage history
    • Target categories of advertising media
  • This is an exchange for matching advertisement banners and advertising media. On this exchange, contracts and exposures are conducted in real-time with the best match based on the advertiser’s budget, requirements, type of advertising media and evaluation score. The exchange supports the following advertisements.
  • Banner AD
  • Full Size Banner AD
  • Video Ad
  • Native AD
  • Search AD
  • There are two types of markets depending on the way ads are contracted:
  • Exchange of Automatic AD Serving – An exchange for a specific advertisement slot, purchased in the RTB manner, executed until the budget is exhausted or the advertiser stops the advertisement is automatically contracted according to preset purchase conditions and prices.
  • Exchange for Reserved Ad serving– This is an exchange where a specific advertisement slot is contracted only for a specified time period or budget. Though the advertiser may terminate the ad serving, the cost for the suspended period will not be refunded.
  • ACA advertising Network & SDK (ACA- NET)
  • The ACA platform is a SDK for the distribution of produced advertisements, including mobile, web and smartphone-native applications. The display of advertisements, the collection of information on usage and confirmations are strictly implemented in accordance with the contracts made on the ACA exchange with payments made immediately upon confirmation.
  • Method of aggregating ad impression- Request Ads- Generate IMP Id- Post advertisements- Impressions occur
  • Aggregate the number of IMPs that occurred within a set block time and the number of incomplete request to calculate the performance of ad impressions
  • Extract valid IMP by tracking IMP ID
  • Prevent excessive calls and frauds based on gathered information.
  • Collection of information on AD impressions – After ad impressions are completed, the platform sends the results of the ad impression and the users statistical information to the Dapp.
  • Fees – After the advertising campaign is completed, a fee of 5% of the total invoiced amount is collected by ACA network.
  • Prevention of wrongful uses – One impression is made by signing the impression ID issued by the dApp at the time of the ad request. In regards to the ad request, there is  a limit on the number of ad request for one ad slot.
  • Protection of information – User information collected on the service will be encrypted to prevent identification of specific users and only be used for the specific purposes intended herein, information will not be unnecessarily collected. User personal information will be deleted per a request from that user.
  • Immediately delivering Large scale online Advertising Campaigns:  Excluding the time required to produce an ad, ad campaigns using the ACA network can be delivered to selected advertising media through the exchange for Automatic Ad serving immediately.
  • Implementing Advertisements based on swift decision making: Ad production partners can directly communicate with advertisers, without having to go through advertising agencies or advertising media companies, and advertisers can manage their cost securely and transparently. Moreover, it is possible to decide to immediately release or stop an advertisement without having to go through the agency, and the performance of the advertisement can be confirmed immediately thereby, enabling a more efficient operation.
  • Running an AD with low budget: Owing to ACA network’s low fees and the exchange for reserved ad serving, it is possible for even the highly recognized advertising media to run an ad at low budgets.
  • User Experience: User experiences such as actual advertisement releases do not change except when dealing more fairly with the business affairs of existing advertising agencies through the blockchain.



  • 258 telegram users, 1.1k followers on Facebook and 1K Twitter followers.
  • They are not very active on YouTube, they have got only 23 subscribers and 458 views for their official video.
  • 4.4 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Their milestone is Japanese market to Global.
  • For the first year, begin offering official service with all specifications of ACA-AMS, ACA-EX, ACA-NET implemented for domestic use, Service launched mainly in East Asia (Korea, China, Taiwan, etc.)
  • Second year, Inbound and outbound Ads Ex-service starts, Add-on service development, Big data analysis test and Starting Plug-in service.



  • “The team needs more blockchain experience, there is a lot of software development (Android, iOS) but creating DApps is not the same — not even close. The challenges of DApp development necessitate more advisory or team members with commercial experience building on blockchain. Ad networks are very competitive as well.” Eric Stone 20+ year entrepreneur & tech veteran.



Token ACA
Pre – Sale Price Rate will be announced on 13th July 2018
Price in ICO 1 ACA = 3 JPY (Japanese Yen)
Country Estonia
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas USA, China, Singapore
Pre – Sale 14th July 2018- 27th July 2018
Public-Sale 04th Aug 2018- 30th Sep 2018
Tokens for Sale: 1,000,000,000 ACA
Soft Cap 100,000,000 ACA
Hard Cap 1,000,000,000 ACA
Total Token Supply 2,000,000,000 ACA
Token Supply Breakdown Token 50%
Reserve 25%
Team 15%
Adviser 5%
Bounty 5%
Bonus Pre-Token Sale (July 14-July 27)
Capacity 100,000,000 ACA
Bonus 30,000,000 ACA
Minimum 30 ETH
Maximum 1,500 ETH
bonus rate: 30%
Public Token Sale (Aug 4-Sep 30)
Capacity 586,000,000
ACA bonus 60,000,000
ACA minimum 0.1 ETH
Maximum 500 ETH
Stage 1(Aug 4-Aug 17)
Total of 200M ACA with 20% bonus.
Stage 2(Aug 25-Sep 7)
Total of 200M ACA with 10% bonus.
Stage 3(Sep15-Sep 30)
Total of 186M ACA with 0% bonus.