• 8 Circuit Studios has developed a system that will bridge the key technical and design challenges faced by producers and gamers as they begin to adopt blockchains into the game industry. 8 Circuit Studios’ interoperating system consists of:
  • A Platform.
  • Products.
  • Protocols.



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  • 8 Circuit Studios is tackling the challenges of using blockchains in games by providing a platform, creating products (video games and digital assets), and releasing open source protocols for using digital assets across games and digital stores:
    • A Platform to provide blockchain access for gamers and producers (video game developers).
    • Products/Games create the context that amplifies the experience with digital assets through narrative or rich gameplay — thereby increasing their perceived value.
    • Protocols enforce ownership of the digital assets and enable cross game integration — providing additional weight to digital assets’ economic value.



  • Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain is a mobile game where gamers collect, battle, and evolve adorable aliens to fight galactic bosses.
  • D-PARC is a deep space survival game about a starship-bound AI that must save 100,001 cryogenically frozen “heirloom” humans from the world they destroyed. It has an emphasis on narrative while weaving epic space fire-fights with first-person gameplay.
  • Two games are currently in production: Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain for mobile devices and D-PARC for the PC market to demonstrate the proposal for game design and technical architecture using the Ethereum blockchain and the 8Bit token economy.



  • They are not publicizing their advisors, as they have not sought out advisors for publicity sake.


  • 8 Circuit Studios has identified three key participants in the video game industry’s ecosystem:
    • GAMERS: Gamers are the first of the three participants in the video game industry ecosystem. Their role is to play and consume the products developed by producers and publishers. They demand engaging games that are easy to access and play.
    • PRODUCERS & PUBLISHERS: With the advent of self-distribution, asset marketplaces, and a shift from institutional publishers, the line between producers and publishers has blurred in recent years. Historically, producers have primarily focused on the creation of digital assets or code for companies while publishers have focused on intellectual property development, distribution, marketing, and other services to support the sale of their intellectual property.
  • As an integrated blockchain video game ecosystem does not yet exist, 8 Circuit Studios is developing three system components in parallel to meet each of the participants’ needs simultaneously.
  • Each component is designed to work in conjunction with the others seamlessly to provide an experience where the gamer does not even know they are using a blockchain and yet still enjoy its benefits.
  • Focusing and iterating on this approach will reduce friction for new users and nontechnical gamers as well as grow the blockchain-based video game ecosystem to all participants’ advantage.
  • To address the challenges faced by the participants when using blockchains, 8 Circuit Studios has developed a convenience platform called Fuse Arena. Fuse Arena is a portal to introduce gamers to the blockchain and provide a secure environment for using wallets, tokens, and managing digital assets.
  • For the producer and publisher, the platform provides the tools necessary to develop and distribute their digital assets or use those digital assets within their game worlds.
  • Fuse Arena interfaces with the Ethereum blockchain and creates and manages tokens via smart contracts. At the transmission level Fuse Arena provides error handling and fee estimation for the coordination of transactions.
  • 8 Circuit Studios believes to best serve the publishers and producers it must first develop titles that demonstrate what is possible on blockchains – both creatively, technically, and economically.
  • 8 Circuit Studios is developing two episodic games on 5 of the most common game development platforms/operating systems:
  • Mobile: Android & iOS
  • Console: Xbox and PS4
  • Windows PC
  • In-game assets (also known as in-game objects) have traditionally been restricted to the games and intellectual property they exist in. This was based on technological limitations and how intellectual property was defended at the time. These restrictions primarily benefited centralized systems in the industry.
  • Blockchains offer an alternative approach to digital assets and exchange between peers.
  • 8 Circuit Studios will develop Smart Game Objects for its initial products to field-test within the 8 Circuit Studios economy.
  • The diagram below outlines the distinctions between the three models of in-game objects as it relates to digital assets and what is possible using the blockchains.
  • With 8BT you can acquire, trade, and sustain your very own digital assets produced by a community of partners. By Owning 8BT you join the ranks of visionaries creating the 5th dimension.



  • 83 telegram users (too low), 112 followers on Facebook and 273 Twitter followers.
  • They have got 138 subscribers for their official YouTube Channel and 2.5K+ views for the official video.
  • 4.3 ratings on ICO bench.



  • Initially, 8 Circuit Studios will function as two of the participants of the ecosystem — the publisher and the producer — developing both the games and the digital assets that will populate them.
  • Video games have long been a driving force behind technology adoption. This will be the same for blockchain. Their long-term goals are:
    • To provide a model for other developers to follow in the game industry in order to change the development paradigm,
    • Promote wide spread blockchain adoption by the public at large by providing an easy and accessible model for adoption through video games,
    • To create models / protocols for digital assets / blockchain assets,
    • Spread blockchain adoption across various industries by resolving the difficult issues of blockchain development
    • Create the Metaverse, or a universe of interconnected worlds, one game at a time using blockchains and IPFS.



Token 8BT
Pre-Sale Presale purchase are over 10,000 8BT starting at 15% bonus at 10k
Price in ICO 1BT = $1.00 USD
Country USA
Platform Ethereum
Website https://www.8circuitstudios.io/
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted Areas No restrictions as it is a utility token
Pre-Sale 24th Sep – 1st Oct 2018
Public- Sale 1st Oct – 31st Oct 2018
Tokens for Sale: 5,000,000
Soft Cap No soft cap as they are self-funded and this is an opportunity for backer to purchase their token.
Hard Cap 5,000,000 Tokens
Total Token Supply 100,000,000
Token Supply Breakdown Nearly 75M in reserve for the platform
13.8M for sales and Marketing (5 Million in this sale)
11.45 M for Company Reserves
Bonus Pre-Sale -15%
Public Sale – 10%