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icoDealDeck TGE Features

PRE Public Token Swap

Offer early backers bonuses with your Tokens to build interest and momentum. Get feedback on your Token concept and polish the project presentation. Make contact with experts and advisors and create a professional Token project. has all the tools to help you find backers for your Token campaign.

Public Token Swap is the best token generating event platform available today. Learn all the tips and tricks to successfully create and promote your Token. Expert Token Legal, Technical and Marketing Services available. No Token Generating Event (TGE) or Swap experience necessary with our platform. We create your Ethereum ERC20 Usage Token for you to swap for other tokens.


Run a conventional All-or-Nothing or Safe donation fund raising campaign. Offer Backers multiple reward levels for Bitcoin or Ether donations to your crowd fund. Build a community of dedicated follows for your product or service. No crowd fund experience necessary with token donation platform. Expert guidance is available for Creators.

Private Whitelist Token Swap

Use our Token Swap Platform to spread the word about your projects Token. Backers register in advance on your Whitelist to participate in the upcoming Token Generating Event. Know in advance who your backers are and how much they are planning to swap for your projects Tokens. Fill their Token swaps request in a controlled and fair manner. This feature is available for U.S.A. S.E.C. Reg A+ and Reg D offers to 99 qualified Investors.


icoDealDeck TGE Services

Token Technical Review

Our professional Blockchain developers and programmers have prepared secure, audited and hacker proof smart contract templates necessary to build and Swap your Project Token. The Token Technical review insures all bases are cover and your ICO is ready for success…

Token Marketing

One of the most import elements for the success of your Token Generating Event is the Marketing. Building a large community of loyal followers for your product or service is necessary. Use the marketing tools on the Platform. Get expert guidance on  planning, creating and executing a marketing and advertising plan for your Token Generating Event. Benefit from the large backer and News sites database maintains…

Token Legal Guidance

Our in-house lawyer’s have all the legal will create all the contracts necessary to organize your Token Generating Event. Fill out our survey on the details of your Project and quickly have everything your TGE needs to function. Smooth and complete preparations to structure your TGE.

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